Wednesday 22 July 2015

3 Places Where You Should Not Store Your Things

Carrie Bradshaw, fictional character of the HBO romantic sitcom Sex and the City once confessed that she stored sweaters in her oven. Now if this is followed with your servile nod and if you seriously consider exchanging cashmere for cupcakes, it is time you get a storage unit now. Don’t agree? Below are 5 more signs which say it is time to consult a storage service provider.

Storing books in fireplace:
Fireplaces are built for fire; it does not connote Fahrenheit 451. It is a cue saying that you need a storage unit unless you run out of shelf space and would prefer storing books in your fireplace.

Storing shoes in your office filing cabinet:
You find your shoe closet already filled so you choose to stash your shoes in your filing cabinet drawer. However, when you get a Mary Jane instead of a memo which you are looking for, it is time you call a storage service provider Dubai.

Stashing essential things in your car:
Guys, it may tempt you to store your miniature furniture and groceries in your car, however, just imagine the tragedies your passenger will face when he finds it. No need to fret – just drive your stuffs to a storage unit.

So while you prefer Dropbox to store your data, you might want to make Du-store your partner to store your things.

Monday 13 July 2015

4 Easy Fixes To Keep Your Belongings Safe

Your bags are packed and you make sure to include all necessary items like passport. You are all set to go. However, before you step outside your door, you might want to take a quick glance through some easy tips to ensure you return to the same house you left behind.

Keep your home illuminated:
A well lit house is much less likely to be bared into. Illuminate the exteriors with motion sensor lights. It is also helpful when you install plug socket timers attached to your lamps. They give an impression that the house is boarded by someone while you are away.

De-fence, especially the rear:
Unlike you, the burglars often enter from the back of the house rather than immediate front. Hence, keep the unwanted visitors away by providing enough and sturdy fencing barricades. Also add trellis to the top.

Mow your lawn:
Trim your lawn or cut down that hugely flailing tree prior to departing. This gives the impressions to potential burglars that your front lawn is recently mown, and the owners are still at home.

Reset the hinges:
It is easier for thieves to enter a house which uses exterior door hinges. Dustore recommends resetting the hinges on your door to an interior door hinge; thus making it difficult for the trespassers to enter you house.

Last but not the least if you need any help to store your valuables in a place which is completely secure, our Du-store storage units are available 24X7.

Ready to Ride? Tips To Get Your Bike Out of Storage

In this blog, we are helping people get their bike out of the storage cavern to make it all ready to ride.

Clean it nice and tidy:
Rinse your bike from top to bottom with light-shower over a garden hose.. Then take bucket of warm, soapy water, a soft-bristled brush and clean the pedals, chains, and derailleur first afore proceeding to the rest of the bicycle. Re-lube the bike chain with light coating. Rinse the bike again and then dry clean with a clean and dry cloth.

Test the brakes-
Examine your brakes to ensure they are prepped up to keep you safe while you ride. Check the brake pads to assess if they’re wearing evenly or need to be replaced.

Examine the drivetrain-
The drivetrain covers your bike’s pedals, chain, chain ring, and derailleur. Elevate the bike’s rear wheel and give it a spin. Now check through each of the gears. Ensure the shifting is smooth, if not take your bike for a repair. Note that chains usually wear out and must be replaced every 2,000 – 3,000 miles.

Inspect the cables-
Cables form those important linkages which connect the bike’s shifters and brakes to its derailleur and brake pads. Give a brief time examining for cracks, rust, and dirt, or sagging in your bike. If you see any damage, replace the cables to ensure that shifting as well as braking remains smooth.

Du-store is a self storage service provider helping people with all their storage needs.