Tuesday 24 July 2018

Storage Hacks for a Studio Apartment

The chances of making the decision to live in a studio apartment are surprisingly high, given the skyrocketing rent costs in big cities. Living in one is the ultimate test of learning to utilize space cleverly. Yes, limited space does create issues but if approached with a minimalistic view in mind one can definitely make this small space work wonders!

These storage ideas will make you realize the potential your space actually holds for blossoming into a warm and cozy place to dwell in.

1. Due to the lack of floor space, go vertical!

To make your apartment look clutter free, your best bet would be to utilize the maximum amount of space vertically. Mounting shelves on the wall is the most common as well as a productive method of storing in a restricted space. Not only will this clear your floor of any added storage, but will give an added appeal and aesthetic to the whole space.

2. Your bed’s headboard is your lifesaver!

Choose a headboard which would double up as a smart storage one, with storage shelves for ideally books or just to keep a mug of coffee on. It is always going to be useful and be your go-to option for stacking things up. Another smart way to step up your bed storage game would be to go for a bed with closed drawers at the bottom as they can store anything and everything.

3. Opt for sleek and small furniture

Buying less bulky, multi-functional furniture with lids is a genius hack to utilize less space and at the same time, store a multitude of things. A TV stand with concealed drawers or shelves can help to stack away almost anything. Cute seat with built-in storage or a small coffee table with drawers works wonders as well.

Don’t let a mere lack of space discourage you from exploring the possibilities in the space you do have! The real deal is to deal with the area intelligently and be as sleek and minimal as possible. Your studio apartment can look vibrant, inviting, homely and spacious if done up the right way using these hacks

Monday 16 July 2018

Storage Ideas for a Guest Room

When it comes to welcoming your guests, having a well arranged and comfortable guest room is important. Guest rooms are often tricky to be designed as they require all the storage of the bedroom, living room and office to be at one place for your guests. Use these tips to organize your guest rooms so that you can be a great host to your guests and let them have a pleasant stay.

Utilize the attics 

Attics are the most common place for a guest room. The awkward angles can be difficult for storage but you can opt for tailor-made cabinets to fit the need.

Image Source:https://bit.ly/2NXgTd0

Create a multitasking space

Make sure that apart from the bed and closet, there are enough shelves and drawers as well as a so that your guests feel at home. Sometimes having a little desk and a chair will also help for the office work of your guests. Make use of foldable furniture to utilize the small space well. Look for furniture stores in Dubai for different types of foldable furniture.

Invest in good home décor

Decorate the room with impeccable wall patterns and colors. Good aesthetics do matter a lot and is a great way to impress your guests. Invest in good furniture and home décor so that your guests have a comfortable stay at your place. 

Wednesday 27 June 2018

Effective Storage Tips for Living Room Spaces

Living rooms must serve dual purposes. They should be both a formal clutter-free space to entertain guests as well as cozy places to tuck in and relax after a long day. Striking this right balance and adding your style to it can be a challenge. Read on to find out how you can get the most out of your living space.

1. Use of Space:

Use all the spaces around the room including windowsills, walls, and ceilings to make it feel large and open. Mount floating cabinets or shelves on the walls and use them to store shoes, decorative items or books.

2. Multipurpose Furniture: 

This can be a great way to save space. Buy sofas and tables that have drawers to store cushions and blankets. You can also purchase storage ottomans in furniture stores, which are units that function as side tables, storage boxes, and even stools.

3. Shelves and hooks:

Use hanging hooks on the sides of your furniture to hold small objects like headphones, hats or keys. Keep magazines and newspapers organized, in storage boxes that can be kept on shelves or stacked under the sofa or table.

4. Media console:

Make sure your media console has enough shelves to hold all your devices. They should also have baskets for remotes and clips to hold wires in place.



Monday 25 June 2018

The Ideal Conference Room

In today’s dynamic work environment, conference rooms serve as formal spaces to collaborate and share ideas. Whether space is large or small, you should consider the following factors to make sure your conference room is functional, comfortable and accommodates diverse needs.

1. Chairs:

Meetings and presentations can involve long periods of sitting or standing. Therefore, invest in comfortable chairs that are stack-able. These can provide extra seating when there are more members or be stored away neatly when not in use.

2. Tables:

The center table takes up maximum space in conference rooms. A round or oval one can accommodate more seats. An unconventional boat-shaped table is wider in the middle and will make sure that everyone can see each other. A square or rectangular table can have adjustable features to fold in or open up. Whichever shape you opt for, ensure that the table has a power data module or charging points.

