Friday 30 October 2020

4 key ways to effortlessly manage your self-storage unit in Dubai (with bonus tips!)


You’re moving to Dubai with all your belongings and on the very first day in your new house, you realise there’s not enough space to accommodate everything. How’s that for a real bummer? But no worries. We’ve got you covered. Here are some effective tips to manage a self-storage unit like a pro. 

Let’s delve. 

1. Use boxes of similar sizes and label each of them

You should start by picking the ideal boxes which are-

a) Sturdy
b) Same-sized or no more than two different dimensions

Next, stack the boxes as per their heft. So place the heaviest boxes towards the base of the unit and work your way up.

Label each of the boxes in a way that will indicate what’s exactly in each box.

Bonus tip-

To avoid confusion, place items of the same origin together. For instance, don’t club your swimming costume with winter blazers! You will thank yourself later when you find everything you need for your Christmas party in a box labelled Xmas party supplies!

2. Carve a place to walk

Depending on the size of your self-storage unit in Dubai, creating a pathway that will enable you to maneuver around and pull out what you need. This is extremely important if you want to reach out to items tucked in the back of the storage unit.

It also lets the airflow throughout your storage unit which is beneficial for the stored stuff. 
If at all you are not able to create any such space to move around and sort your things then consider switching to a bigger self-storage unit in Dubai. 

3. Jot down everything on a list 

This is yet another important thing to do to manage a self-storage unit efficiently. Have an exhaustive list made that covers every item in your self-storage unit in Dubai.

You may know clearly what you’re packing and storing at the moment, but a year later, your memory may not be as clear. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Bonus tip-

1. Start jotting down things as you start packing then add each item as you work your way forward.

2. Digitize your list and come back to it every time you need to consider or look for an item. Say bye-bye to futile trips back home for something that’s likely sitting in your storage unit!

3. Create a map of your self-storage unit in Dubai to identify exactly where everything is placed. Trust us, it will help you in a great way! Keep one copy with you and stick one inside on the wall of the unit to use it as a reference. How cool, isn’t it?!

4. Arrange as per usage  

What this means is organise and place your things according to the frequency with which you will need it. Prioritise. Place the ones you are going to need more often towards the front. 

For instance, if you live in a compact space and often have overnight friends or guests visiting you then probably you might want to store that air mattress straight up front!

Wednesday 28 October 2020

Want to break up with your furniture for good? Top 5 ways to do it right!


Want to break up with your furniture for good? Top 5 ways to do it right!

Getting rid of furniture easily is not easy for many reasons. Perhaps many postpone avoiding dealing with the tediousness of it all, especially heavy furniture. But we’ve got you covered. Here’s a curated list of effective ways to get rid of furniture easily including those clunky, redundant ones. Let’s delve.

1. Sell your furniture

If you’re a furniture hoarder it’s time to do away with some of it by selling it off. How to categorise furniture suitable for sale? You should sell your furniture if it is-

Still in good condition

Taking up too much space

Blocking important points in your house like the entrance

Lying around for years or months and the only beings that are using it are insects and bugs.

Has been in hibernation in the attic or garage to the extent that it is now surrounded and encumbered by cobwebs. You might as well sell it off and get some money to buy things you need!

Where to sell?

You can sell it online through platforms like OLX or Facebook Marketplace. Once you go to the website, all you need to do is click pictures of your furniture that you want to sell, upload them, and voilĂ ! Your ad is ready. 

Pro tip – add a description with key details like the material of the furniture, condition, and that you clean it frequently to attract buyers from the get-go. Just make sure you always follow secure online selling practices – meet in a public place whenever possible and don’t hand over your furniture until you receive the payment in full.

Another option to get rid of furniture easily is to sell it to a second-hand furniture shop or a place that accepts used furniture.

2. Donate them

If you don’t want to make money out of it and rather want your furniture to go to someone who needs it then donating it is the way forward. You can donate your furniture that’s still in a durable condition to a local charity. Many charities would even come over to your house and collect it if you don’t want to move it yourself. Or you can simply give it to your friends or relatives in exchange for blessings, thanks, and more importantly a stronger bond of love and affection.

3. Recycle your furniture

This is another way to get rid of your furniture easily. Especially if your furniture is too quaint or damaged to donate. That doesn’t mean it has to find its way into the landfill. Recycling furniture lowers the need to extract, refine, and process raw materials all of which trigger substantial pollution of the air and water. Besides, when you recycle you make a significant contribution towards saving energy and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn helps to tackle climate change.

4. Store your furniture

If none of the aforementioned ways works and you’re still adamant about doing away with your furniture but wants to retain it then here’s a surefire way to get rid of furniture easily. Simply send off your furniture to a storage unit.

