Monday 13 July 2015

4 Easy Fixes To Keep Your Belongings Safe

Your bags are packed and you make sure to include all necessary items like passport. You are all set to go. However, before you step outside your door, you might want to take a quick glance through some easy tips to ensure you return to the same house you left behind.

Keep your home illuminated:
A well lit house is much less likely to be bared into. Illuminate the exteriors with motion sensor lights. It is also helpful when you install plug socket timers attached to your lamps. They give an impression that the house is boarded by someone while you are away.

De-fence, especially the rear:
Unlike you, the burglars often enter from the back of the house rather than immediate front. Hence, keep the unwanted visitors away by providing enough and sturdy fencing barricades. Also add trellis to the top.

Mow your lawn:
Trim your lawn or cut down that hugely flailing tree prior to departing. This gives the impressions to potential burglars that your front lawn is recently mown, and the owners are still at home.

Reset the hinges:
It is easier for thieves to enter a house which uses exterior door hinges. Dustore recommends resetting the hinges on your door to an interior door hinge; thus making it difficult for the trespassers to enter you house.

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