Thursday, 15 February 2018

Storage Ideas for your Kitchen

Here are some tips and ideas to have a well organized kitchen.

1. Open shelves

Having open shelves in the kitchen makes it very convenient to take out items that are often used while cooking. Use open shelves to keep everyday serveware such as pots and pans within easy reach.

2. Wall mounted Racks

Wall mounted racks can be a great way to store your favorite seasoning bottles. It can also be used to store some utensils to make sure they are handy when you need them while cooking.

3. Store Veggies in a cool, dark place

Keep root vegetables like potatoes, onions in a cool dark place to protect it from sunlight. This helps in keeping the veggies fresh for a longer time. Open-weave baskets are most commonly used to store these veggies as they provide the right air circulation.

4. Put Pots in Their Place

Instead of stacking all the pots and pans at the back of a cabinet, store the most used ones in drawers. Have one section to store the pots and another separate section to store the potholders and lids.

5. Well maintained Drawers

Make the most of your drawers with dividers to store different items. Utensils, knives, measuring spoons need to be organized in separate sections. You can also store all the bottles of spices in the drawers.  This protects them from sunlight, moisture and heat.

6. Storage for dishes

You will be using the dishes everyday and it’s important to place them in a way that is convenient to take out and place again after washing. Have an individual cabinet or drawer to place all your dishes and bowls.

These tips will help you have an enjoyable cooking experience. Look out for storage facilities in Dubai to find the right type of storage for your kitchen.

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Organizing Storage For Your Home Office

Are you planning to have a small office space in your home but not sure about the storage and spacing? We’ve got some cool ideas for you that will make your home office storage easier.

1. You don’t need a separate room

When it comes to home office, you don’t always need to have an entire room. Sometimes you can just make a small space of your room as your home office. A table with cabinets is sufficient. You can place your laptop/desktop on the table and store all your files and paperwork in the cabinet.

2. Built-in storage desks

Instead of having separate shelves as cabinets, it’s better to have a desk that comes with in-built storage. Invest in a table that has drawers to keep all your important papers and to organize your stationery. You can also store your laptop charger and other cables in it.

3. Space for Printers

If you have an office in your home, chances are that you might need to print some documents. It’s better to have a large desk where you have enough space to place your printer and where it’s easy to connect the printer with your laptop.

4. Notepads and pens

When inspiration strikes or perhaps when you are on a call and need to note down something important, you shouldn’t be wasting time searching for a paper and pen. Always make sure you have a notepad and a pen stand on the side of your desk. You can also place markers and highlighters in the pen stand.

5. Decorate your desk

At the end, place posters or showpieces with quotes that give you some motivation. It’s a good way to make work interesting. At the same time, be careful there is not too much clutter on your desk as that would lead to distraction and it’s important to keep your workplace neat and organized.

Look out for self storage units in Dubai to get the right storage and furniture for your home office.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Optimizing Storage Space in Hotel Rooms

An important aspect that is necessary to let your customers have a pleasant stay in your hotel rooms is the way you design the storage of it. There will be customers who have come on a mini-break to unwind for a few days and there will be customers traveling for a business trip, stopping just one night. Based on this the storage requirements of customers can be different. But it is essential that they are provided with all the facilities inside the hotel room. This can get tricky at times and hence we share with you some ways of optimizing the storage space in hotel rooms.

1. Storage space under the Bed

One way to maximize storage in a single room is to make use of the area under the bed. As shown in the picture, storage shelves can be designed under the bed where people can keep their suitcases and other luggage. In this picture, the bed has been uniquely designed in a way where you can place your footwear as well.

2. Swap the nightstand for a desk.

Try to have furniture storage options in Dubai that have a dual purpose. For instance, the nightstand on either side of the bed can be used as a desk during the day. Wall mounted night lamps and TVs are a great way to reduce the unnecessary storage space.

Bathroom storage

Bathrooms inside hotel rooms should be well equipped and there needs to be adequate storage for the same. Go for smart ways to store all the toiletries, towels and napkins. You can adopt a bevy of space-saving features such as an under-the-counter shelf for towels and hanging baskets for soaps and dispensers.


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

5 Ways to organize your home this New Year

New Year is here and getting organized is at the top of many people’s New Year’s resolutions. Living in an environment that is neat and tidy makes things easier not just for you but also for the ones visiting your house. The ugly sight of overflowing drawers and clutter around the house can often leave you frazzled. Take control of the clutter this New Year by adopting these innovative methods to organize all your stuff.

1. Have separate sections for your items in your wardrobe.

Have separate sections for your shirts, trousers and inner wear. Segregate the formals from your casual clothes. Place boxes of different sizes to arrange all your accessories. Use good self storage solutions in Dubai to organize your wardrobe.

