Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Guide to Caring for Leather Shoes

Which would you buy: a cheap pair of shoes or a pair of leather shoes?

A cheap pair of shoes lasts for a few months. But a pair of leather shoes will last you long and look great for as long as they last.

Leather shoes are organic objects that need regular cleaning and care to keep them as lustrous as they were when you bought them at the store. If regularly cleaned and conditioned, leather shoes can easily last you several years.

Caring for leather shoes is vital if you want them to maintain their luster year after year. Without proper conditioning or care, leather will dry out and crack.

Caring for leather shoes is more than coating them with shoe polish. There are steps you should follow to keep your leather shoes looking their best for long:

1. Clean
2. Condition
3. Shine
4. Waterproof
5. Store

1.    Clean
Prepare for cleaning by spreading a newspaper on the surface you are going to be cleaning your leather shoes. Make sure that it is a well-ventilated area and wear gloves.

Once you have all the preparations in place, remove dirt from the shoes with a saddle sop or a soft shoe brush. Make sure to get the dirt out from the cracks in the shoes as well.

You can also use a shoe cleaning for cleaning the shoes. For a home solution, you can use a mix of equal amounts of water and vinegar.

After you finish removing the dirt, let the shoes dry for a few minutes and then shine the shoes with a soft cotton cloth. You can use an old T-shirt or a shoe shine cloth

Once you have finished doing that, let your shoes dry for a day. Then it is time for conditioning your leather shoes.

2.    Condition

Conditioning will soften and moisturize your leather shoes and will prevent them from drying and cracking.

We recommend you use natural conditioners as they are absorbed into the leather unlike synthetic conditioners that just sit on the surface.

Put a dab of leather conditioner on a towel and run it on your shoes 20-30 times till the entire shoe has been covered with the conditioner. Wipe any extra conditioner off the shoes as the leather surface will absorb only what is can.

After conditioning, let the shoes rest for at least an hour before you move on to polishing.

3.    Shine

Shoes polish can be found easily in stores but be aware the shoe polish contains toxic chemicals that can be absorbed through skin or inhaled. Always wear gloves while polishing your shoes. Polish in a well-ventilated area. Keep shoe polish away from reach of children and pets. Throw away any cloth that you have used to polish your shoes.

A good alternative to commonly available shoe polish are natural oils such as olive oil or walnut oil. Work a small amount into your shoe and polish with a soft cotton cloth.

If you want to go ahead and polish your shoes with shoes polish, make sure you get the correct share of shoes polish. It should be closest to the natural colour of your leather shoes. Opt for shoe polish creams as they last longer than shoe polish liquids and is not as messy to work with as shoe polish paste.

Apply the shoe polish with a soft cloth and allow it to dry thoroughly. When the shoe polish has dried, buff the leather shoes with a brush to make them shine.

4. Waterproof

Waterproofing leather shoes is the most essential part of caring for your leather shoes but is often ignored by most people.

Choose your waterproofing product depending how much time your leather shoes spends in wet and messy conditions. If you wear your shoes outdoors and they get wet very often, use a beeswax product to waterproof them. If they spend very little time in the outdoors, you could use a protective spray.

Protective sprays are almost invisible and protect your shoes against moderate amount of wet and dirt.
Beeswax products form a protective layer on the surface of the shoes. They alter the appearance of the leather but do a great job of protecting your leather against the climate.

5.    Store

When you are not wearing your shoes, store them with shoe trees. A quality shoe tree is an investment that will last you the life of your leather shoes. Shoe trees maintain the shoe's original shape and prevent creases and shrinkage.

For shoe trees, we recommend you use unfinished cedar as it absorbs moisture and keeps your shoe free of odour.

If you are not going to be using your leather shoes for many months, we highly recommend you put them in storage.

Climate-controlled storage units are best for leather shoes as hot temperatures and dry weather can crack the leather. If you decide to store your beautiful leather shoes in a storage unit, you can find your closest storage unit here.

