Friday 23 October 2015

Quick Tips To Store Your Bathroom Towels

People in Dubai are talking a lot about long term storage Dubai these days. Long term storage begins with self-storage which is using some effective hacks to store more things in little space and yet have enough space!

We have compiled a few tips to help you store bathroom towels that otherwise cover lot of space.

1 Use the space under the sink:

Many a times, the space under the sink goes unutilized. But when you know that you can use that space to store your bathroom towels, you are just 5 minutes away from de-cluttering your wardrobe. How come? Placing modern wooden racks as shown above which are enough to store all your towels won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

2. The spacious basket:

It is just amazing how the mesh baskets contain enough space to even accommodate dozens of large towels. And it is even more fascinating how as little space as 1 feet paves way for storage of dozens of towels.

3. When it is a small bathroom, think vertically:

Have a long wall spine bookshelf installed in your bathroom; great way to save space and store enough towels.

4. Towel cabinet:
This is the last but noteworthy tip for long term storage Dubai with regards to towels. Have a towel cabinet fixed at a height on the wall, ensure the height is within your reach. It offers ample storage without taking up lot of room.

Tip- Apply white paint and it looks fresh and crisp-

Friday 16 October 2015

Quick Tips To Organize and Store Your Socks

Let’s confess. What is the most laborious, and fretting task of laundry? Finding our missing socks. And then many of us think where did all missing socks disappear? Will these pair of socks go to the same load of laundry ever?

Here are quick tips to help you organize and store your socks the easy way.

1. Get a different colored sock for every child:
Buy pink ankle socks for your 3-year old daughter and white socks for your 8 year old son.

2. Smudge pair of socks with “dots.”:
The dot system prevents missing socks. Just make a small dot on the inside of the oldest pair of socks of your child or any other person. When you purchase the next pair of socks, smudge two dots and so on. In this way, finding the right pair of socks to match a person’s feet becomes an easy task.

3. For children, Old Navy is the best choice:
Many people love these socks for their children as they come with ‘size labels’ places on the no-slip grip on the soles. In this way, even a 5-year old child can help his parent organize socks, while also practicing and honing his number recognition ability!

4. Maintain a bag forlonely socks:
It is pointless to organize a lonely sock away from its pair. Instead maintain a bag in the laundry room and keep such socks in it. In this way you will be able to quickly find the other sock of the pair when it shows up in the bag!

If you need any help with self-storage from socks to soccer balls, Dustore is a reliable and renowned Dubai storage company.