Thursday 9 April 2015

Attention: Is Your Self Storage Service Provider Deficient?

The answer might be a yes or no. In this blog, you will come across through a real illustration. It is about how a self storage provider lacking in even one salient aspect leads to a great blunder. After reading this blog, you will become alert while choosing the right storage provider.

This is an incident which occurred at Kepp’s Self Storage in New Zealand:

On April 4, 2015; there erupted a fire at the self-storage unit. This resulted in the loss for many people who had stored their belongings with utmost faith at the self storage unit.

Let’s see what the storage facility lacked:

Adequate sprinklers and relative advanced technology-
It is true that like a house, any self-storage unit cannot be immune to calamities like fire, floods or tornadoes. However, the installation of necessary measures greatly helps to prevent losses and gain control over the situation.

Like in this illustration, the self storage provider lacked the sprinklers. Kepp’s buildings did not have sprinklers; the presence of which would have prevented the extent of loss. However, today even sprinklers are not enough and you need storage providers who are equipped with advanced protective gears.

What to look for in a self storage provider to be covered against such losses?

As a customer, you must-
Ensure the self storage provider has a proper insurance clause to redeem the losses of any customer during such situations. After all is not the mistake of customers for any calamity faced by the storage unit. So why should you face losses?

Summing it up-

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