Friday, 17 October 2014

3 Simple Ways to Get Super-Organized In the Kitchen

This simple hack can keep those bulky pots and pans out of the way and organized and save you lots of space in the kitchen. Simply run a tension rod across a shelf and use shower hooks to store saucepands inside. The pans also stay very accessible as they are not piled on top of each other.

There is nothing more beautiful than fresh vegetables in spring and fall. Display those beautiful vegetables lovingly by installing baskets on the walls. Fit them with screwdrivers on an empty wall and see the wall light up with vivid red, greens and yellows.

We told you how to get your pots organized. But in most homes, pots and pans are not the problem, the pot lids are. They slide away, get in the way or are replaced. You can get them organized by installing bars inside cabinet doors and hanging the lids on them. This is also a good way to use space which otherwise goes unused. Before you install the bars, check if your cabinet doors are strong enough to support 4-5 lids.

An organized kitchen is key to an organized house. If you find you have a lot of appliances and utensils that you do not use regularly, you can store them at Du-store facility.

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Monday, 22 September 2014

How the Storage Industry is a Game Changer for Hotels

In the hotel business, supply is of utmost importance. Food items, toiletries, upholstery and cleaning material are needed fairly frequently by hotels. Hence their regular supply is essential to the running of the hotel industry.

While these items are needed on a regular basis, they are not bought on a regular basis. They are bought in bulk and then stored in storage units under the right condition and then withdrawn from the unit as required.

Dustore rents out space to a lot of hotels in Dubai. Hotel supplies arrive in bulk at our storage units and they have to be stored in proper temperature and humidity conditions.

Our storage units that store foods like curd and cheese are maintained at precisely cool temperatures. Moisture has to be kept out of the storage unit at all times as even a little moisture can lead to infestation of microbes. We also believe that price and purpose can be optimized if the right type and size of storage container is used.

Here are a few food safety tips that we highly recommend to our hotel industry clients:

- Keep the FIFO rule in mind. FIFO stands for First In, First Out. It means that when new shipment arrives, it is always put behind the old shipment to make sure that the older item gets used first. This preserves the quality and safety of food.

- Put a date on the food products in storage. This reminds the user how old the product is and whether it is past its expiry date or not.

- Food products should not be stored on the floor. It should be stored at least 6-12 inches from the floor. This is to ensure that dust and water does not soak through the food containers.

- Meat products have the potential to leak through. Hence they should be stored below other food products to prevent contamination.

- Food should not be overstocked in storage. If food is overstocked, the cooling unit gets burdened to maintain the right temperature and might stop working altogether.

Contact us to know more about how we can help you with you storage.

Friday, 12 September 2014

5 Unconventional Ways you can use Mason Jars to Decrease Clutter

What if we said there is a simple solution to keeping small clutter under control and making it look pretty at the same time. To answer to all your small clutter worries is a simple mason jars. With their vintage feel and glass designs masons jars can store your little odds and ends and keep them from creating clutter. Here is how you can use mason jars for effective storage:

The indispensible sewing kit

Keep your sewing supplies in one place with this Mason jar that keeps all the little bits together.

Stack it up with cupcake liners
Now those cupcake liners will not be flying all over the place when you keep them stacked on top of each other in a broad mason jar!

Storing toiletries

Mason jars are excellent for storing toiletries. Get creative and have a separate mason jar for each person who uses the bathroom.

Twine holder

Keep all the twine neatly in one place with this beautiful twine holder than you can make with a simple mason jar.

Pretty desktop storage

Put some mason jars on your work desk and use them to store pens, pencils, pins, bookends and other odds and ends and keep your workspace clutter-free.

If your house is still cluttered and you have more stuff than you know what to do with, you can always consider storing them at Dustore, your personal storage space in Dubai. We use racking systems that are ideal for personal storage and makes sure your stored stuff is more accessible.

Monday, 25 August 2014

4 Awesome Ways to Control Kids’ Clutter

When you have kids in the house, it becomes harder to keep the house tidy and neat. Often toys and books are strewn across the floor and on every available space and it is hard to keep up with the mess.

But we are here to tell you that managing your home with kids is not hard. Allot plenty of spaces to store toys and give your kids a sense of responsibility to deposit their toys in a storage space before they turn in for the night.

