Tuesday 22 December 2015

It Is Time To Show Customer Appreciation

New Year is approaching. It is the time for self-storage managers to express gratitude for their loyal and loving customers who contribute more than just money. Customer appreciation is the way to retain existing customers and lure new ones to make the next year even more overwhelming. How you do that? We have compiled a list of innovative ways to thank your self-storage tenants this holiday season.

Host a small fiesta:
Send email invites or texts to your tenants for a small fiesta at your office. Who wouldn’t stop by for warm cookies, and hot chocolate? Experts emphasize it need not be a flamboyant affair. Just a small, humble fiesta.

Tip- Keep it on a Thursday or Friday. It may read like-

“‘We have arranged customer appreciation day. We invite you to stop by and have a gala little time amidst people who love you and cakes, prizes and hot cider.”

This strategy will go a long way to retain huge consumer pool of tenants.

You can link your fiesta with a social cause like a blood drive campaign.  This sends a strong message about your ethical conduct, a storage company that is willing to contribute to the society to make it a better place. This will earn good will for your brand name.

Surprises and perks:
Who does not love surprises? Wouldn’t you want to visit a self-storage house again in the anticipation of a surprise perk? Surprises do better your day, your mood. Use this psychological trait to lure more tenants at your self storage services warehouse. There are certain storage companies that waive off late fees of particular tenants in December and so on. Result? More brand awareness=more tenants.

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Wednesday 9 December 2015

4 Effective Ways To Secure Your Self Storage Facility

Is you storage warehouse strong enough to entice quality tenants and frighten off the goons? As per SpareFoot’s consumer survey, they see security as the second most important factor in choosing self-storage behind price and ahead of place, access hours, hygiene and friendliness.

That being said, it becomes crucial to take necessary steps to ensure you send burglars away from your self-storage warehouse. They are low cost and yet effective. The steps are as follows-

1. Surveillance:
Stroll around to spot possible access areas in and out of your storage house that go unnoticed by you but not by thieves! It is always beneficial to get it done by a security professional that can easily pinpoint weak spots and eliminate them with keypads, cameras, alarm systems and so on.

2. Access control:
Storage facilities often provide 24-hour access to their customers. However, remember that thieves love 24-hour access too. Watchfulness over who comes and goes using means like keypad at the gate where customers type in a PIN is a handy move. In this way suspicious moves can hardly go unnoticed.

You should limit gate hours. Also change customer PIN numbers every couple months as codes are highly contagious amongst friends and relatives. “Provide customers with disc locks or locks that are unbreakable,” said a renowned crime investigation officer in Dubai.

3. Partner with law enforcement agencies:
Partnering with the strongest law enforcement agencies sends a message that your facility isn’t an easy mark thus inviting more tenants and no thieves or mishaps.

4. Management:
Does your management give an impression of a laid back evening by scattering weeds next to your storage warehouse ground? “It’s an environmental clue thieves never miss to see that management is dormant!”

There’s one storage company in Dubai that takes care of all of them.

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Monday 16 November 2015

How To Plan Big Furniture Relocation?

You are planning to move. You have your to-do list of self-storage tasks to complete. If you live in Dubai, Dustore is a reliable partner to solve any kind of needs that refer to self-storage in Dubai. However, what if you are trapped in a situation where your loved piece of furniture is adamant of not moving to a new place?

Below is a quick checklist that will help you plan big furniture relocation easily.

Take measurements:
List down the furniture that you think will need a proper maneuver to save it from dismantling. Know the furniture’s size prior to moving it. Post that, take measurements of all the windows, doors, corridors and halls of your present home. This will help you determine whether a particular furniture will be able to pass the contours of a particular room or hall when you move it to the moving truck.

Plan the route:
Decide on how you will you maneuver your furniture? Keeping it slant, through the hall or through the back door of your kitchen? Try to perceive the moving process in your mind in detail. Have a plan B in case some furniture in spite rotating and placing it at various angles is not able to get out of the front door.

What to do in case the furniture does not fit?
This happens when you have already begun moving things without planning. No worries. There is a plan B-

Figure out whether the furniture can be dismantled. You will need specialists well-versed in serving the needs, (self storage specialists in Dubai, if you are moving to Dubai.) The specialists will definitely help you figure out a new way like through the window and have your furniture safely placed in the moving truck!

