Monday 28 April 2014

Tips to increase the usability of your storage unit – Have a fixed plan

Opting for a self storage facility has become a norm these days. Factors such
as convenience, affordability, security and more are prime reasons why self storage has gained significance in the modern day life. However, you can’t just relax after storing your things in a storage unit. You need to ensure that you have arranged the things properly or else the purpose is lost. Often, packing and shifting your belongings is a stressful experience. Therefore, people tend to store things haphazardly in the storage units which add to the stress and clutter. Read on to know how you can increase the usability of your storage unit.

Make up your mind – Often, you end up storing things that you don’t really need. That’s where the problem arises. Hence, it is important for you to first sort things out in your mind. There are many advantages of doing away with unwanted things. Firstly, you can save on money spent in shifting these goods and you can use your storage space for stowing something better instead. Make up your mind and don’t be vacillating between thoughts of keeping a particular item and throwing it away. Once things are clear in your head, you can organize your things in the right manner.

Organize the things in the best possible way - You need to organize things

in the best possible way to ensure that you’re not wasting your precious space by filling it up with unwanted things.  Keep the heavier items that you will not access frequently at the corners of the space. Cover them up using canvas sheets. Also make a thorough inventory sheet so that you know that all the things are in proper condition. Label all the items carefully so that you can locate them easily as and when required. Arrange the goods systematically so that you are left confused about the placement of the items.

Make a rough plan to arrange your things in the unit – You need to plan things beforehand. You need to make a rough picture in your mind as to how you would be arranging the things. For example, you need to be sure about the things you will be storing at the corners of the room and those that you’ll be storing near the entrance. This will make the storage space look more organized and it will make the entire experience convenient for you as well.

Don’t make the storage space another cluttered room – You need to first understand why you have decided to rent a storage space. If you are going to make another mess out of the extra space given to you, you should not have rented a space in the first place. Ensure that the room is not cluttered and your things are organized in a proper way so that they can be accessed easily whenever required.

Ensure that the security is the best – After all, they are your priceless possessions and that’s the reason why you have planned to keep them in a storage unit. Sometimes when you keep all the things in your home, they are bound to get lost. On the other hand, stowing them in a storage unit will help to keep your belongings safe and secure. Sometimes, things that can get lost at home will actually be safe in the storage unit.

Keep the above tips in mind to increase the usability of your storage unit.

Monday 14 April 2014

Importance of Storage in a Student’s Life

There are many students who travel to distant places just for their career. It is
during this time that they have to deal with a number of things right from their clothes to their books to everything else that they require while staying away from their homes. That’s when self storage can play a very important role in a student’s life. Mentioned below are a few reasons why students need self storage.

1.    You are crunched for space - As a student, living away from the house is a very difficult and life changing experience. Often, you’ll find that you don’t have space to store a lot of things in the paying guest house or in your hostel. It is during this time that you need a storage unit where you can stash away all your goods. Storage facilities are available in a number of places at reasonable prices and provide you with a number of value added services as well. You don’t have to worry about the security too as your things are protected using top notch technologies. Right from biometric access to distinct password systems, there are a number of ways with which your belongings are secured. Hence, opting for a storage unit is an intelligent alternative especially in the life of a student given the ease of access and affordable price range.

2.     You have to keep your traveling luggage light – Considering that you have to keep traveling from your home to your hostel or guest house often, you need to carry a light luggage. However, that’s only possible when all your belongings are kept safely in some place. You will also not have peace of mind if you have left your house in a cluttered form. That’s when a secure storage facility can keep all your goods stored in the right place and in proper condition as well.

3.    You have things that you will need in the near future – You have a huge stack of books that you will not need till the next term, and you have a bike that you can’t carry to the new place but require it while coming back to your own house. Such things can be stored comfortably in storage units that have the 24 hours access facility. So you can get in touch with your items any time you want. Depending upon the things you’re storing, you need to select the right sized unit. For example, if it’s just your books that you’re storing then a small unit can suffice but in case of storing your bike or other electronic goods, you need to rent a large space. Since there’s flexibility in terms of the size, budget and space, you can easily rely on storage units.

4.    You have to keep your living space neat and tidy – You’re not staying in your own house to simply throw things around and live as per your will. You are staying elsewhere in a place without your parents being there for you. Unless you take efforts to keep the living space tidy, it will never be so. Hence, it is important for both you and your roommates to keep the ambience clean and organized. It is for this reason that you need a storage unit so that you can keep all the basic necessities with you and keep the rest in the unit. You may think that renting a storage unit will go hard on your pockets. However, you don’t have to worry as there are number of affordable storage facilities in the market today with discounts, value added services and a lot more. In fact, opting for self storage can free up space in your hostel or guest house and make it look clean and spacious.

Thus, a self storage facility is indispensable for students aiming to live a comfortable life. So sign up with a storage provider now.