3. Storage:

Choose multi-purpose storage pieces with whiteboard surfaces that can be used to jot down ideas. If there is a space constraint, the storage cabinets can have sliding doors or open up from the top. You could also contact packers and movers in Dubai for long term storage solutions to keep some of the older things out of your office. Mount a bookshelf on the wall to display awards or stationery. An AV stand with adjustable height and tilt screen features will also save space.

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Tuesday 22 May 2018

A Walk-in Wardrobe of Your Dreams

Dedicating an entire room for your wardrobe is a dream come true for many of us. Having a walk-in closet space makes dressing up an everyday glam affair. Consider the following ideas to maximize your wardrobe space and keep it organized.

1- Storage spaces- Have pull-out drawers, hanging wardrobe units and entire sections in your cupboard exclusively for storage space. Keeping them at lower levels to store your footwear will be practical in terms of access and maintenance.

2- Dressers- You can either have one deep dresser with sliding portions or separate dressers which are narrower. These come with partitions and sections to snugly fit in your ties, watches, belts and other accessories. A jewellery rack to display your trinkets is also a great option to include in your walk-in wardrobe.

3- Racks and rods- Picking out your favourite outfit will no longer be a messy affair with rods and racks. Hang your blazers, shirts, dresses and scarves using hangers on rods. Have sliding racks to keep your trousers in place.

4- Shelves- Shelves can be used to display handbags or even store linen and towels in boxes. If they are on the upper sections, you can even install a detachable ladder for easy access.

Head to one of our furniture stores in Dubai and get a customized walk-in wardrobe for yourself, today!

Image source: Willothewrist.com, quiet-corner.com

Monday 14 May 2018

Organization Tips for Stationery

Be it in offices or homes, we all have stationery that just can’t be found when we need them the most! Whether you are an artist with a bulk of stationery or a parent trying to manage your toddler’s supplies, these simple storage tips will ensure your stationery stays organized, in place and ready to be used.

1. Pegboard - Install a giant pegboard right on the wall in front of your desk. Now use this to hang all sorts of objects. For example, you can hang your scissors, ribbons, tapes or even little baskets and cups to hold your pens and markers.

2. Boxes to organize papers and files- Files and papers can be difficult to manage, especially when you get busy with work or chores. Install a shelf at your preferred height and use boxes to keep your documents in order. You can even colour code and label them for easy access.

3. Stationery organizer- Take it up a notch from the regular pen holder and use a desk organizer which has designated space to keep your staplers, erasers, calculator, post-its, and other small objects neatly.

4. Tame the cords- Plug all the cords of your gadgets into a power strip under the desk and secure them with twist-ties or bands.

For similar storage solutions in Dubai, visit one of our stores today!

Monday 23 April 2018

Storage Ideas For A Dorm Room

Space is a constraint in any dorm room and therefore, having enough of it is considered a luxury. Many students find it difficult to fit all their belongings into the limited area available to them. Making the most of the available space is key to maximizing the storage space. Here are a few tips to organize the spaces in a dorm room.

1- Floating cabinets

Mount these on walls and use them to display your books and other items, making them easily accessible. Look for storage facilities in Dubai for different floating cabinets.

2- Maximizing wardrobe space

Use portable hanging organizers to get the most out of your wardrobe space. These can be detached and folded effortlessly and can store a variety of items like clothes, accessories, makeup, toiletries or even your shoes. Ensure your clothes are neatly folded or use hangers to hang them inside the wardrobe.

3- Shoe racks

Invest in one of these to keep your footwear organized. This will also help keep them clean and well maintained.

4- Be organized

Have a designated space for everything you own, including bags, laundry and notebooks. Categorize them and it will be easier to find them as well. Things you do not use often can be stored away in boxes or suitcases and stashed under the bed or over the cupboard.

Image source: freshome.com, wilko.com

Monday 16 April 2018

Storage Ideas for Your Balcony

The balcony of a house is a versatile space used for different purposes by different people. Some use it as a space for storing things, some as a place to wind down and relax, while others use it for gardening. Large or small, your balcony space can always be organized to create the ambience you need. Follow these tips to make the most of your balcony space.

1- Furniture that opens up for storage space or foldable furniture to save space

Tables and cupboards that open up provide a great space for storing tools. You can even use it to store cushions, sheets and books to create that cosy corner in your balcony. If space is a constraint, you can opt for foldable table and chairs which can be pulled out for use when required. Look for furniture stores in Dubai that have these types of furniture available.