2. Be practical while arranging the items.

Whether it is a book shelf or your shoe rack, be practical while arranging all the items. For example, the shoes that you are going to wear often should be placed in the front and the ones that you aren’t going to use much can be placed behind.

3. Make a habit to install hooks.

Installing hooks in the room is a good way to avoid throwing things around. Your clothes, belts and sling bags can be hung on the hooks.

4. Have a well maintained closet

Hangers can be used to arrange your shirts, blazers and even dresses. Closets tend to get disorganized quite quickly as and when you take out your clothes so make sure you arrange it once in a month.

5. Avoid piling up your things around

The least you can do is to stop being a lazy person and avoid piling up things around. Keep all your stuff in its place and you are bound to feel better.

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Monday, 18 December 2017

How To Organize Your Kids’ Room With Smart Storage

The most dynamic (and the most chaotic) room in the house has to be the children’s room. Colours, toys, clothes, study material and gadgets - all the action is in the kids’ domain. Their energy and activities makes it impossible to maintain order in their room, but you can try to give it a sense of tidiness by organizing the room with quick storage ideas that are cute and practical.

1. Toy storage:

There is a multitude of toys in any child’s room, and they have different favourite pieces every week. You can never throw out too many toys, as you never know when your child wants them back. Use a tall hollow box with large squares or bars cut out of them to resemble a building or a prison for toy animals, or use an old large bedsheet to make a tent where all the toys go to ‘sleep’ at the end of the day. You can also hang one or several planters from the ceiling and put the larger stuffed animals in them.

2. Books:

Books are an essential part of most children’s life. Books need to be visible for children to develop an interest in reading them. So instead of chucking them in a drawer, display them in a single shelf that runs along the entire length of the room or one wall. Alternatively, you can make a bookshelf in an interesting shape that the kids like, and they can progress with their reading from bottom to top.

3. Clothes:

A child goes through different outfits throughout the day for school, classes, sports, sleep, etc. Your busy schedule might not permit you to organize these outfits every day. In this case, smart storage solutions can come to your rescue. In a large shelf that has at least 6-7 racks, arrange 7 different sets of clothes that your child will wear in a day for a week, and label them accordingly. This will save you a lot of hassle during busy mornings.

Items for kids get outdated pretty soon. Either children grow out of them or you want to save certain things for later. In any case, such items are not needed in the child’s room. For such items, you can opt for self storage in Dubai, where you can store things for your child’s future.


Easy Tips To Find More Storage Space At Home

Storage spaces is one thing that we can never get enough of at home. The new things you buy, coupled with changing around the setting and furniture at home, means that at any given point, some of your items need to be in storage. Ideally, you should choose good storage services in Dubai but before you take the plunge, here are some ideas to increase storage space in your house.

1. Use unconventional spaces:

Who says storage only has to be on the floor on big walls? Think ahead of the curve, and use locations like the ceiling and corners of the rooms to place storage space. The higher places on the walls can hold cabinets, while corners can hold classy angled shelves that can store everything from books to appliances and more.

2. Door to more storage:

Doors and doorways are not just to demarcate rooms, they can also give you more storage acreage. Doors, be they for rooms or drawers, and doorways can be used to hang flexible storage shelves, made of cloth or patterned plastic to hold knick knacks that otherwise might find their way around the house.

3. Look behind:

There are a few places in the house that are generally ignored. Places below the sink, behind the door, under the staircase, below the window, etc. are places that are not considered while planning storage. How about placing a cabinet under the stairs, or a low storage cupboard under the window? If you open your eyes, every space has potential to be storage space.

If you have used up all the available options in your house, consider moving your stuff to long term or short term storage in Dubai to keep your house beautiful.

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

How To Optimize Your Office Storage

You must be thinking. How is office storage my responsibility? On the contrary, it’s a place where you spend at least 8 hours in a day, which means its state affects you more than you think. Regardless of whether it is your office, or just an office you work in, doing office storage well is your prerogative. This is how you can do it.

1. Organize, organize

When you’re busy with work, you can let unnecessary things pile on your desk. Research might show that more creative people have messier desks, but in real life it just leads to lethargy. Set aside a time to clear your desk of stationery, documents, old reports, odds and ends etc.

2. Have a place for everything

Once you have settled in your job, you know which items you need most and which ones are used rarely. Have a drawer or a spot decided for all your regular documents and things you need, and keep the ones used regularly close to you, so you can save time. In case of machines or documents that you you will not use for a few months, you can opt for short term storage outside your office too.

3. Store infrequently used things

Offices are a huge machinery with many parts, machines, documents, etc. These requirements keep changing according to time and relevance. This is why unnecessary things have no place front and centre of your work space. If you may need these things at a later time, keep them in a safe storage space and retrieve them when the need arises.

