Tuesday 25 May 2021

Type of storage for cars


So you bought a new car and realized that there is no space for the car in your garage. Alternatively, you realized that the limited space in your garage would not provide adequate safety to your valuable car. Or, you need to go out away for a couple of months to a year and are worried about the security of your car. These situations call for renting a car storage facility. But the question is, how will you determine the ideal car storage facility for your car? Let’s take a look at the different types of car storage facilities that are available today!

The different types of car storage facilities available today are outdoor, non-climate controlled indoor storage and climate-controlled indoor storage.

Outdoor storage: As the name suggests, outdoor storage provides you with an outdoor space for parking your car. This is the least expensive type of car storage facility and is often used when you don’t have garage space for the car you take to work. These types of storage facilities often provide a protective overhead cover for your car but the car will still be exposed to the elements of nature, such as sun and rain. If you choose this type of storage, you should buy a durable car cover that can prevent damage to sensitive car parts.

Non-climate controlled indoor storage: Non-climate controlled indoor storage provides an enclosed space, with a roof and doors for storing your car. This space provides protection from harsh weather elements and is, therefore, more expensive than outdoor storage. However, such a storage facility still leaves your car susceptible to climatic conditions such as humidity and hot weather. As a result, this type of storage facility is best for storing cars that you do not use too frequently or when you are going on long or short trips overseas or interstate and want to safeguard your car.

Climate controlled indoor storage: This is one of the best types of car storage facilities available today and is, predictably, the most expensive of the three types of storage. This type of car storage provides the best protection for your car as it protects it from harsh weather elements and climatic hazards such as temperature fluctuations and humidity. Because of the air conditioning provided in such storage facilities, you can ensure that your expensive or vintage cars can be safe. You will also not need to worry about leaving your car for long periods of time. This type of storage can also be used to store other items that might be sensitive to climatic changes.

But before you select the storage type you want, you would also need to determine the type of available security and the frequency with which you can access your car. So good luck!


Thursday 20 May 2021

6 steps to transport your car cross country

I). Consider your options

A car can be transported in several ways to get your car from one side of the country to the other. Before choosing a company make sure you have explored all your options and criteria.

1. Drive your car

Many people ship their cars because they don’t want to drive them—but that’s still an option you can consider. The costs for driving your car are gas, food, and lodging.

2. Tow your car behind a rental truck

You’ve probably seen a U-Haul truck on the freeway towing a car behind it. Most cars can be transported on either a car trailer or a tow dolly (a mini-trailer with only two wheels). Both options are cheaper than professional cross-country vehicle shipping.

3. Sell your car

You can sell your car if you don’t have the time or money to drive or tow it. There isn’t much work involved in selling your car these days (thanks, internet), and you can put the cash toward moving expenses—or a replacement vehicle.

Selling your car is a drastic step, so we recommend it mainly if you don’t have the money to transport it, or if you’re already thinking about getting a new car.

II). Compare car shipping quotes

When choosing shipping co chooses wisely as per your requirement. Get a quote from various shipping companies. Ask them certain question likes what are your charges, no of days it will take, etc. Plan ahead. The price goes down if you give the shipping company a couple of weeks of notice to deliver your car.

III). Choose a company

After you get several quotes, pick the car shipping company that best fits your needs. Price is important, of course, but you also want to consider things like customer service and delivery time.

  • Low prices

It’s essential to get several quotes so you can find the lowest price. Make a list of all your specific transport needs and compare rates to determine the lowest price.

  • Fast delivery

Some car shipping companies are faster than others. If you ask about shipping timelines, you can compare estimates just like you do for pricing.

  • Excellent customer service

You should have a good sense of a company’s customer service after calling for quotes, but make sure to take a few minutes to check online reviews too. You don’t want to get stuck with long hold times, rude customer service reps, or unprofessional drivers.


4. Prepare your car for pickup

The auto transport service will pick up your car when it’s ready for shipment. The driver will load your car onto the truck and then hit the road. Before you wave goodbye, knock out some important items on your car shipping checklist:

  •  Ensure your car is driveable. Your car needs to be driveable. Be sure to check your tires and battery. And top off your oil and fluids.
  • Test your emergency brake. Car shipping companies won’t take your car if it doesn’t work.
  • Make sure your gas tank is less than one-quarter full. The more gas your car has, the more it weighs (the more it costs to transport it). 
  • Remove attachments. Get rid of bike racks, antennas, and anything else that could fall off or break during shipment.
  • Wash your car. It’s easier to identify damage if your car is clean, which is why this is a critical step in getting your car ready to ship.
  • Disable your alarm. It can annoy your driver if it goes off.
  • Deactivate your electronic toll pass. You still get charged for tolls if your device is on.