2- Mountable shelves and ceiling storage

Use the wall space to mount shelves to display items. You can also use mountable stands to secure bikes to the wall. Even the ceiling space can be used for storage by installing cabins.

3- Hooks and rods to hang things

Set up rods along the walls or use the railings to hang hooks for hanging tools, potted plants or lights. This saves space and looks neat too.

Image sources: dotacja.info, familyhandyman.com, voilamart.com, pinterest.com

Friday 16 March 2018

Vehicle Storage

Types of vehicle storage

1. Outdoor Vehicle Storage: Outdoor vehicle storage is the cheapest option. This is typically a secure car park area containing designated parking bays. It is the most convenient option if you are looking for temporary storage. If you are living in an area where the weather is harsh, this might not be a suitable choice.

2. Covered/Canopy Storage: Some facilities offer covered parking spots. This will be more expensive than the outdoor vehicle parking as it provides more protection. Undercover vehicle storage comes in many different forms. The type of undercover vehicle storage will determine the price.

3. Indoor Vehicle Storage: Indoor vehicle storage is inside of a storage unit. It offers the most conveniences and is more expensive. You can park your vehicle inside the storage unit where it completely sheltered and protected.

Features to look for when storing a vehicle

1. Drive-up access: When you have drive up access, you can simply drive the vehicle to the designated parking spot. You do need any equipment or machinery to move your vehicle.

2. 24-hour access: Look for a storage facility that allows you 24 hour access to your vehicle so that you can use your vehicle whenever you want.

3. Location: The location of your storage facility should preferably be near your home or office for your convenience.

4. Video surveillance: It’s very important to check for CCTV cameras installed at the storage facility so that you are assured of the safety of your vehicle and it will drive away the potential thieves.

5. Electronic gate access: Storage facilities with an electronic gate provide you with a private access code that will grant you entry and simultaneously prevent intruders from getting in.

Check for self storage units in Dubai to find a suitable storage space for your vehicle.

Image source: pixabay.com

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Storage Ideas For Preschool Classrooms

When it comes to preschools, organizing the classrooms can be a task with so many kids around. Here are some storage tips to help you have a mess free classroom.

1. Desks with drawers

Apart from having colorful and comfortable chairs and desks for preschool students, the desks can be accompanied with drawers for the kids to place their bags and other stuff they need. A lot of kids are very protective of their bags and hence having a locker for keeping all the bags might not be a good idea.

2. All the Toys in one place

If you’re running a preschool, you surely must be having a lot of toys for the kids to play with. Make sure there is an entire cupboard to place all these toys so that all the toys are at one place and there is no mess in the room.

3. Containers for stationery and coloring materials

Keep all the stationery such as pencils, erasers, paper clips and crayons in different containers. You may lose some of the stationery easily as the kids can be careless and place it here and there. It’s always better to keep some extra stationery in the room.

4. Separate racks for the Books

All the study material and books can be placed in racks. Even storybooks can be placed in these racks.

5. Colorful Bins

Kids may litter the place as they will be eating their snacks inside the classroom and hence it’s important to have at least one or two dustbins. You can choose colorful bins to go with the theme. Fabric bins are great for any paper waste.

Look for storage units in Dubai to help you with the right furniture and storage for your preschool.

Image source: drkarchitects.com

Thursday 15 February 2018

Storage Ideas for your Kitchen

Here are some tips and ideas to have a well organized kitchen.

1. Open shelves

Having open shelves in the kitchen makes it very convenient to take out items that are often used while cooking. Use open shelves to keep everyday serveware such as pots and pans within easy reach.

2. Wall mounted Racks

Wall mounted racks can be a great way to store your favorite seasoning bottles. It can also be used to store some utensils to make sure they are handy when you need them while cooking.

3. Store Veggies in a cool, dark place

Keep root vegetables like potatoes, onions in a cool dark place to protect it from sunlight. This helps in keeping the veggies fresh for a longer time. Open-weave baskets are most commonly used to store these veggies as they provide the right air circulation.

4. Put Pots in Their Place

Instead of stacking all the pots and pans at the back of a cabinet, store the most used ones in drawers. Have one section to store the pots and another separate section to store the potholders and lids.

5. Well maintained Drawers

Make the most of your drawers with dividers to store different items. Utensils, knives, measuring spoons need to be organized in separate sections. You can also store all the bottles of spices in the drawers.  This protects them from sunlight, moisture and heat.

