Tuesday 22 December 2015

It Is Time To Show Customer Appreciation

New Year is approaching. It is the time for self-storage managers to express gratitude for their loyal and loving customers who contribute more than just money. Customer appreciation is the way to retain existing customers and lure new ones to make the next year even more overwhelming. How you do that? We have compiled a list of innovative ways to thank your self-storage tenants this holiday season.

Host a small fiesta:
Send email invites or texts to your tenants for a small fiesta at your office. Who wouldn’t stop by for warm cookies, and hot chocolate? Experts emphasize it need not be a flamboyant affair. Just a small, humble fiesta.

Tip- Keep it on a Thursday or Friday. It may read like-

“‘We have arranged customer appreciation day. We invite you to stop by and have a gala little time amidst people who love you and cakes, prizes and hot cider.”

This strategy will go a long way to retain huge consumer pool of tenants.

You can link your fiesta with a social cause like a blood drive campaign.  This sends a strong message about your ethical conduct, a storage company that is willing to contribute to the society to make it a better place. This will earn good will for your brand name.

Surprises and perks:
Who does not love surprises? Wouldn’t you want to visit a self-storage house again in the anticipation of a surprise perk? Surprises do better your day, your mood. Use this psychological trait to lure more tenants at your self storage services warehouse. There are certain storage companies that waive off late fees of particular tenants in December and so on. Result? More brand awareness=more tenants.

Image Courtesy: simplycast.com


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