Monday 26 July 2021

Why We Love Physical Books?

“A Room Without Books Is Like A Body Without A Soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Ask the book lovers what Books mean to them, the answer would be ‘Everything’! The emotions, the love, the nostalgia one feels after owning or reading a book is ineffable. 

Due to technological advancement, E-Books have become popular on mobiles and tablets. Though they are easily portable and available, they can never replace the essence of real books. 

There are plenty of reasons to love physical books more than e-books - its touch, smells, emotions it brings in, the positivity it spreads and much more.

Physical Touch

One of the best features of the physical book is its physical touch. The books and their cover are so appalling that book lovers can not resist buying them. The feeling one receives while flipping the pages of the book is more satisfying.  

Brings In Positivity 

Books bring positivity to the home as this paves the way to knowledge. Knowledge is an asset that no one can steal from you. Bookshelves on the wall can also beautify your house and brings in an aura of happiness.

Book Smell 

The delightful smell of the book brings immense happiness and pleasure which electronic books can never give. One deep whiff and it gives you an overwhelming feeling of bliss! Especially, if the book is old!

Reduce The Screen Time

By continuously watching the screen for a long time can strain your eyes. This can result in headaches, thus affecting the brain’s performance. But this is not the case with physical books. You can read books for hours without harming your health. 

Better Focus 

When you are reading from a tab or phone, you will get distracted by pop-ups, notifications, calls, messages and others. But, this doesn’t happen with physical books. The key purpose of books is to enhance your focus. 

For Better Development

Books help in improving one’s vocabulary. When one stumbles upon a new word while reading a book, they will try to find more information about the meaning of that word. The curiosity to learn more will make the person read more. Also, it helps children to visualise things as they read hence enhancing their brain functionalities. Memory power also magnifies.

Best Friend

Books can be your best friend as they will never leave your side unless you misplace them. It helps you escape harsh reality into the world of magic, imagination and fantasy! Books improve your mood and can even help you come out of stress.

As A Gift

Books can be a fantastic option for gifting it to people. Books help in connecting with people it caters for spreading knowledge. But, they can only be given to those who love to read.

Visiting BookStore

By visiting bookstores, one can explore new and appalling books and interact with more people. The aura of bookstores is extremely friendly and comforting, making you feel to keep reading more books

Though there are many positives of having an e-book such as easy handling and easy accessibility, the ecstasy experience of owning and reading a physical book is just irreplaceable!

Wednesday 21 July 2021

How To Become An Eco-Friendly Company?

Eco-Friendly Companies are the companies that do their business without much harming the environment. Numerous companies have come forward to adopt this eco-friendly model to conduct their business, which can be quite beneficial not only for the companies but also for the environment and their customers. These days customers have become more conscious about the brands that have an impact on the environment. 

Some of the eco-friendly business practices that companies should embrace are as follows.

1. Digital Communication

Rather than using papers and increasing the printing and paper stacking costs, it is better to use digital communication services like Email or Cloud-based Networks, messaging apps, notepads, etc for working operations. By going paperless, more trees could be saved, thus impacting less on the environment. 

2. Recycle Bins At Every Corner

Encourage your staff to throw the garbage in the recycle bins. Such an act will lessen the mess around the office and maintain cleanliness around. Also, keep different bins for wet and dry garbage so that segregation of waste will be easy. 

3. Use Of Energy-Saving Appliances

The use of old electronic appliances can eat up more electricity, thus increasing your energy bill. By using new and sophisticated energy-saving devices like CFL Lights, which consumes less power, one will be able to save the power and its cost. Keep a regular check on your aircon to make sure they are set in the standard temperature. Also, make sure to switch off the gadgets and other electronics when not in use. 

4. Avoid Plastic Bottled Water

Plastics are not biodegradable items. They do not decompose in the soil but spread more toxics in them. Hence, it is better to avoid using fewer plastics and their products. Replace plastic bottles with steel or copper bottles and install a water filter near the office sink that can help in providing clean and cool water to the employees. 

5. Work From Home

Due to technological boost, the telecommunication network has strengthened. One of the advantages of this is that people now can even Work From Home if they have good wi-fi or hotspot. If employees work from their homes, the utility cost will go down.

6. Reuse of Ink Cartridges

As ink cartridges are made from plastic, they are non-biodegradable. But, they can be refilled thrice. So rather than throwing them away, fill them back. 

7. Recycle Electronics

E-waste is the need of the hour. Electronic scrap should be refrained from being dumped on the ground because it can turn the soil toxic, as it contains harmful chemicals. Companies must donate their old electronics items to an E-waste scrapyard where they are recycled.  

8. Solar Power Electronic Devices.

Solar Power is clean energy and can be used for diverse appliances. Appliances that use this energy have a low maintenance cost plus the electricity cost gradually goes down.

Being eco-friendly is also a part of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

When these businesses accept their responsibility towards the environment and assess their carbon footprint, the customers’ trust in them strengthens ending up, buying the goods and services of such responsible brands. This way, their brand image improves, their utility costs decrease, the demand for goods and services increases thus, maximizing the profit.  

Friday 16 July 2021

Tips for Storage & Organising Baby Clothes

When a newborn baby arrives home, all we can think of is baby food, clothes, bedsheets, toys, etc. How much ever shopping we do for a baby, tends to be less. But we still buy or be gifted with new things.

Well-organized is the one, where you can grab everything in one go. A crying baby may not give you much time to look for things for more than a minute or two. So everything should be well categorized, this will create less confusion.

Keep your baby’s wardrobe tidy and organized with these baby clothes storage ideas. Because you’re busy enough without having to dig through a disorganized heap for your favourite onesie.