Here are some nifty storage ideas that ought to keep the clutter in control.
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Tie a net at the end of the bed to store toys that are used often. At least it helps to keep them off the floor.
This is a perfect way to keep your kid’s toys safe and give them a sense of ownership and responsibility. Just Tell them to place their toys in their respective baskets after they are done playing for the day.
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These wire wall bins are great for storing toys, stationary or even books.
Image source:

Plant hanger baskets are a great way to deal with cluttered toys. Just dump the toys in the nearest plan hanger basket and keep the clutter off the floor.

If you have implemented these ideas and still find the clutter getting out of control, contact our personal storage services. We offer storage units that are climate controlled and give you 24 hour access to your items. Moreover, you have many sizes of storage units to choose from.

Often when you have several kids at home, they each have favourite toothpaste. It is hard to find space for the number of toothpastes and other toiletries in your bathroom. This is a simple hack that will make life easier for you. Install cups on the bathroom wall, one cup for every kid’s toilet supplies: toothbrush, toothpaste and rinse cup.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Follow this Checklist before you Store your Vintage Car

Classic, antique cars have a special feel about them. A vintage car is a memory of a world long gone. It is the feel of years of legacy between in your hands. With an antique, it is not a car that you drive; it is generations of regal experience.

If you are considering storing your car in a vehicle storage facility, here are some things you should keep in mind.

  • The first step is to prepare our car for storage. You want your car to be in perfect shape when you remove it.
  • Clean your car thoroughly and make any repairs that might be necessary. Make sure you clean the corners and the space between seat fittings. Food particles often slip in these areas and might attract bugs and rodents during storage. Also clean the dirt from under the car before you put it in storage.
  • When you reach the storage, drain the engine oil while the car is still warm. Wear gloves to protect your hands from the hot oil.
  • Drain the fuel tank too if you are storing your car for more than 6 months.
  • Replace your brake fluid with new unused brake fluid.
  • Drain the car's cooler and heater.
  • Disconnect the heater hoses.
  • Unscrew the radiator cap and leave it off. Replace the cooling system with rust-inhibiting antifreeze.
  • Remove, clean and store the battery.
  • Remove the tires and store them covered. Your car should be up on jacks.
  • Lock the clutch
  • Stuff a rag in the car's tailpipe to prevent rodents from hibernating there.
  • Put baking soda sachets inside the car to absorb foul odors.
  • Roll down your car windows and cover your car with a blanket.

An antique requires special love and care. It makes sense to invest extra effort into storing your antique car to keep it in perfect shape.

Storing your car in reputed vehicle storage is worth the investment. Dustore is a storage facility that stores any kind of vehicle efficiently. These facilities ensure that your automobile is stored in a highly secured environment and you get a 24×7 access to the storage units. The units are monitored with CCTV cameras and every entry and exit is recorded. If your vehicle needs climate controlled storage, you can opt for it too! Choose your storage unit depending upon the size of your vehicle. So, sign up with a vehicle storage provider today, and leave all the worries about your favorite automobile behind!

Book your car storage with Du-store.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

5 Great Recycling Ideas for Useless Items Lying Around the House

While living in a city is often very chaotic, what becomes a big nuisance is the amount of junk we tend to hoard in our homes. Finding a space to fit all of our possessions is a big task for us. How do we fit all the small items in the tiny urban living space? Well, Do It Yourself.

Going out in the sweltering heat and finding the right storage equipment for our goods is as difficult as finding an oasis in wilderness. To save your time, money and energy, we give some creative DIY storage ideas.

1. Put up the bar!
Image Souce:

This looks clever, does it not?  A simple way to stock your alcohol the creative way! Use old tins, cans or water-pipes when you implement this idea. Stick them together and drill them on the wall. And, voilà, your supremely inventive wine cabinet is up!

2. Rake over...
Image Source:

What could you do with an old, rusty rake? Not much, you think. But wait, you can use it to store your jewellery! Creativity unleashed, isn’t it? You need not get yourself a fancy jewellery box to stack your jewellery. Drill this in your wardrobe or next to your dressing table. Cover the rusty bit with a silver paint or paper to add a tinge of extra creativity.

