Wednesday 11 March 2015

Do You Need a Helping Hand to Learn The Most Effective DIY Hacks?

With Du-store you are never alone while experimenting with ‘doing it yourself’ tricks. Further you will come across some easy and most effective DIY hacks.

A useless comb can be very helpful:

Have you ever thought of using a comb which you don’t use anymore to drill nails with a hammer?
You get 2 impressive benefits-
1)    You will prevent bruising your fingers
2)    The nail will be hammered faster
3)    It is very convenient
Bonus tip- Sandpapering the hammer’s end will provide a better grip while hammering the nails to be fixed properly at the right spot.

How magnets can help a great way?

This one is the favorite of many yet not well-spread. Do you hold nails in your mouth while hammering or similar task? Do you feel the exertion when you forget where you placed the nails or bolts? All such trivia can be avoided with a magnet.

Your two hands may not be just enough to handle small tools and hardware. A magnet does the work of a third hand. Just place the magnet at the hammer’s bottom and voila! You don’t have to now put nails or other small bolts in your mouth nor place it somewhere and lose them followed by hours of search.

Getting messy with the paint? Try an elastic band

This is one of the most-sought after DIY hacks. Putting an elastic band around the paint tin’s open side, provides a handy tool for wiping your brush.
•    It prevents unwanted dripping of paint outside the tine or on the corners.
•    It keeps the paint tin nice and clean.


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