Friday 18 June 2021

How To Know The Right Storage Unit Size

Selecting the right storage size, as per the size of your belongings, becomes the foremost part of the storage process. Reason? To avoid paying for extra spaces that would be unused.  

Storage Units come in different sizes. A rough estimate of the size of the items you wish to store will accordingly help you to opt for the proper storage unit.  

Though, estimating the area required for the storage is not easy. A quick guide below can help you select the proper storage unit. 

*Perfect Guide The Right Storage Size* 

1. 5’ x 5’ft 

It is the smallest storage unit of a 25 sq. ft. area similar to a small walk-in closet that can store furniture like chairs, desks, full-size mattress, or 5 to 8 boxes. 

2. 5’ x 10’ ft 

It has 50 sq. ft space and can store items for a Studio or a Small Apartment like boxes or couch or a queen or king mattress or a small car, or motorbike. 

3. 10’ x 10’ft 

Its area is 100sq ft and can house items of One bedroom apartment or a big studio apartment like kitchen or dining room furniture or some contents of bedrooms. 

4. 10’ x 15’ 

It is around 150 sq. ft large and can keep the contents for a two-bedroom apartment like some furniture or kitchen appliances or a small vehicle. 

5. 10’ x 20’ 

Around 200sq.ft in size, it can store items for a small 2BHK or a car.  

6. 10’ x 30’ 

The area is around 300 sq. ft and is perfect for storing contents for two or three-bedroom apartments or a vehicle or a small boat.  

7. 15’ x 20’ 

The area is 300sq.ft and can store contents for 3 or 4 BHK or boats and other vehicles. 

8. 17’ x 20’ 

Being 340sq.ft in area, it houses almost all the household items or vehicles like boats or jet skis, bikes or cars or ATVs.  

9. 20’ x 20’ 

With a 400 sq. ft area, it is ideal to store items for a two-bedroom apartment or some compact vehicles.  

*Du Store*  

An ideal storage guide is something that will help choose the accurate storage unit for your contents, saving you precarious time, money and energy. And, Du- Store has exactly the one! 

For any storage requirements call us on 050 4592216 or visit our website to book your space now!

Thursday 17 June 2021

Wet Storage Or Dry Storage?

If you own a boat, all you would want is to keep your precious boat safe and damage-free. One pivotal aspect for safeguarding the boat is storing it. There are two types of boat storage - Wet Storage and Dry Storage. 

But, which option to opt for that would prove to be safe and reasonable for storing a boat? Here are some information and the pros and cons of a Wet and Dry Storage. 


Wet Storage is where you store or park your boat on the water. The best example of Wet Storage is Boat Slip.

A Boat Slip is a walkway parking space where individual boats are placed when not in use. It is U-shaped as there are walkways on its three sides.


1. Affordable, easily accessible, convenient and compact storage solution for boats as it takes little space. 

2. Boarding easier from the Slip as it is tethered tightly to multiple moors of the Slip and the chances of damage are minimum is also less.

3. Easy access to the boat.


1. Weathering as they are exposed to sun and rains continuously and get damaged, thus increasing the maintenance costs. 

2. Increase in maintenance costs of costs as more prone to climatic conditions.

*Dry Storage*

In Dry Storage, boats are stored out of the water either on open or closed racks in a warehouse. These warehouses can be near as well as away from the marina. This type of storage is useful during the off-season and when the boat is not in use for a long period.


1. Protects the boats from weathering giving them more shelf life. 

2. As there is less weathering, the maintenance cost also reduces.

3. When the boats are stored under strict surveillance, the chances of vandalism falls. 

*What Storage Du-Store Offers*

Dubai based storage facility, Du-Store, gives numerous amenities for  Dry Boat Storage. Be it aerated rooms, continuous CCTV surveillance, biometric access or upskilled staff. They offer the best services for the safety of the boats. 

Now you know where you can safely store your boat.

Monday 14 June 2021

Unique Ideas For Packing Awkwardly Shaped Products

While shifting to a new house or storing some unused items in the storage, one thought that troubles your mind is how you will wrap fragile and awkward items. 

These items could be glass products like crockeries, mirrors, furniture like chandeliers, cupboards, vehicles like vintage cars and motorbikes, tools and electronic products like TV, Fridge, machines,  precious collections like pottery or paintings and many more.

One has to be cautious when packing such items as they might be huge or precious or have sharper edges. So how to securely pack them? How to protect them from any severe damage? So many questions linger in your mind.