If your office doesn’t have enough space, use good self storage solutions in Dubai to do the needful.

These tips will help you keep your office space clutter free, professional and optimize the time you spend in office.

For more information visit our website Du-store.

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Monday, 20 November 2017

How To Make The Most Of Storage In a Small House

A house tops the list of everyone’s dream list. Rising property prices may not allow us the luxury of buying a large house, so the next best thing that can be done is to create a luxurious space in a house of reasonable size. Here are a few tips and tricks to maximise your storage space to make your house look big.

1. Make your storage multitask

Instead of having single use storages that take up space, make use of multipurpose storage options. A shelf that you can hang a cloth shelf on, or a wall storage unit that has a built in fold out table can save you space and give you more storage options.

2. Everything is storage

If you look closely, every nook and corner of your house can be used to store things. Your bed can have a set of drawers, a stray hook near the door can be used to hang a sturdy but foldable shoe rack, and the space under your bathroom sink can hold an extra set of cabinets.

3. Keep what you use

This is not a storage tip per se, but one that helps get the most of your home space. Do an inventory check, give away things that you haven’t used for 6 months, clothes that are out of vogue, don’t fit well or have similar pieces and outdated appliances or documents. Buy packing boxes in Dubai and keep some items in a storage room or a closet, especially if they are seasonal or have limited use. This will create more space, better energy around the house and give a new feel to your house.

These are some of the tips that will make a smaller space look king size. In case you’re not sure about giving away things that are important to you, you can always use a storage unit in Dubai to preserve your items in the best way till you can use them again.

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

How To Store Books So They Last Forever

For people who love reading, books are not objects, but dear friends who need to be taken care of. Bibliophiles often buy as many books as they fancy, which makes storage of books a hassle. The best books from your collection can adorn your bookshelf, while the rest of them need to be packed and stored safely so they don’t end up creating a space crunch. Today we will help you out with the best book storage tips that will make the nightmare of storing books a fairy tale.

1. Identify the books that you want to store away and separate them from the ones in your bookshelf.

2. Check their condition thoroughly. If there are any tears or stains, clean them off.

3. Make sure the books are completely dry and devoid of mold. Damp books can attract mold, fungus and insects, which can spoil your entire collection if left unchecked.

4. Wrap your books in muslin cloth or paper. This step is optional, but recommended since this will take care of any residual dampness and protect the books.

5. Get packing. You can buy packing boxes in Dubai as using fresh materials is recommended. Old boxes may not be stable, or emit smells that attract insects that can cause damage.

6. Keep the order of packing in mind. Heavier books and hardcovers go in the bottom, followed by bigger paperbacks and then the smallest ones. Take care not to overfill any box.

7. Pack the boxes neatly with sturdy rope, tape and label them properly. You can buy good packing material in Dubai easily that can make your job easier.

8. Store your books in a dry, shaded place in your house. If there is less space in your house, you can explore a storage unit in Dubai that can keep your precious books safe till you’re ready to read them again.

So this is how you can increase the life of your books by stowing them away safely. Happy reading!

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Get The Most Mileage Out Of Your Car Storage

There are very few people who don’t have a car on their wishlist. No matter which car you buy, it needs to be maintained to keep it running in the best condition. This maintenance extends itself to the time when you don’t need the car for a long duration, like if you are going on vacation or for a short project out of town. Then it becomes doubly important to keep it in a trustworthy car storage in Dubai. Here are the things you need to keep in mind before you leave the car in a storage space in Dubai.

1. Car wash - Clean your car thoroughly from the inside and outside. It is advised that you don’t use water based products as residual dampness may cause more harm than good.

2. Check the oil filters - Change the oil in your car as fresh oil will ensure that the filters don’t get clogged up during storage.

3. Fill up - Get your tank filled with high quality fuel. The less empty space there is in your tank, the less chances of moisture buildup.

4. Focus on tyres - Make sure your tyres have the optimum level of pressure. If you’re going away for a long time, remove the tyres and mount the car on an axle stand so that you don’t come back to flat tires.

5. Handbrake - Make sure your handbrake is in release position. This is so that the brake pads don’t stick to the tyres.

6. Lock your car - Even though the car is in a storage space, it is advisable to keep it locked to reduce the chances of it becoming dirty or someone else having access to it.

7. Cover your car - Buy a cover that is designed for your car. Before putting up the cover, make sure your car is free from moisture, vermin and dirt. If so, the cover will make things more difficult by keeping the dampness inside.

With best options of car storage in Dubai, you can be confident of coming back to your car in great condition. If you follow these tips,you have nothing to worry about while keeping your car in a storage space in Dubai.

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