Wednesday 17 June 2015

5 Valuable Storage Ideas Using Inexpensive Things like Velcro!

In this blog we have come up with extremely useful storage ideas which will surprise you for its sheer ingenuity at use!

1. Using a Velcro to avoid tangled mess:
Now avoid tangled messes by velcroing your appliance cords to the appliance itself when not in use. You will also see your chord sustain its shape and sheen longer.

2. Use glass cases to store makeup brushes, opaque and tidy!
They are opaque and just perfect to provide a veiled storage house to your make up accessories.

When makeup bags don’t provide a sturdy enough storage space for your brushes, use these hard cases to provide for added enhanced protection for your makeup accessories.

3. Cabinets under your bed provide abundant space!
Cabinets under your bed can take a stylish undertone with loft-like pedestal providing huge cabinet space.

4. Utilize trash bags to store your garments:
The next time you see a trash bag only worthy of storing trash and so, this storage idea will give you a jerk of ingenuity. We often dump or forget the plastic garment bags at the dry cleaners and then regretting as to why we did not save them. Not to worry as trash bags too offer a great storage space.

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