3. Stop Crib-ing!
Image source:

What do you do when your baby has grown up and does not need a crib anymore? You use it to keep your magazines!

Often people worry about stashing their novels and magazines in someplace safe or getting book shelf made. But in a cramped up drawing room, your options are limited. Storing your magazines this way will save you space and not create a mess.

4. A basket of joys
Image Source:
When you have an infant running around in your house there ought to be lots of soft toys stacked in every nook and cranny of your home. How do you systematically organize their toys? Store away those toys someplace safe so nobody trips on them. Use old garden baskets and drill them to your wall.

5. Suit up!
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Is there’s an old suitcase lying in the cabinet? It can’t be used anymore, you think? Think again. Perhaps you can drill it to the wall and use it as a cabinet! You can turn it into a table, perhaps a study table for your kids. Use your creativity and make the best from waste.

We hope that you liked the ideas we shared.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, if creativity isn’t your cup of tea, leave it to us to help you with storage. Visit us.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Different Types of Self-Storage for Different Needs

People from all walks of life experience a storage crisis at some point or the other in life.  Right from a homemaker to a hardcore businessman, almost everyone needs different kind of storage.  Given below are different types of storage that are required by one and all in their daily affairs.

Personal storage:  As the name suggests, this type of storage is for normal household requirements.  It can be your old cupboard which is not in use anymore, your old bed which has been lying around and gathering dust or it could be even your old sofa which you don’t want to dispose off for emotional reasons.  All types of personal storage are available based on individual’s needs and requirements.

Commercial storage:  Ideal for offices, where they can store their old files and paperwork which are not going to be of any immediate use. Give your office staff some breathing space and stack all your files and paper work which is not required immediately.  Even your old office furniture which is not of use immediately can be stacked inside. Please contact us for your requirements.

Warehouse storage: An ideal must-have for wholesalers and retailers, this storage unit is perfect for storing huge amounts of inventories.  These types of businessmen often suffer from space constraints and these storage units have climate-controlling as well as temperature regulatory features where the goods will be in safe hands.

Vehicle storage: One of the most important kind of storage, owning vehicle storage is a lifelong investment.  A typical vehicle storage will not only allow you to park your car inside but also store important accessories that are necessary with the car.  You can also store your boat, yatch or even your two wheeler too inside.

There are storage units with different kinds of capacity too. Mentioned below are some capacities of storage units that can help you in selecting the right kind of storage unit for your needs.
1)    25 square feet:  This storage unit is ideal for an average homemaker.  One can store a sofa, a cupboard, a carpet and a few more things that are not required by you at the moment in the unit.
2)    50 square feet: This unit offers twice the space of a small storage unit. Ideal for storing two sofas, one bed, one cupboard and a few more things. A must have for people who prefer to keep their house clutter free and give it the breathing space it requires.
3)    100 square feet: A large type of storage unit, this kind of unit is perfect for offices that have a lot of files, paper work and other office furniture which are not currently in use. Ideal for warehouses and retailers who maintain a large inventory.
4)    Customised storage: These storage units are of larger type. These are expensive, cost-wise and we would advise you to go for them only if it is absolutely necessary for you and your needs.  Don’t go for one if you have less things to store and some space will remain unoccupied.

Opt for the storage unit that best suits your needs. Don’t go for a too small one that might cause yet another clutter or a too big one that might waste a lot of space. Remember, it’s your hard earned money and space.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Storage Units – Savior For People Who Face Space Constraints

It’s not easy to store anything and everything in the sanctity of your house. Property rates are on the rise everyday and with the standard of living that an average family has, it is not easy to afford bigger houses that will accommodate everything and anything.

It’s not that you cannot store everything you may have. You might be able to but think about it. Is it worth the time, money and effort? For instance, instead of trying to make your house look clutter-free you might end up making a big mess which might damage many of your delicate crockery or show pieces which you have kept aside.  Or the things lying in the corner unattended will gather dust, making it difficult for you to clean and maintain them at regular intervals.

