Tuesday 18 August 2015

A Checklist To Keep You Away From The Troubles Of Self Storage

Self storage facilities are proving to be a great way to take care of growing storage needs of people. Nonetheless, there are cases where people suffer the negative consequences due to sheer negligence of certain do’s and don’ts about self storage. We therefore have compiled a checklist to keep you away from the troubles of self storage.

Not for pets:
Self storage units are made to store personal items and not pets. It is not advisable to keep your pets at a storage facility while you go away on a vacation. Besides obvious sanitation issues, keeping pets at self storage units in an outright violation of animal welfare rights.

Not the place for flammable items:
Self storage sites usually do not provide storage space for flammable articles like fuel or explosives. It you try to subvert these rules, it eventually puts the entire unit in a jeopardized state lest any mishap occurs and turns fatal.

Climate control facilities are a must:
It is necessary to ensure that your self storage provider has well maintained storage units installed with advanced climate control facilities. Climate controlled facilities are a must to store items like food, grains, vegetables and other organic materials.

Storage unit is not a man cave:
Using self storage unit as temporary abode for a person is okay but it is definitely not the place for one’s permanent or long term stay. Storage premises are not ideal locations for such deeds as there are chances the storage unit may turn fatal due to unfavorable circumstances.

Above points will act as a checklist so that you don’t violate your self storage contract and receive hassle free service. 


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