Monday 17 April 2017

How Do You Determine the Right Storage Company?

A reliable storage company is the one that provides end-to-end assistance and guidance to its customers from ensuring total security of their stored items to enabling regular access. Here are some things you should check before choosing a storage company.

Are the storage units well maintained?

Would you want to store your expensive furniture in a storage unit that is in shambles with no proper lighting, fragile walls and no solid security? Absolutely no. It is important to ensure the storage company has well maintained units with all the necessary safety measures and technologies installed that are up and running.

Are the necessary resources available?

This refers to the availability of useful equipment, loading docks, parking and direct access to items on a regular basis. There should be sufficient lighting to ensure easy handling of belongings regardless of day or night.

Are there enough tenants already using its services?

You would think twice before buying any house that is not being occupied since years? And most prolly won’t buy it. The same goes while choosing the services of a storage company. If the occupancy rate of storage houses is low then the facility may be having issues.

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Thursday 13 April 2017

Storing Bathroom Towels the Easy Way

Are towels taking up a lot of space? Here are some easy tips to store them using as little space as possible.
1. Under the wash basin

The space under most people’s wash basin in their bathrooms, bedrooms or halls usually goes unnoticed!

2. Towel basket

A basket like the one shown above can store as much as 2 dozen towels when rolled in properly. The best part is that the basket needs space as less as 1 foot!

3. Wall storage

Does any other part of your house give your more space than a wall? Why not use it!

Tip- Create a wall cabinet | Storage unit in Dubai

This is a very useful hack for with regards to storing towels. Having a towel cabinet fixed at a height on the wall ensures the height is within your reach. It makes the task of using and placing the towels back in the cabinet easy and convenient.

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