This is where storage companies like Du-store comes into the picture and acts as saviors. Storage units are available of various sizes according to your wishes. All you need to do is select the right one according to your needs. Sounds simple, isn’t it? Well, not quite.

While you may opt for storage unit that might best fit in your requirements but there’s no point in dumping all the things that you don’t need in there. You need to keep things organized and systematically so that not only goods are safe from any damage but also available whenever you need to use them.

Another aspect you need to look in is what do you intend to do with things that you want to keep in the storage unit. For example, if you have an old refrigerator that you don’t need right away but are not keen on selling it, you can keep it in a corner while making it stand vertically. This will not only protect it from damage but also you’ll know where it is kept at the time of need.  Always keep heavier things on the ground level, so that they are safe from any fall which might cause it any damage or hurt you if you are not careful while dealing with your things in the storage unit. For example, you have a lawn mower which you really don’t need right now, but that doesn’t mean you put it on the top of your old refrigerator or top of 5-10 boxes which have been stacked up vertically. You are taking a big risk here, instead you can put it on ground level which will not only cause minimum damage but it’ll be by far easier for you to remove and locate at a time when you might need it the most.

Storage units are a boon for people who really have space constraints at their homes, but they need to be used wisely and well. You just cannot dump things according to your whims and fancies and bring the roof down when you can’t locate them despite very well knowing where they have been kept.

Follow the basic rules, keep everything systematic and organized and all will be well.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Tips to increase the usability of your storage unit – Have a fixed plan

Opting for a self storage facility has become a norm these days. Factors such
as convenience, affordability, security and more are prime reasons why self storage has gained significance in the modern day life. However, you can’t just relax after storing your things in a storage unit. You need to ensure that you have arranged the things properly or else the purpose is lost. Often, packing and shifting your belongings is a stressful experience. Therefore, people tend to store things haphazardly in the storage units which add to the stress and clutter. Read on to know how you can increase the usability of your storage unit.

Make up your mind – Often, you end up storing things that you don’t really need. That’s where the problem arises. Hence, it is important for you to first sort things out in your mind. There are many advantages of doing away with unwanted things. Firstly, you can save on money spent in shifting these goods and you can use your storage space for stowing something better instead. Make up your mind and don’t be vacillating between thoughts of keeping a particular item and throwing it away. Once things are clear in your head, you can organize your things in the right manner.

Organize the things in the best possible way - You need to organize things

in the best possible way to ensure that you’re not wasting your precious space by filling it up with unwanted things.  Keep the heavier items that you will not access frequently at the corners of the space. Cover them up using canvas sheets. Also make a thorough inventory sheet so that you know that all the things are in proper condition. Label all the items carefully so that you can locate them easily as and when required. Arrange the goods systematically so that you are left confused about the placement of the items.

Make a rough plan to arrange your things in the unit – You need to plan things beforehand. You need to make a rough picture in your mind as to how you would be arranging the things. For example, you need to be sure about the things you will be storing at the corners of the room and those that you’ll be storing near the entrance. This will make the storage space look more organized and it will make the entire experience convenient for you as well.

Don’t make the storage space another cluttered room – You need to first understand why you have decided to rent a storage space. If you are going to make another mess out of the extra space given to you, you should not have rented a space in the first place. Ensure that the room is not cluttered and your things are organized in a proper way so that they can be accessed easily whenever required.

Ensure that the security is the best – After all, they are your priceless possessions and that’s the reason why you have planned to keep them in a storage unit. Sometimes when you keep all the things in your home, they are bound to get lost. On the other hand, stowing them in a storage unit will help to keep your belongings safe and secure. Sometimes, things that can get lost at home will actually be safe in the storage unit.

Keep the above tips in mind to increase the usability of your storage unit.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Importance of Storage in a Student’s Life

There are many students who travel to distant places just for their career. It is
during this time that they have to deal with a number of things right from their clothes to their books to everything else that they require while staying away from their homes. That’s when self storage can play a very important role in a student’s life. Mentioned below are a few reasons why students need self storage.

