Monday 14 May 2018

Organization Tips for Stationery

Be it in offices or homes, we all have stationery that just can’t be found when we need them the most! Whether you are an artist with a bulk of stationery or a parent trying to manage your toddler’s supplies, these simple storage tips will ensure your stationery stays organized, in place and ready to be used.

1. Pegboard - Install a giant pegboard right on the wall in front of your desk. Now use this to hang all sorts of objects. For example, you can hang your scissors, ribbons, tapes or even little baskets and cups to hold your pens and markers.

2. Boxes to organize papers and files- Files and papers can be difficult to manage, especially when you get busy with work or chores. Install a shelf at your preferred height and use boxes to keep your documents in order. You can even colour code and label them for easy access.

3. Stationery organizer- Take it up a notch from the regular pen holder and use a desk organizer which has designated space to keep your staplers, erasers, calculator, post-its, and other small objects neatly.

4. Tame the cords- Plug all the cords of your gadgets into a power strip under the desk and secure them with twist-ties or bands.

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