Monday 14 September 2015

Key Guidelines To Help You Choose The Right Self Storage Solution

Many people in Dubai attach considerate emotions to priceless possessions like your sports gear, bikes, or your grandma’s antique dresser. As time passes, you find that new things come in and you have lesser space to store your priceless assets in your house. In this case what can one do? Take help of self-storage facilities in Dubai.

So let’s see that in addition to considering the size and price of a self-storage unit, what are other key attributes of a great self-storage facility.

Seamless Customer Service:
You can always know the kind of service you will receive from a self-storage provider first hand. This is during your prima facie interaction with the storage provider via email, phone or personally. If the storage rep treats you cordially, listening and answering to all your concerns empathically, you know you can trust that provider. If the provider fails to provide straightforward solutions, you should not trust that provider.

Spick and span units:
It goes without saying that you should ensure yourself about the maintenance of the storage units before signing the deal. Are they spotlessly clean? Do they have clean floors, clean sanitation facilities, and well-groomed, and disciple managers and workers?It is evident that if the storage facilities and the staff are spick and span, the provider is serious about his business and therefore you can expecta flawless service.

Proper pest control:
A great reliable self storage solutions provider Dubai always conducts regular pest control activities to ensure no damage occurs to their tenants’ possessions due to pesky critters like rats.


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