1.    You are crunched for space - As a student, living away from the house is a very difficult and life changing experience. Often, you’ll find that you don’t have space to store a lot of things in the paying guest house or in your hostel. It is during this time that you need a storage unit where you can stash away all your goods. Storage facilities are available in a number of places at reasonable prices and provide you with a number of value added services as well. You don’t have to worry about the security too as your things are protected using top notch technologies. Right from biometric access to distinct password systems, there are a number of ways with which your belongings are secured. Hence, opting for a storage unit is an intelligent alternative especially in the life of a student given the ease of access and affordable price range.

2.     You have to keep your traveling luggage light – Considering that you have to keep traveling from your home to your hostel or guest house often, you need to carry a light luggage. However, that’s only possible when all your belongings are kept safely in some place. You will also not have peace of mind if you have left your house in a cluttered form. That’s when a secure storage facility can keep all your goods stored in the right place and in proper condition as well.

3.    You have things that you will need in the near future – You have a huge stack of books that you will not need till the next term, and you have a bike that you can’t carry to the new place but require it while coming back to your own house. Such things can be stored comfortably in storage units that have the 24 hours access facility. So you can get in touch with your items any time you want. Depending upon the things you’re storing, you need to select the right sized unit. For example, if it’s just your books that you’re storing then a small unit can suffice but in case of storing your bike or other electronic goods, you need to rent a large space. Since there’s flexibility in terms of the size, budget and space, you can easily rely on storage units.

4.    You have to keep your living space neat and tidy – You’re not staying in your own house to simply throw things around and live as per your will. You are staying elsewhere in a place without your parents being there for you. Unless you take efforts to keep the living space tidy, it will never be so. Hence, it is important for both you and your roommates to keep the ambience clean and organized. It is for this reason that you need a storage unit so that you can keep all the basic necessities with you and keep the rest in the unit. You may think that renting a storage unit will go hard on your pockets. However, you don’t have to worry as there are number of affordable storage facilities in the market today with discounts, value added services and a lot more. In fact, opting for self storage can free up space in your hostel or guest house and make it look clean and spacious.

Thus, a self storage facility is indispensable for students aiming to live a comfortable life. So sign up with a storage provider now. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Tips to Store Rugs – Spread the Comfort

Rugs form an important part of the decoration in our house. However, it is good if we reserve the expensive and antique-like carpets for special occasions. Also, you would want to prevent the wear and tear of the carpet so that it stays in good shape for many more years. There are many people who have unused rooms at their disposal and so they can comfortably store the rugs in such rooms. But quite a few of us do not have spare rooms and hence we have to opt for a self storage unit. That’s when efficient storage tips come to your rescue. Mentioned below are tips to store rugs in the most optimal way.

Ensure that the storage unit is climate controlled – You need to make sure that the temperature found in the units is optimum. Climate controlled units use air conditioning and heat to ensure that the temperature range is proper. Also such units are clean and dry which makes them the perfect place for storage of rugs. You need to keep moisture away from the rugs as far as possible since even a little amount of humidity can spoil them. Direct sunlight also has the capacity to spoil them. Therefore, you need to keep the carpets away from any source of sunlight and you must avoid storing them anywhere close to the windows or fireplace. Storage units that are cool, dry, closed from all sides and those which maintain the right humidity levels are ideal for storing carpets or rugs. In case you live in an area where the humidity is high or low, you need to use a dehumidifier or humidifier accordingly.

Do not fold the carpets – Folding the carpets in any random direction can lead to the formation of
permanent creases. To avoid these issues, you need to roll the carpets and not fold them. You can even use a piece of metal or a rod for rolling the carpet. You can use a muslin cloth that has the same width as the carpet to form a neat covering for the rolled carpet. Museums and other historical places generally use polyurethane wrapping instead of muslin since the former is known to offer improved protection against dampness and insects. After rolling the carpet, secure the end using a polyester or cotton tape. Also, never place the rugs on the floor as it could lead to infestation by microbes. Store them above the surface of the ground in pallets or other elevated surfaces to prevent microbes from reaching them.