6. Storage for dishes

You will be using the dishes everyday and it’s important to place them in a way that is convenient to take out and place again after washing. Have an individual cabinet or drawer to place all your dishes and bowls.

These tips will help you have an enjoyable cooking experience. Look out for storage facilities in Dubai to find the right type of storage for your kitchen.

Image source: pixabay.com

Organizing Storage For Your Home Office

Are you planning to have a small office space in your home but not sure about the storage and spacing? We’ve got some cool ideas for you that will make your home office storage easier.

1. You don’t need a separate room

When it comes to home office, you don’t always need to have an entire room. Sometimes you can just make a small space of your room as your home office. A table with cabinets is sufficient. You can place your laptop/desktop on the table and store all your files and paperwork in the cabinet.

2. Built-in storage desks

Instead of having separate shelves as cabinets, it’s better to have a desk that comes with in-built storage. Invest in a table that has drawers to keep all your important papers and to organize your stationery. You can also store your laptop charger and other cables in it.

3. Space for Printers

If you have an office in your home, chances are that you might need to print some documents. It’s better to have a large desk where you have enough space to place your printer and where it’s easy to connect the printer with your laptop.

4. Notepads and pens

When inspiration strikes or perhaps when you are on a call and need to note down something important, you shouldn’t be wasting time searching for a paper and pen. Always make sure you have a notepad and a pen stand on the side of your desk. You can also place markers and highlighters in the pen stand.

5. Decorate your desk

At the end, place posters or showpieces with quotes that give you some motivation. It’s a good way to make work interesting. At the same time, be careful there is not too much clutter on your desk as that would lead to distraction and it’s important to keep your workplace neat and organized.

Look out for self storage units in Dubai to get the right storage and furniture for your home office.

Image source: pixabay.com

Wednesday 17 January 2018

Optimizing Storage Space in Hotel Rooms

An important aspect that is necessary to let your customers have a pleasant stay in your hotel rooms is the way you design the storage of it. There will be customers who have come on a mini-break to unwind for a few days and there will be customers traveling for a business trip, stopping just one night. Based on this the storage requirements of customers can be different. But it is essential that they are provided with all the facilities inside the hotel room. This can get tricky at times and hence we share with you some ways of optimizing the storage space in hotel rooms.

1. Storage space under the Bed

One way to maximize storage in a single room is to make use of the area under the bed. As shown in the picture, storage shelves can be designed under the bed where people can keep their suitcases and other luggage. In this picture, the bed has been uniquely designed in a way where you can place your footwear as well.

2. Swap the nightstand for a desk.

Try to have furniture storage options in Dubai that have a dual purpose. For instance, the nightstand on either side of the bed can be used as a desk during the day. Wall mounted night lamps and TVs are a great way to reduce the unnecessary storage space.

Bathroom storage

Bathrooms inside hotel rooms should be well equipped and there needs to be adequate storage for the same. Go for smart ways to store all the toiletries, towels and napkins. You can adopt a bevy of space-saving features such as an under-the-counter shelf for towels and hanging baskets for soaps and dispensers.

Image source:livinginashoebox.com, huffingtonpost.com, st.hzcdn.com

Tuesday 16 January 2018

5 Ways to organize your home this New Year

New Year is here and getting organized is at the top of many people’s New Year’s resolutions. Living in an environment that is neat and tidy makes things easier not just for you but also for the ones visiting your house. The ugly sight of overflowing drawers and clutter around the house can often leave you frazzled. Take control of the clutter this New Year by adopting these innovative methods to organize all your stuff.

1. Have separate sections for your items in your wardrobe.

Have separate sections for your shirts, trousers and inner wear. Segregate the formals from your casual clothes. Place boxes of different sizes to arrange all your accessories. Use good self storage solutions in Dubai to organize your wardrobe.

2. Be practical while arranging the items.

Whether it is a book shelf or your shoe rack, be practical while arranging all the items. For example, the shoes that you are going to wear often should be placed in the front and the ones that you aren’t going to use much can be placed behind.

3. Make a habit to install hooks.

Installing hooks in the room is a good way to avoid throwing things around. Your clothes, belts and sling bags can be hung on the hooks.

4. Have a well maintained closet

Hangers can be used to arrange your shirts, blazers and even dresses. Closets tend to get disorganized quite quickly as and when you take out your clothes so make sure you arrange it once in a month.

5. Avoid piling up your things around

The least you can do is to stop being a lazy person and avoid piling up things around. Keep all your stuff in its place and you are bound to feel better.

Image Source: womansday.com, pinterest.es