Wednesday 28 January 2015

Nix The Plates and Use the Pizza Box Instead

Binging on pizza this week? Ditch the plates. The pizza comes with its own plates.

Surprised? Read on to explore how?

Don’t dispose of the pizza box before using it!

Pizza! Oh, we can write a poem on our love for pizza. The crushed red pepper toppings. And the cheese. So much cheese. And the cola that it goes perfectly with.

Drooling, aren’t you? Only recently, we discovered that it is not only pizza that is useful, but the pizza box too.

Repurposing the pizza box

Above shown box is just a part of large pizza box. Confused? Observe the image below:

Top of the box
You can tear off the top of pizza box turning them into 4 serving plates. This idea eliminates the need for dishes.

Bottom of the box
And the bottom of the pizza box can be folded and is instantly transformed into a handy storage container. It is amazingly eater-friendly and fridge-friendly!

Key takeaways:
1.    This is great during birthdays and picnics. You don’t have to arrange for plates for everyone. The pizza comes with its own plate.
2.     Employees can order a large size pizza and slip in the leftover slices into the pizza box container to take home.

This discovery enhances your love for pizza even more, doesn’t it?

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Organizing The Playroom? Read this first!

Love your playroom but worried about the mess?

Here is how you can de-clutter your playroom with some easy and fun hacks.

How LEGO minifigures can spread cuteness around your house
LEGO minigfigures can help keep your loose wires and electronic cords in place. They are perfect for managing cables and wires. Surprised? Here’s how you can do it-

Put a particularly ferocious looking LEGO minifigure on your desk. Position it so that the mini-figure seems to be grabbing the cord in its tiny hands. There is a little space between it’s fingers to put your cable. Don’t worry, the wire won’t slip out of the LEGO mini-figure. Pretty clever, eh?

You can use a LEGO mini-figure for cord management in other places too. The side of your bed-side table for example. Or the corner of your book-shelf. Get as creative as you can. Whenever you put a loose wire, use a cute LEGO mini-figure to keep it in it’s place.

Make carton boxes a part of your playroom

Why go for carton boxes when you can give your child a mini-tablet?

A carton box gives your child something that a mini-tablet cannot: inspiration and the chance to be creative.

The simplest toys are often the best toys for your child. Give them a carton box with some holes along with color names written besides each hole. This is one of the best ways your child can learn to differentiate colors in a playful way. It is a classic example of playing and learning thus making the playroom a source of “creative learning!”

A tennis ball can be fun too!
Thinking of throwing away a worn-out tennis ball? Halt, it might be just as useful!

Did you know that used tennis balls can be as useful as the new ones? Of course the new ones let you play tennis or cricket. However, the used ones can be used more creatively. Confused? Look through the pictures below and you’ll understand.

You see? The 1st one shows how you can use it as a key holder. You just need to cut the ball half-way through the centre. Make the eyes with sketch pens. Insert an unused key or an unused bottle opener into the mouth (This is to support the hanging keys as shown above).

Voila! You have a DIY tennis ball key holder. Similarly you can explore your creativity and make use of a tennis ball as envelope-holder, towel holder or a stand to keep your pen.

Such creative touch points are a great way to expose the minds of children to creativity.

Picture label everything
Playroom can get messy really fast! That is what playroom is intended for.
However, it does not mean that kids can get away with it. You have to start teaching your kids to organize from a very young age.
You can start by labeling boxes according to what goes inside them? But how can that be helpful when they can barely read? We bring an easier solution:

Picture labels are the best way to ensure that toys end up in their correct place at the end of playtime. Use colored papers for quick identification as shown below:

Bonus Tips to keep the playroom organized
•    Children love to spend time on the floor especially during play dates. Hence, keep floor cushions handy. They’re great options for children and are indeed spacious.
•    Keep the playroom spacious- Now playroom is a place to play around. And what facilitates the freedom of playfulness is “abundant space.” Hence, don’t let the play table take a lot of space. Keep a small play table which can be easily moved by the children. This will leave a wider area enabling children to creatively enjoy at their fullest! 
•    When you kids outgrow their toys or are simply bored, it is always a good idea to recycle redundant toys or upcycle them to create innovative and useful products.

Monday 5 January 2015

How Much Storage Space Do You Really Need?

A lot of our customers have this question when they come to us for storage. To find the answer to this question, you should ask yourself another question first:

How many items you are going to put in storage?

Once you are sure of that, refer to our table to get an idea of how much storage space you will need.

Size (in metres)
Residential Storage
Business Storage
1 closet, 10 boxes, small furniture
35 file boxes, inventory
Enough furniture for one small studio apartment
Furniture and equipment for 1-2 small office cabins
Furniture and equipment of a 1 bedroom apartment
Furnishing for 1 office space
10 x10
Furniture and equipment of a 2 bedroom apartment
Furnishing, equipment for 2 offices. And a few boxes.
Furniture and equipment of a 3 bedroom apartment
Furnishing, equipment for 3 offices. And a few boxes.
Furniture and equipment of a 4 bedroom apartment
Furnishing, equipment for 4 offices. And a few boxes.
Furniture and equipment of a 5 bedroom apartment
Furnishing, equipment for 5 offices. And a few boxes.

All the above measurements given above are approximate. Please contact us and we can inform you about the exact storage space we have available at a location near you.

We can also offer a well-experienced storage consultant to advice you how much storage space you will need and if you require a particular kind of storage.