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Monday 9 November 2015

Your Ultimate Checklist For Moving With No Or Less Money?

People often face situations where their finances are not sufficient enough to take care of moving expenses. In that case what to do? Below are some simple yet effective ideas to execute.

Case 1- When moving to another place:

It may not always be a good idea to first move and then go onto the streets looking out for a job. It is a new place and it will require you to invest time and “money” to figure out the favorable workplaces, knowing people, culture and streets around. Therefore, to secure a healthy living in a new place first find a job. In this way you can attend few interviews on phone or face-to-face, and navigate and know the streets of the place you are going to move; all in one day!

Case 2- Don’t feel embarrassed to take help:

Life is a like a turning table. It changes its course, and all we can do is adapt. So when there are no sufficient finances, you can always rely on your best friends and family members. Parents are someone who love us unconditionally and always stand with us through thick and thin.

Another way is to turn to your folks and ask them to lend you an interest free loan but with a promise of returning it back as soon as you can. If the folks are not in a position to lend you loan then you can ask them to assist you with the moving process thus saving the expenses of Dubai moving service representatives.

Ultimate tip-
Always think about what you need and how a person can help you. Discuss the issues with them. How can they help you?

Image Courtesy: mightymove.com, redcross.ca

Friday 23 October 2015

Quick Tips To Store Your Bathroom Towels

People in Dubai are talking a lot about long term storage Dubai these days. Long term storage begins with self-storage which is using some effective hacks to store more things in little space and yet have enough space!

We have compiled a few tips to help you store bathroom towels that otherwise cover lot of space.

1 Use the space under the sink:

Many a times, the space under the sink goes unutilized. But when you know that you can use that space to store your bathroom towels, you are just 5 minutes away from de-cluttering your wardrobe. How come? Placing modern wooden racks as shown above which are enough to store all your towels won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

2. The spacious basket:

It is just amazing how the mesh baskets contain enough space to even accommodate dozens of large towels. And it is even more fascinating how as little space as 1 feet paves way for storage of dozens of towels.

3. When it is a small bathroom, think vertically:

Have a long wall spine bookshelf installed in your bathroom; great way to save space and store enough towels.

4. Towel cabinet:
This is the last but noteworthy tip for long term storage Dubai with regards to towels. Have a towel cabinet fixed at a height on the wall, ensure the height is within your reach. It offers ample storage without taking up lot of room.

Tip- Apply white paint and it looks fresh and crisp-

Friday 16 October 2015

Quick Tips To Organize and Store Your Socks

Let’s confess. What is the most laborious, and fretting task of laundry? Finding our missing socks. And then many of us think where did all missing socks disappear? Will these pair of socks go to the same load of laundry ever?

Here are quick tips to help you organize and store your socks the easy way.

1. Get a different colored sock for every child:
Buy pink ankle socks for your 3-year old daughter and white socks for your 8 year old son.

2. Smudge pair of socks with “dots.”:
The dot system prevents missing socks. Just make a small dot on the inside of the oldest pair of socks of your child or any other person. When you purchase the next pair of socks, smudge two dots and so on. In this way, finding the right pair of socks to match a person’s feet becomes an easy task.

3. For children, Old Navy is the best choice:
Many people love these socks for their children as they come with ‘size labels’ places on the no-slip grip on the soles. In this way, even a 5-year old child can help his parent organize socks, while also practicing and honing his number recognition ability!

4. Maintain a bag forlonely socks:
It is pointless to organize a lonely sock away from its pair. Instead maintain a bag in the laundry room and keep such socks in it. In this way you will be able to quickly find the other sock of the pair when it shows up in the bag!

If you need any help with self-storage from socks to soccer balls, Dustore is a reliable and renowned Dubai storage company.

Monday 14 September 2015

Key Guidelines To Help You Choose The Right Self Storage Solution

Many people in Dubai attach considerate emotions to priceless possessions like your sports gear, bikes, or your grandma’s antique dresser. As time passes, you find that new things come in and you have lesser space to store your priceless assets in your house. In this case what can one do? Take help of self-storage facilities in Dubai.