But, wait! Take a deep breath and calm your nerves down. Below are some ideas that might be useful in packing these products:

Essential materials

The most important tip is to have all the essential materials for packing the items like bubble wrap, packing tape, clothing, blankets, pillows, or Styrofoam, waterproofed containers, good quality and custom made cardboard boxes that are strong enough to bear the weight of your items that will absorb the shock and protect the items from the fall. 

Labelling The Boxes

The boxes, holding glass items and tools, should be marked with their contents with necessary handling instructions in big, bold letters.

Disassemble Into Smaller Components 

Items like tools, chandeliers, furniture needs dismantle for easy packaging. 

Large Storage Container 

All huge items such as lamps, cupboards and cabinets require more precaution. Foams can cover their base and the corners and protect them from any harm. 

Small Storage Container

Small items like glassware, silverware and tools are easy to be wrapped with bubble wraps, clothes and blankets.

Be Careful of Sharp Edges 

While packing the products, do make sure no sharp edges are pointing out and if they are, cushion them with soft clothes.

Hollow And Cylindrical Objects

Hollow objects should be stuff with clothes or cushion from inside to shield them from both sides. When it comes to cylindrical and round objects like tires or pipes, wrap them with paper and place them in large plastic bags instead of boxes. 

While placing these items in the boxes, make sure they are well padded with clothes or foam to fill in the extra spaces of the box, preventing them from shifting inside during the transit.


Du-Store, an ISO certified storage company of Dubai, offers the best storage units for personal items in Dubai where you can keep your belongings for a short or long period. 

These units are under 24/7 surveillance and give free accesses to their customers. They are spacious and well-ventilated rooms and also protect the items from all weather conditions. They also provide quality packing materials like Foam Protectors, Bubble Wraps, Packing Papers, Heavy Duty Tapes, Covers, Trolleys and much more. Their packers are well trained and know how to handle fragile and valuable contents.

So when in Dubai, you know whom you can approach for packing awkward shape items!

Wednesday 9 June 2021

Where To Store Your Vehicle While You Go On Vacation

When you are heading for a vacation, a thought always crosses your mind - where you will keep your vehicles -  in your garage, at the airport or somewhere else? 

If you are considering the first two options, the chances of theft and maintenance problems are high. Wouldn’t it be better if you could keep your car in a secure storage facility that will not only fulfil your maintenance demand but will also give protection to it?

There are many secure car storage facilities available in the Dubai market. But, which one to choose should depend on few criteria. 

  • Security

Your vehicles need a highly secured storage facility that will ensure their safety. Go for the facility that will provide 24×7 security storage units via monitored CCTV cameras at every entry and exit. These may stop any manhandling, theft or damage to the vehicles.

  • Maintenance

Be it vintage or normal car or a motorboat they need climate-controlled storage to safeguard them against extreme temperature fluctuations. Opt for those facilities that provide AC or non AC storage units. Some facilities also offer Vehicle Insurances to their customers.

  • Varieties of Storage Size

Choose a storage facility that will offer different size storage units for varied vehicles like cars, motorboats, bikes and trucks. Such various options help you in choosing the perfect storage unit for your vehicles. 

  • Cost

Compare costs of various storage facilities. Then, accordingly, select the right one which offers top-notch services at reasonable prices. 

  • Customer Services:

Quick customer services will help in resolving your queries and doubts. Choose the one that employs well-trained employees. Plus, 24/7 access to the storage units for the customers will benefit more.

  • Du- Store:

If you are looking for a storage unit that will provide all the above amenities in Dubai, Du-Store is your one-stop shop answer.

It is an ISO certified company and exclusively offers storage facilities for commercial, personal, business, warehouse and vehicle storage purposes. They give flexible short and long term contracts for 1month, 3months, 6months and 12months. They also provide Third Party Brokerage.

The store gives excellent Vehicle Storage Units of different sizes, from small or large, for various types of cars, motorboats, motorbikes, Av’s, Trucks, Trailers and RC’s. These units are well-equipped with temperature-controlled systems.

The company promises to safeguard its customers’ vehicles by providing

  1. 24/7 CCTV facility, 

  2. Vigilant Security Guards, 

  3. Alarm System, 

  4. Biometric access to the customers, and 

  5. Fire Detection and Sprinkler Systems. 

So, next time when you are going on your vacation, you know where you can store your vehicles… Du-Store!