Baby Clothes Organiser Ideas

It's rightly said, Google has answers to everything. Look for some virtual help. You will get a lot of options from buying to organizing techniques.

1. Ensure all items have been washed. 

Make sure that all new things are washed. In this tough time, make sure that the magic of new things doesn’t fade away due to small allergies or infections. Clothes are generally treated with chemicals and dyes that can cause allergic reactions, so be sure to wash all bub’s clothes to keep their sensitive skin safe.

2. Sort through sizes. 

Decide what exactly you want to sort things too. Type of cloths, or the size of cloths, or the colour. Whatever is your comfort sort and organize them accordingly.

3. Organize by size, type, and season. 

Don’t just stock up. Prioritize the required clothes as per season and age. Some people gift things with a view of growing kids. Store such things which are not required right now. 

Drawer Organisers

Organizing a drawer with clothes is easy but maintaining the same is a task. Drawers are perfect for baby clothes storage. Being so tiny, you can fit a lot of baby clothes and accessories into a set of drawers. But there is a risk of mix-up and things getting stuck while closing drawers.

Baby Wardrobe Dividers

There are many smart and economical options available online. Check the shopping options as per your convenience online and decide upon the best possible way to arrange things. This will make everything less time-consuming. Sectioning your baby’s wardrobe by size, type, and season, is easy with wardrobe dividers. 

You can also look for DIY using some cardboard from the Newsagency or craft store, some scissors, and a felt pen for labelling.

Over-Door Shoe Organisers

Baby shoes are tiny and soft. They can fit into small spaces also.

So you can use Over-the-door shoe hangers for nappies, nappy covers, onesies, and more.

These are especially great if you don’t have much space to work with and want to make the most of every inch you’ve got.

Baby Storage Baskets – 

These storage baskets are available in affordable materials and are easy to use. The baskets can be used for storing baby clothes you’re not reaching for on the regular. Pack them in the baskets, keep them at the bottom or top of your baby’s closet so they’re easy to access when you do need the contents. 

Vacuum-Sealed Bags –

Many clothes and toys are not used on regular basis, like the bodysuits, toys not their age, bedsheet and rugs in summer seasons, etc. Store these bulkier clothes in vacuum bags to give yourself some extra space.

Need to make some space for your baby? Get a self-storage unit. Discover our affordable, flexible options here and book today.

Friday 9 July 2021

Moving In With You Parents Guide

Western culture turning its face to staying on its own and moving in with their parents have increased over a period of time. Fighting with rising monthly rent, lesser job opportunities, bills of a luxurious lifestyle, travellers’ life not requiring a permanent address, etc. there are many reasons millennials are opting for moving in with their parents.

It's no more taboo or uncool for people in their 20s and 30s to live with their parents.

Living with parents is a normal adulthood practice in many households but moving back in with them after moving out can bring mixed feelings – for you and your parents.

But whatever may be your reasons, if you are moving in with your parents again, these tips might help make it easier for everyone.

Be Grateful

In this world full of people looking for affection, parents are the most selfless people in your life. The least we could do is be grateful to them. That’s why they are welcoming you with open arms and hearts, But be grateful they’re welcoming you home with open arms, and that you have a safe (and cheap!) place to land when things don’t go as planned.

Have A Plan

Though parents are welcoming the pairing may not be always successful. Always have a plan and also a backup plan. 

Ask yourself certain doubtful questions in your mind, like:

  • How long do I plan to stay?
  • When will I know it’s time to move out?
  • What goals will I need to achieve in order to move out?
  • Where will I go when I leave?

Perhaps you’re waiting until you’ve found a steady job to move out. Or maybe you’re staying until you’ve saved for a house deposit.

Whatever your situation, having a solid plan and timeframe in mind will help you stay focused – and reassure your parents you won’t be sticking around forever.

Discuss Your Experience

Your return to your parents. They must have a lot of stories and experiences to share. They must be waiting for you to share with them your time away from them. Have an honest chat with your parents about your expectations during the arrangement – and ask them to share theirs.

Establish Ground Rules

You are not moving in with a person but a parent. Their idea of fun and peace may be different from yours. They may not like adult sleepovers or not want you making noise after 10pmor maybe dressing the show-stopping outfits. It's their place to respect them, give them time to understand the new you.

Discuss their comfort and adjust to it. Set some rules beneficial for both of you.

Pull Your Weight

Share the load! They are giving you a rent-free place to reside. Discussing expectations early on is a great way to get on the same page and start off on the right foot.

You have been an independent individual to date. After moving in with parents don’t expect them to do chores for you, rather share their financial as well physical load.

Maintain Your Routine

Moving back in with your parents can be a big change for your day-to-day – but it shouldn’t change everything.

As a bachelor, it was okay adjusting yourself to late hours of work and late mornings, but with parents follow a schedule. Of course, you’ll need to be considerate of your parents with how you go about it, but you don’t have to give up the life you love entirely. But you can always try to change or adapt to things which you can.

Keep Them In The Loop

You are still young, you can still continue to have fun. You don’t need anyone's permission to call your friends over or some barbeque nights or going clubbing or any such activities. But it’s courteous to let your parents know if you won’t be home for dinner or you’re heading off for the weekend. A quick text or call to let them know your plans will be much appreciated.

Make The Most Of It

You are moving on with your parents for a reason. Consider the reason prime goal. Work towards the source, path, and outcome. Make the most out of it and focus on your goals.

Save whatever you can. Take your time and hunt for that dream job. And most of all, take some time to spend with your parents. Getting to know them as an adult can be a wonderful thing.

Store whats not required

After all, you are moving out. There may be many things which your parents already have or maybe you don’t require due to place constraints. But store these things will be handy and necessary when you move out again. So rent a storage unit till you find a new place to call it your home. Get a free quote today.