Monday 16 November 2015

How To Plan Big Furniture Relocation?

You are planning to move. You have your to-do list of self-storage tasks to complete. If you live in Dubai, Dustore is a reliable partner to solve any kind of needs that refer to self-storage in Dubai. However, what if you are trapped in a situation where your loved piece of furniture is adamant of not moving to a new place?

Below is a quick checklist that will help you plan big furniture relocation easily.

Take measurements:
List down the furniture that you think will need a proper maneuver to save it from dismantling. Know the furniture’s size prior to moving it. Post that, take measurements of all the windows, doors, corridors and halls of your present home. This will help you determine whether a particular furniture will be able to pass the contours of a particular room or hall when you move it to the moving truck.

Plan the route:
Decide on how you will you maneuver your furniture? Keeping it slant, through the hall or through the back door of your kitchen? Try to perceive the moving process in your mind in detail. Have a plan B in case some furniture in spite rotating and placing it at various angles is not able to get out of the front door.

What to do in case the furniture does not fit?
This happens when you have already begun moving things without planning. No worries. There is a plan B-

Figure out whether the furniture can be dismantled. You will need specialists well-versed in serving the needs, (self storage specialists in Dubai, if you are moving to Dubai.) The specialists will definitely help you figure out a new way like through the window and have your furniture safely placed in the moving truck!

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Monday 9 November 2015

Your Ultimate Checklist For Moving With No Or Less Money?

People often face situations where their finances are not sufficient enough to take care of moving expenses. In that case what to do? Below are some simple yet effective ideas to execute.

Case 1- When moving to another place:

It may not always be a good idea to first move and then go onto the streets looking out for a job. It is a new place and it will require you to invest time and “money” to figure out the favorable workplaces, knowing people, culture and streets around. Therefore, to secure a healthy living in a new place first find a job. In this way you can attend few interviews on phone or face-to-face, and navigate and know the streets of the place you are going to move; all in one day!

Case 2- Don’t feel embarrassed to take help:

Life is a like a turning table. It changes its course, and all we can do is adapt. So when there are no sufficient finances, you can always rely on your best friends and family members. Parents are someone who love us unconditionally and always stand with us through thick and thin.

Another way is to turn to your folks and ask them to lend you an interest free loan but with a promise of returning it back as soon as you can. If the folks are not in a position to lend you loan then you can ask them to assist you with the moving process thus saving the expenses of Dubai moving service representatives.

Ultimate tip-
Always think about what you need and how a person can help you. Discuss the issues with them. How can they help you?

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