5. Select the insurance coverage

Shipping companies have impressive safety records, but accidents happen. You want to have adequate insurance coverage just in case.

All transport companies are required to carry basic insurance. However, some offer extra free coverage.

Car Direct’s gap coverage means the company pays $500 toward your deductible if your insurance company denies your claim.

6. Check for damage upon delivery

Your car isn’t likely to get damaged but you need to look and make sure. The car shipping companies want you to sign the document at pickup so you can’t claim pre-existing damage as their fault.

If you don’t document the damage (take pictures and write a description), then the car shipping company can say it’s not their fault. And that makes it nearly impossible to file an insurance claim.

We’ve put together an auto transport insurance guide to walk you through the process—and break down the big words insurance companies use.

Thursday 13 May 2021

How to select a storage unit for antiques


Antiques are usually either passed down from generation or bought for a price costing a fortune. No matter how the antique was acquired, it's important how we preserve its value as they need to be stored properly. 

A self-storage unit is a great place to store antique furniture items, and several things need to be considered when choosing the right self-storage facility for properly storing antique furniture.

1. Temperature control within the storage unit is essential. When making a comparison between facilities, ask about the availability of climate control. Climate control uses central air and heat to maintain a temperature that perfects for the items stored in the unit. Some antiques are made with natural colours, which may be damaged if not stored at the required temperature.

2. Accessibility is important when choosing a facility as well. 

The main precaution to be taken while carrying an antique is the physical damage that can be caused. I will not only reduce the beauty as well as the value. So make sure you hire a professional and reputed company to drop the item at the unit. When storing antique furniture in an indoor storage facility, it is best to rent a unit on the ground floor. If the unit is on an upper level, the use of an elevator can reduce the possibility of the antique item becoming scratched or dented. 

3. Security is a must when we think of storing an antique. Self-storage offers facilities that offer greater protection than storage in the home as it has 24 X 7 security with guards and CCTV, alarms, fences, and other safety devices installed.

4. Insurance is provided with an extra cost, we suggest you get one to double secure it from burglary, fire, smoke, and various natural disasters.


Fragile items such as antique furniture with mirrors and large framed pictures should be wrapped carefully with protective wrappings, such as bubble wrap. Blankets, sheets, or felt can also be used to protect these antique furniture items from being damaged while in storage.

Thursday 6 May 2021

Business you can run from a storage unit

Online Seller

Selling online is already a very serious and time-consuming business, as you need to print various reports, do labelling, packing. All these things require a storage place. We are sure you don’t want your house to become an order fulfilment centre. Whether you’re selling goods on eBay, Amazon or Etsy, cluttering up your home with products is never the solution.

A self-storage unit can safely store your merchandise in a better way, making it easy for you to function.

Arts and Crafts

In today’s world lot of house old business have emerged as a powerhouse, supporting sustainability and handwork. It can be challenging to find the right place to both stores the raw materials and the final products but to also craft those products in the first place.

So, whether you need a place to store your finished products before the sale or you need space to keep your crafting supplies, self-storage can help.

Theatre Company

When you think of storage units, theatre is probably not what comes to mind. However, a storage unit can provide a world of benefit to businesses in the arts, such as theatre. Whether it is costumes, props, backdrops, lighting, sound equipment etc a storage unit can provide you with the space to store it all and keep everything secure and protected.

Independent Publishing House

Independent publishers will deal with a lot of stock like books, brochures, magazines and pamphlets. Before shipping these materials or distributing them to retailers, you need a place to store, sort and label everything. A self-storage unit will give you all the required space you need and ensure that your products remain safe and don’t get damaged.


Contractors, like landscapers, can benefit from a spacious and safe place to store their equipment, supplies and tools. Not only is landscaping equipment expensive, but it’s also bulky and not easy to keep at home if you don’t have a safe space. This could be anything from lawnmowers, ladders, leaf blowers or woodchippers. Rather than disrupt your home life, store your equipment in a self-storage unit to keep it safe and secure.


Fashion Designer/Rental

With a self-storage unit store all your materials at the same time. May it be a season collection or a bulk order? Store everything till the delivery date.

You can also store the huge machine and equipment in the storage which is not required or need of the hour, giving your more space at your studio. You can also set up a rental studio of clothes, where you can store all the outfits pre and post-delivery.

Event Organiser

Event organisers do not require a place to function. They can starts their office virtually. The main aspect of the industry is pure creativity.

What they require is a storage unit to store all their files and d├ęcor items. From huge sets, lighting equipment to decorative set elements, all can be stored in a storage unit.

Our storage units are perfect for business use. Whether you need to work from them or are using them for storage alone, they can take away the stress of running your business and ensure you only need to focus on your day-to-day activities.