So let’s see that in addition to considering the size and price of a self-storage unit, what are other key attributes of a great self-storage facility.

Seamless Customer Service:
You can always know the kind of service you will receive from a self-storage provider first hand. This is during your prima facie interaction with the storage provider via email, phone or personally. If the storage rep treats you cordially, listening and answering to all your concerns empathically, you know you can trust that provider. If the provider fails to provide straightforward solutions, you should not trust that provider.

Spick and span units:
It goes without saying that you should ensure yourself about the maintenance of the storage units before signing the deal. Are they spotlessly clean? Do they have clean floors, clean sanitation facilities, and well-groomed, and disciple managers and workers?It is evident that if the storage facilities and the staff are spick and span, the provider is serious about his business and therefore you can expecta flawless service.

Proper pest control:
A great reliable self storage solutions provider Dubai always conducts regular pest control activities to ensure no damage occurs to their tenants’ possessions due to pesky critters like rats.

Monday 7 September 2015

Simple Things One Can Do To Store Their Heirloom Photographs Life-Long!

Photographs capture the loved moments to be cherished by future generations. Such is the role of heirloom photographs. And it goes without saying that storing these photographs is critical. Here are 3 simple things you can do to store your heirloom photographs.

Handle your photos carefully and safely
Ever mulled as to why archivists wear white gloves while handling photos? Human hands ooze out oils and salts which can spoil photographs. Cotton gloves are simple and inexpensive solution to prevent any damage while handling or storing photographs.

If you still cannot withstand gloves, then wash your hands with soap prior to handling photographs. Avoid applying any kind of lotion on hands until you are done with the photographs.

What is the ideal place to store photographs?
Instead of a long mundane discourse on temperature and relative humidity, I will cut to the chase. You want to store your photos in a place that is not too warm, not too cold, not too damp, and not too dry; just like Goldilocks. Attics and basements have risks of high humidity and floods, both of which can destroy photographs permanently.

So, what’s the right spot? An interior closet in a house that’s cooled in summer and heated in winter is a safe bet. Guest bedrooms and linen closets under stairs also work brilliant. Under the bed is a great storage location for photographs, as long as you are not putting them next to a heating vent.

Last but not the least, if you want to be 100% sure of the safety of your photographs without any worries, Dustore offers tailor made storage solutions Dubai.

Monday 24 August 2015

Easy Tips To Help You Store Your Books

Popularity of E-books does not kill the affinity for real pages. Many people however find it difficult to buy and store all their loved books due to space constraints at their homes. During such times, people rely on self-storage service providers. They provide storage units to store all your books in the safest manner. Further, you can browse through some easy tips to store and maintain your books in good condition.

Some easy tips to ensure your books are safely stored-

If you are storing books in a storage unit, ensure it is has climate control mechanisms

Well packing can keep your books in good condition, but only for short time. If you want to prevent pages from coming off, store books in a storage unit that has climate control facilities.

Attics are not safe:
Library of Congress, the largest library in the world, states that basement and attic are not favorable places to store books. Attics are too hot, and basements too damp. Attics and basements also undergo temperature fluctuations. This deteriorates the condition of books at a faster rate.

Storing books in containers:
Store your books in containers or strong boxes that are clean and securely closed. This keeps the pests and dust away. Avoid boxes that were used to store food.

Tip- Make stacking easier by selecting same-size boxes

How to place your books in the container?
The heavy books should be placed flat over the bottom of the container. The lighter ones should be then piled up above the heavy books. Avoid placing books with their spine facing upwards or in an oblique manner. You can place lighter books with their spines facing down only if you are not placing another box on top. Ensure that books placed with their spines down don’t lean due to excessive pressure.

Last but not the least, label your boxes so that you can locate your copy of The Lorax easily!

And if you have self storage requirements on a personal or commercial level, contact Du-store to get immediate assistance.

Tuesday 18 August 2015

A Checklist To Keep You Away From The Troubles Of Self Storage

Self storage facilities are proving to be a great way to take care of growing storage needs of people. Nonetheless, there are cases where people suffer the negative consequences due to sheer negligence of certain do’s and don’ts about self storage. We therefore have compiled a checklist to keep you away from the troubles of self storage.

