Tuesday 20 May 2014

Different Types of Self-Storage for Different Needs

People from all walks of life experience a storage crisis at some point or the other in life.  Right from a homemaker to a hardcore businessman, almost everyone needs different kind of storage.  Given below are different types of storage that are required by one and all in their daily affairs.

Personal storage:  As the name suggests, this type of storage is for normal household requirements.  It can be your old cupboard which is not in use anymore, your old bed which has been lying around and gathering dust or it could be even your old sofa which you don’t want to dispose off for emotional reasons.  All types of personal storage are available based on individual’s needs and requirements.

Commercial storage:  Ideal for offices, where they can store their old files and paperwork which are not going to be of any immediate use. Give your office staff some breathing space and stack all your files and paper work which is not required immediately.  Even your old office furniture which is not of use immediately can be stacked inside. Please contact us for your requirements.

Warehouse storage: An ideal must-have for wholesalers and retailers, this storage unit is perfect for storing huge amounts of inventories.  These types of businessmen often suffer from space constraints and these storage units have climate-controlling as well as temperature regulatory features where the goods will be in safe hands.

Vehicle storage: One of the most important kind of storage, owning vehicle storage is a lifelong investment.  A typical vehicle storage will not only allow you to park your car inside but also store important accessories that are necessary with the car.  You can also store your boat, yatch or even your two wheeler too inside.

There are storage units with different kinds of capacity too. Mentioned below are some capacities of storage units that can help you in selecting the right kind of storage unit for your needs.
1)    25 square feet:  This storage unit is ideal for an average homemaker.  One can store a sofa, a cupboard, a carpet and a few more things that are not required by you at the moment in the unit.
2)    50 square feet: This unit offers twice the space of a small storage unit. Ideal for storing two sofas, one bed, one cupboard and a few more things. A must have for people who prefer to keep their house clutter free and give it the breathing space it requires.
3)    100 square feet: A large type of storage unit, this kind of unit is perfect for offices that have a lot of files, paper work and other office furniture which are not currently in use. Ideal for warehouses and retailers who maintain a large inventory.
4)    Customised storage: These storage units are of larger type. These are expensive, cost-wise and we would advise you to go for them only if it is absolutely necessary for you and your needs.  Don’t go for one if you have less things to store and some space will remain unoccupied.

Opt for the storage unit that best suits your needs. Don’t go for a too small one that might cause yet another clutter or a too big one that might waste a lot of space. Remember, it’s your hard earned money and space.


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