Monday 23 January 2017

How To Store Things In A Secured Manner?

Here are some easy tips to help you protect your things from any kind of damage.

Tarp it up

Covering all your valued possessions with a sheet or tarp over them will help keep dust away. Hence, get a sheet that will only cost you some ten-twenty dollars. But it will protect your thousand dollar belongings thus acting like an insurance cover to save you greater loss or damage.

Beat unpredictability with advanced planning

A vehicle owner or the owner of an expensive painting needs to protect his or her things from thieves. However, there is another worrying aspect and that is- unpredictable climate and external weather conditions.

Storage companies are tackling this issue in many ways. For example, to keep the vehicles under complete protection, there are many car storage units being constructed. This is solely focused on vehicle or car protection thus investing in every possible amenity to ensure complete car or vehicle safety. These car storage units have robust protection services which the generic storage companies and garage storage units don’t provide. Hence, look out for the best company as per your needs.

Conclusion | Self storage facilities in Dubai

Storing huge items like furniture can be stressful when you are not able to find a suitable place to store these huge items. They need the right environmental conditions e.g. ambient temperature for staying long, undamaged.

Hence, it is always beneficial to take help from reliable storage and moving companies.

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Wednesday 18 January 2017

How Do Self Storage Facilities Ensure Safety Of Children?

Homes that hold lot of tools and sharp equipment are liable to cause injuries especially to children and small babies. What’s the solution? Self storage facilities. They help prevent mishaps by ensuring the following things.

Ensuring the little fingers don’t get in touch with sharp tools

The safety of your family is important and for this reason, it is not a good idea to have tools and other renovation related equipments in the home. This is especially true if there are small children in the house. If you have tools such as drills, saws, ladders and other power tools lying around, consider keeping them in a storage facility. This will reduce risks of accidents and injuries.

Bonus tip- Most people like the idea of owning ski boats, vintage cars, canoes, etc. If you do not have enough room for these items or if you are looking to provide protection against the weather conditions, then renting a self storage unit can be the best choice for you.


Many people use self storage facilities for peace of mind. They make consumers feel secure by storing their valuable or sentimental belongings securely and safely. In a storage facility, you will find a secure environment which is clean and dry.

Our units of self storage in Dubai are protected with various security systems ranging from 24-hour guard and lock protection to CCTV security.

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