Not for pets:
Self storage units are made to store personal items and not pets. It is not advisable to keep your pets at a storage facility while you go away on a vacation. Besides obvious sanitation issues, keeping pets at self storage units in an outright violation of animal welfare rights.

Not the place for flammable items:
Self storage sites usually do not provide storage space for flammable articles like fuel or explosives. It you try to subvert these rules, it eventually puts the entire unit in a jeopardized state lest any mishap occurs and turns fatal.

Climate control facilities are a must:
It is necessary to ensure that your self storage provider has well maintained storage units installed with advanced climate control facilities. Climate controlled facilities are a must to store items like food, grains, vegetables and other organic materials.

Storage unit is not a man cave:
Using self storage unit as temporary abode for a person is okay but it is definitely not the place for one’s permanent or long term stay. Storage premises are not ideal locations for such deeds as there are chances the storage unit may turn fatal due to unfavorable circumstances.

Above points will act as a checklist so that you don’t violate your self storage contract and receive hassle free service. 

Wednesday 22 July 2015

3 Places Where You Should Not Store Your Things

Carrie Bradshaw, fictional character of the HBO romantic sitcom Sex and the City once confessed that she stored sweaters in her oven. Now if this is followed with your servile nod and if you seriously consider exchanging cashmere for cupcakes, it is time you get a storage unit now. Don’t agree? Below are 5 more signs which say it is time to consult a storage service provider.

Storing books in fireplace:
Fireplaces are built for fire; it does not connote Fahrenheit 451. It is a cue saying that you need a storage unit unless you run out of shelf space and would prefer storing books in your fireplace.

Storing shoes in your office filing cabinet:
You find your shoe closet already filled so you choose to stash your shoes in your filing cabinet drawer. However, when you get a Mary Jane instead of a memo which you are looking for, it is time you call a storage service provider Dubai.

Stashing essential things in your car:
Guys, it may tempt you to store your miniature furniture and groceries in your car, however, just imagine the tragedies your passenger will face when he finds it. No need to fret – just drive your stuffs to a storage unit.

So while you prefer Dropbox to store your data, you might want to make Du-store your partner to store your things.

Monday 13 July 2015

4 Easy Fixes To Keep Your Belongings Safe

Your bags are packed and you make sure to include all necessary items like passport. You are all set to go. However, before you step outside your door, you might want to take a quick glance through some easy tips to ensure you return to the same house you left behind.

Keep your home illuminated:
A well lit house is much less likely to be bared into. Illuminate the exteriors with motion sensor lights. It is also helpful when you install plug socket timers attached to your lamps. They give an impression that the house is boarded by someone while you are away.

De-fence, especially the rear:
Unlike you, the burglars often enter from the back of the house rather than immediate front. Hence, keep the unwanted visitors away by providing enough and sturdy fencing barricades. Also add trellis to the top.

Mow your lawn:
Trim your lawn or cut down that hugely flailing tree prior to departing. This gives the impressions to potential burglars that your front lawn is recently mown, and the owners are still at home.

Reset the hinges:
It is easier for thieves to enter a house which uses exterior door hinges. Dustore recommends resetting the hinges on your door to an interior door hinge; thus making it difficult for the trespassers to enter you house.

Last but not the least if you need any help to store your valuables in a place which is completely secure, our Du-store storage units are available 24X7.

Ready to Ride? Tips To Get Your Bike Out of Storage

In this blog, we are helping people get their bike out of the storage cavern to make it all ready to ride.

Clean it nice and tidy:
Rinse your bike from top to bottom with light-shower over a garden hose.. Then take bucket of warm, soapy water, a soft-bristled brush and clean the pedals, chains, and derailleur first afore proceeding to the rest of the bicycle. Re-lube the bike chain with light coating. Rinse the bike again and then dry clean with a clean and dry cloth.

Test the brakes-
Examine your brakes to ensure they are prepped up to keep you safe while you ride. Check the brake pads to assess if they’re wearing evenly or need to be replaced.

Examine the drivetrain-
The drivetrain covers your bike’s pedals, chain, chain ring, and derailleur. Elevate the bike’s rear wheel and give it a spin. Now check through each of the gears. Ensure the shifting is smooth, if not take your bike for a repair. Note that chains usually wear out and must be replaced every 2,000 – 3,000 miles.

