Wednesday 25 February 2015

Troubled With Damaged Photos? Check Out Some Storage Hacks

Do you know why your treasured photos get damaged? The most viable reason is the lack of proper storage methods. A shoebox or any other ordinary box isn’t an appropriate storage house for your photos.

The precious the photo, the more vulnerable it is:
Photos are primarily delicate. The older and more precious they are, the easily they get damaged when not stored carefully.

Safe Storage Hacks:
Archival sleeves:

Stocking up your photos and albums with archival sleeves protects your photos from elements like heat, light, bug infestations, water flow and fingerprints which have damaging effects on photos.

Acid-free photo storage boxes:

Stock up your albums in an acid-resistant photo storage box to make your photos chemical resistant.
Tip- Store your photos in the box after packing them in archival sleeves. It will secure your photos and albums against all harsh elements.

Precautionary measures to remember:
Using photographic paper or a mounting board can prove to be lethal sometimes due to their acidic content. It can cause long-term damage to delicate films and photographs.
Prior to storing photos in an acid-free box, don’t forget to remove items like paper clips, manila envelopes and anything which gives odor.
Troubled over long-term finger marks on photos? Wear cotton gloves during photograph handling.

When nothing works, rely on us:
Some photos need special storage facilities. Dustore provides storage facilities for storing all types of photographs. Our storage facilities consist of climatic control functions which protects not just photos but other delicate items like oil paintings from any kind of damage.

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