Monday 26 October 2020

How to protect your packages and prevent them from being abducted?


The holiday season is fast approaching, are you worried about porch pirates who may come and steal your precious package off the front door? Don’t worry we’ve compiled a list of ways to protect your packages from being stolen. Let’s delve.

Track your courier

Perhaps this is the first step you should take to ensure your package is safely delivered in your hands. 

Most courier companies allow you to track your parcel's shipping status. Having said that, your shipment may get delayed especially during this busy period ahead of the winter holidays.

After confirming your package delivery date, if you don’t receive it on that day, contact your shipping company right away.

Fix a camera

Now, security cameras can’t guarantee your package's safety. Thieves can still swipe your package. But, it will surely deter them from snagging it away if they see a doorbell camera or a large camera. If God forbid, a package of yours gets stolen, the camera's recording will help the police to track the thief down.

Pro tip – When installing security cameras, you’ll want to fix larger ones that cover every possible vulnerable space near your porch. The more space it can cover, the better. It’s a better deterrent than doorbell cameras which are good but not conspicuous enough to scare away the thief. Besides, if you have a big dog who’s trained to scurry the thieves away, nothing like it!

Mention instructions as to where to drop it off

You can simply add instructions to keep your shipping company from dropping it near the front porch where the chances of theft are higher. You could rather ask them to leave your stuff near a side door or someplace that is not accessible to porch poachers.

Mention another safer drop location

The best way to keep thieves away is simply never to have packages dropped near your porch or at your entrance especially when you’re not available to receive it. Protect your packages by having them delivered to some other location where someone you trust is physically present to receive your package. It’s a simple yet safe way to avoid letting your package fall into the wrong hands!

You can consider the following options when delivering your package to an alternate address-

1.      You can request your friend or your trusted neighbour to receive your courier. They will pick it up for you whenever it arrives thus ensuring no theft happens.

2.      Reroute it to your office. Your workplace is where there’s probably going to be responsible for staff and security arrangements. They will ensure the safety of your package. Or, you can simply ask a colleague to collect it for you!

There are other ways to protect your packages and prevent them from being stolen which are worth considering. Amazon Key, for example, provides in-garage or car trunk drop off. You may want to try this option if you want to consider something else than Amazon’s in-home Key delivery service. (But then again, you need to see if you’re okay with a delivery guy gaining access to your garage or home to drop your package.)

Thursday 22 October 2020

Top summer storage tips for students heading home!


Do you know what brings more joy in students than a recess bell? The announcement of the summer holidays! If you’re one of them maybe you don’t want to cart all your stuff with you. Or maybe you want to. In any case, our summer storage tips will help you store things easily and affordably. If you’re a parent you can add these tips to your bunch of storage hacks and impress your kids! Let’s delve.

Sort out your things

In retrospect, we would all agree that each of us needs only so many things, rest is just extra baggage, the weight of which is overwhelming at times. Time to let it loose and experience the joys of minimal, responsible living. The earlier, the better.

So, the first step to prepping for student summer storage is the act of tidying and organising things by separating them into categories. For example, you can place things in these two categories – things I need, things I don’t need. In this way when you’re done sorting, you will have far fewer items to pack for summer storage. And the money you would have had to spend on expensive storage spaces for things you don’t even need will be saved for movies, treats, or summer camps! What to do with things you don’t need? Donate them, throw them away, or give them to your friends or relatives who need it.

Safety tip – When storing in storage units, don’t store lethal items like paint, gasoline, and weapons. Avoid keeping food and plants too as they will invite vermin.

Need help? We, at Du-store specializes in providing storage facilities for commercial and self-storage purposes. We offer storage units available in a range of sizes so that you get a flexible experience. We give security the utmost priority with 24*7 guards maintaining track of all the visitors, CCTV surveillance, and insulated doors. Our team vows to deliver a smooth user experience and lets you access your goods anytime you want, via the 24-hour access facility.

Now read on to learn a few packing etiquettes that will ensure your items remain intact, tidy, and secure.

1.       Pack and horizontally place your books. Pop them into a sturdy box; opt for a smaller box always. When you store books in a vertical position, it can hurt and warp the spines of your books.

2.       Place your clothes in clear plastic boxes or new cardboard ones. Don’t store in grocery containers as they can still retain food residue or stains which can ruin your outfits.

3.       Wrap items like glasses, dishes, and plates with bubble rolls. If it’s paper then use plain sheets. Don’t make use of newspapers especially for precious items as they have a nasty habit of leaving behind a print mark on the items they come in contact with.

4.       Arrange hefty items near the base of the box. The lighter objects should take the middle or top portion of the box.

5.       Last but not least, after the boxes are packed, seal them with packing tape before you pop them in for storage.