Inspect the cables-
Cables form those important linkages which connect the bike’s shifters and brakes to its derailleur and brake pads. Give a brief time examining for cracks, rust, and dirt, or sagging in your bike. If you see any damage, replace the cables to ensure that shifting as well as braking remains smooth.

Du-store is a self storage service provider helping people with all their storage needs.

Wednesday 17 June 2015

5 Valuable Storage Ideas Using Inexpensive Things like Velcro!

In this blog we have come up with extremely useful storage ideas which will surprise you for its sheer ingenuity at use!

1. Using a Velcro to avoid tangled mess:
Now avoid tangled messes by velcroing your appliance cords to the appliance itself when not in use. You will also see your chord sustain its shape and sheen longer.

2. Use glass cases to store makeup brushes, opaque and tidy!
They are opaque and just perfect to provide a veiled storage house to your make up accessories.

When makeup bags don’t provide a sturdy enough storage space for your brushes, use these hard cases to provide for added enhanced protection for your makeup accessories.

3. Cabinets under your bed provide abundant space!
Cabinets under your bed can take a stylish undertone with loft-like pedestal providing huge cabinet space.

4. Utilize trash bags to store your garments:
The next time you see a trash bag only worthy of storing trash and so, this storage idea will give you a jerk of ingenuity. We often dump or forget the plastic garment bags at the dry cleaners and then regretting as to why we did not save them. Not to worry as trash bags too offer a great storage space.

If you’re searching for someone to help you with your storage needs, Du-store is your reliable partner.

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Monday 25 May 2015

Coolest Way To Store Your Flip-Flops Using Minimum Space and Material

In this blog you will discover an amazing no-cost solution to store your favorite pair of flip-flops in the most convenient way and trendy way.

Let’s begin with the fun part which is the actual hangers. Here's what you need to do-

Grab handful of flimsiest metal hangers from your closet. (Check whether the hangers are easily bent or you are able to easily bend them with hands, if possible.) You will also require a pair of needle-nosed pliers.

Get rid of the bottom section of hanger with the help of pliers like so:

You may require scoring the metal with pliers and then snapping it with your hands.

Now take your pliers and roll up the two edges. This rids you from the sharp edges safely which can be harmful. It also looks kinda cute.

Now, use both your hands as well as your pliers to bend your hanger into such an approximate shape-

Now, honestly, you can just stop here like I did for a year. These hangers are perfectly functional, if a bit dull and drab.

However, you can go one step ahead and decide to pretty them up by putting a fresh coat of spray paint on them:

So, do you guys have any nifty storage tips from your closet? Share in the comments!

Image courtesy: epbot.com

Monday 18 May 2015

How To Use Inexpensive Things To Store Valuable Things?

Your valuable trinkets need proper storage to sustain their luster. However, many a times storage of such valuable items cost a bomb. But not after you read this blog where you fill find creative and inexpensive ways to store your things.

Ladder storage:

This is perhaps the best use of the abandoned ladder, you hardly use.  A wooden ladder acts as one of the prettiest and cheap way to store your beautiful blankets. Pretty smart, huh?

Tupperware storage:

The misplaced Tupperware tops often fret you? Now face no more lost tupperware tops when they are neatly organized in a dish rack like below-

Sandal Hangers:

About to dump useless hangers? Stop. You can bend these in perfect shapes which act as convenient and inexpensive support for your summer flip flops.

Bracelet Storage:

Bracelets are one of the dearest accoutrements especially for women. However, most find their bracelets losing luster due to improper storage methods and often also find the misplaced. However, this inexpensive paper towel holder will store your bracelets intact and handy, letting you choose instantly the perfect match!

Soap Box for your most valuable travel companion-

A hard plastic coated soap case might be viewed as useless once the soap is out, but not really. It is the perfect size container to store your camera stashed in a carry-on hand bag. Lay your small digital camera inside a soap box keeping it safe and still when traveling.

For more storage tips or storage needs, follow us at Du-store.

