Friday 23 October 2015

Quick Tips To Store Your Bathroom Towels

People in Dubai are talking a lot about long term storage Dubai these days. Long term storage begins with self-storage which is using some effective hacks to store more things in little space and yet have enough space!

We have compiled a few tips to help you store bathroom towels that otherwise cover lot of space.

1 Use the space under the sink:

Many a times, the space under the sink goes unutilized. But when you know that you can use that space to store your bathroom towels, you are just 5 minutes away from de-cluttering your wardrobe. How come? Placing modern wooden racks as shown above which are enough to store all your towels won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

2. The spacious basket:

It is just amazing how the mesh baskets contain enough space to even accommodate dozens of large towels. And it is even more fascinating how as little space as 1 feet paves way for storage of dozens of towels.

3. When it is a small bathroom, think vertically:

Have a long wall spine bookshelf installed in your bathroom; great way to save space and store enough towels.

4. Towel cabinet:
This is the last but noteworthy tip for long term storage Dubai with regards to towels. Have a towel cabinet fixed at a height on the wall, ensure the height is within your reach. It offers ample storage without taking up lot of room.

Tip- Apply white paint and it looks fresh and crisp-


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