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Wednesday 22 April 2015

Facing Difficulty Storing Your Items In Your Holiday Suitcase? Quick Tips For You

Whether it is 2 feet area or 20 acres, storage is an art. It is not really about the space but how you utilize the available space. This blog entails quick tips so that you’re able to pack all your items at ease in your holiday suitcase.

Utilize not only the suitcase but certain things to make more space

Take for instance, shoes. The space inside can be used to stuff socks and underwear. It’s a great way to make more space; also maintaining the shape of your shoes.

Roll it up

Look at above image. It clearly indicates that rolling enables packing of greater quantity of clothes and fabrics, without crinkles!

Wrapping it up
When you’ve finished rolling lay a pashmina, scarf or large jumper on the top of your case and, if your case has them, close the elastic fasteners. That extra layer will stop smaller, loose items from moving around and keeps everything in place.

The benefit of collaboration
If you’re travelling with two or more people, split your belongings. The chance of losing your case is slim but it’s better to be prepared. If one case goes missing, at least you have another with a change of clothes to choose from.

Get it done in advance
We’d recommend finishing your packing at least 24 hours before you’re due to leave. This will remove the air between clothes just in case you decide to add anything else to your load on the go.

For more storage tips or storage needs, follow us at Du-store.

Thursday 9 April 2015

Attention: Is Your Self Storage Service Provider Deficient?

The answer might be a yes or no. In this blog, you will come across through a real illustration. It is about how a self storage provider lacking in even one salient aspect leads to a great blunder. After reading this blog, you will become alert while choosing the right storage provider.

This is an incident which occurred at Kepp’s Self Storage in New Zealand:

On April 4, 2015; there erupted a fire at the self-storage unit. This resulted in the loss for many people who had stored their belongings with utmost faith at the self storage unit.

Let’s see what the storage facility lacked:

Adequate sprinklers and relative advanced technology-
It is true that like a house, any self-storage unit cannot be immune to calamities like fire, floods or tornadoes. However, the installation of necessary measures greatly helps to prevent losses and gain control over the situation.

Like in this illustration, the self storage provider lacked the sprinklers. Kepp’s buildings did not have sprinklers; the presence of which would have prevented the extent of loss. However, today even sprinklers are not enough and you need storage providers who are equipped with advanced protective gears.

What to look for in a self storage provider to be covered against such losses?

As a customer, you must-
Ensure the self storage provider has a proper insurance clause to redeem the losses of any customer during such situations. After all is not the mistake of customers for any calamity faced by the storage unit. So why should you face losses?

Summing it up-

Have something to add or suggest? Let us know in the comments below.

Monday 23 March 2015

What If You Find Shoeboxes As Useful As Making Your Mess Disappear?

Does the idea of shoe boxes can make your home a better place seem tangible to you? If not then after reading this blog you will experience a change of perception. You will perhaps think about utilizing shoe boxes in one of these ways rather than throwing them away.

Are cables messing up with your peace? Not now
Cables, wires and chargers cover significant space of our homes. Often, it creates web-like structures only making the space untidy.

A normal shoe box can absolve you from this mess. All you need to do is make some holes for the cables to easily pass-

Quite innovative yet easy and extremely handy, isn’t it?
A handy tool box to place all your small paraphernalia:
Consider this. You return home tired maybe from a long vacation or a detour only to find all the mess up your desk. Wouldn’t it spoil your jolly mood? And then maybe your spouse or your mother asks you to clear it up or no dinner! As humorous as it may sound, the fact is that nobody likes clutter. It not only distorts the look and feel of your home, but makes it difficult to find something important. All such concerns are addressed with the help of a shoe box. If you are thinking that it might look sombre and unsophisticated then the below images will be enough to show you how shoeboxes can be your best storage option!

You can keep visiting our blog for more such storage ideas. Also if you’re searching for reliable commercial storage and self-storage solutions in Dubai, Du-store is happy to serve you.

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Do You Need a Helping Hand to Learn The Most Effective DIY Hacks?

With Du-store you are never alone while experimenting with ‘doing it yourself’ tricks. Further you will come across some easy and most effective DIY hacks.

A useless comb can be very helpful:

Have you ever thought of using a comb which you don’t use anymore to drill nails with a hammer?
You get 2 impressive benefits-
1)    You will prevent bruising your fingers
2)    The nail will be hammered faster
3)    It is very convenient
Bonus tip- Sandpapering the hammer’s end will provide a better grip while hammering the nails to be fixed properly at the right spot.

How magnets can help a great way?

This one is the favorite of many yet not well-spread. Do you hold nails in your mouth while hammering or similar task? Do you feel the exertion when you forget where you placed the nails or bolts? All such trivia can be avoided with a magnet.

Your two hands may not be just enough to handle small tools and hardware. A magnet does the work of a third hand. Just place the magnet at the hammer’s bottom and voila! You don’t have to now put nails or other small bolts in your mouth nor place it somewhere and lose them followed by hours of search.

Getting messy with the paint? Try an elastic band

This is one of the most-sought after DIY hacks. Putting an elastic band around the paint tin’s open side, provides a handy tool for wiping your brush.
•    It prevents unwanted dripping of paint outside the tine or on the corners.
•    It keeps the paint tin nice and clean.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Troubled With Damaged Photos? Check Out Some Storage Hacks

Do you know why your treasured photos get damaged? The most viable reason is the lack of proper storage methods. A shoebox or any other ordinary box isn’t an appropriate storage house for your photos.

The precious the photo, the more vulnerable it is:
Photos are primarily delicate. The older and more precious they are, the easily they get damaged when not stored carefully.

Safe Storage Hacks:
Archival sleeves:

Stocking up your photos and albums with archival sleeves protects your photos from elements like heat, light, bug infestations, water flow and fingerprints which have damaging effects on photos.

Acid-free photo storage boxes:

Stock up your albums in an acid-resistant photo storage box to make your photos chemical resistant.
Tip- Store your photos in the box after packing them in archival sleeves. It will secure your photos and albums against all harsh elements.

Precautionary measures to remember:
Using photographic paper or a mounting board can prove to be lethal sometimes due to their acidic content. It can cause long-term damage to delicate films and photographs.
Prior to storing photos in an acid-free box, don’t forget to remove items like paper clips, manila envelopes and anything which gives odor.
Troubled over long-term finger marks on photos? Wear cotton gloves during photograph handling.

When nothing works, rely on us:
Some photos need special storage facilities. Dustore provides storage facilities for storing all types of photographs. Our storage facilities consist of climatic control functions which protects not just photos but other delicate items like oil paintings from any kind of damage.

An event for all the photo-fanatics!
If you are in Dubai, you cannot miss the Everyday Middle East - Photography Exhibition. There you can experience a two-way exchange of finest photographs and arts.

Monday 23 February 2015

Concerned About Your Items Getting Deformed? Switch To Temperature Controlled Units

People are often concerned about their items getting deformed if not preserved under appropriate conditions. Dustore acts as a savior for such people. Dustore provides reliable temperature controlled self storage services in Dubai.

Why is there a need of temperature controlled units?
Many would opine that majority of items can be stored in non-temperature controlled units. However, certain electronic items, oil-based paintings as well as antiques require temperature controlled storage facilities. Otherwise, the items will get spoilt over a period of time.

Below is a list of items which require temperature controlled units for their proper storage:


You don’t want your beautiful furnishings and upholstery to lose their sheen, do you? Imagine you bought a brand new sofa. You decided to use this after 2 months and therefore decided to store it in your store house. However, don’t be surprised if you find something like this-

The right side reflects the sofa before 2 months and the left side after 2 months. Now this spoilage can be prevented by storing such items in temperature controlled units.

Easy solution: Whether it is concerned with personal storage or self-storage in Dubai, Dustore is at your service to provide robust storage services comprising of temperature and climate controlled facilities.
Similarly you can preserve the following items under the safest temperature controlled units.


We have special climate control equipments which prevent spoilage of antiques and paintings due to moisture and humidity.


Vintage cars

We have advanced temperature controlled equipments like anti-freezing tools, self-diagnosis and thermo-control units which sustain these cars in all-healthy condition.


Below are 4 easy tips for proper storage of items:
1. Ensure that items remain dry.
2. Keep  your items elevated (Dustore has elevated pallets installed at all its locations ensuring optimal safety of your items)
3. Keep a regular check on your items

And when all else fails, you can always rely on Dustore’s reliable temperature-controlled storage vaults.