Avoid storing rugs in the basement or garage – Generally, storing the rugs
in the basement or garages can lead to formation of mildew and other forms of infestation as the air is moist in such places. Therefore, you should never store carpets in such places. Also, make a housekeeping plan so that your carpets are clean and free of dust. You need to vacuum all the nearby places as well so that no dust particles reach your carpets. Open the rolled rugs once a while; dust them and roll them again to keep the carpets fresh and clean.

Keep the above tips in mind while storing your rugs this season.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Tips to Store Silverware - Keep It New and Sparkling

When it comes to storing silverware, it needs to be stashed with the utmost care. Any mistake on your part will lead to immense loss of money and resources. Therefore, you need to stow silverware carefully in the right manner. Mentioned below are a few tips to store silverware optimally.

Polish the silverware before storage – It is always a good idea to cover the goods with a polish that’s specifically made for silver and not the general ones that are used for polishing all the other things. Do not wash them in a
dishwasher as they are likely to get damaged in that case. Whenever, you are using soap for washing the silverware, remember to use the one that does not have lemon. That’s because lemon can react with silver and lead to undesirable chemical reactions that can damage the thing’s texture and appearance. Dry out the silverware using a cotton cloth and do not use tissue papers or other abrasive agents on its surface. Make sure that the things are completely clean as even little dirt can become a black mark if not attended on time. Sometimes, there are tiny white spots appearing on the exterior of the silverware due to its porous nature. Do not use tissue papers to remove the white spots and use silver polish and a cotton cloth to remove all the blemishes. Once all your celebrations are over and you do not need the silver till the next season, soak it in warm water for some time. Likewise, you can use dips to highlight the ornate areas of the silverware.

Take some precautions before storing it – Do not let the silver items come

in touch with salt or pepper ever as it can lead to undesirable reactions. Do not store silver directly in plastic bags. Never let them come in touch with rubber bands as they can lead to formation of dark spots on the silverware. You will notice that when the silver is not in use, it generally doesn’t get damaged. That’s because most of the damage happens when the silver is exposed to air. For the things that you will be storing in your cabinet, you can use anti-tarnish strips to double their shine. When the silverware displayed on a cabinet just begins to deteriorate, you will see some gold spots. You need to wipe them off using a cotton cloth or a pair of gloves that are used for polishing.

Obtain proper insurance for your goods – Make sure that all your goods are properly insured so that you can get monetary gains for the huge amount of loss that will be incurred during damage. Make a thorough list of the things that are stored and seek insurance for each of the goods.

Keep the above tips in mind before you store your silverware this season.  

Friday, 28 February 2014

Tips to Store Scarves – Drape Them with Love

Each one in your family must be having at least one scarf for surviving the chilly winter. Hence, it is important
to store your scarves properly so that they remain new for many years to come. If you have a fixed place to store them, then you can find them easily without much effort. Mentioned below are tips to store your scarves in place.

1.                   You can store them in a drawer – If you have an extra drawer in your bedroom, then you can store the scarves comfortably in it. Simply fold or roll the scarves as per your convenience and stash them safely inside the drawer.

2.                   You can store them in a plastic tub - Plastic tubs are available in a wide range of sizes, right from the tall towers to the short and broad ones. You can protect your scarves from moisture and infestation by laying your hands on one of those plastic storage tubs.

3.                   You can use a hanger to store them – This method of storing scarves is sure to save a large amount of space. You can simply drape the scarves over a hanger and use a soft knot to prevent them from slipping down. However, scarves that are too expensive and flimsy shouldn’t be hung as it could make them loose and they can get damaged.

4.                   You can make a scarf cluster – If you have scarves in a variety of colors and prints, then you can comfortably hang them or drape them over different places in your house. For example, you can drape them over the back of a chair or the corner of a bed to add to your room decoration.

5.                   Be extra careful during seasonal storage – If you wish to store the scarves in summer till the next winter arrives, then make sure you first wash them thoroughly. Body odor, scent, food particles and makeup can invite infestation, hence you first need to wash the scarves and then store them properly till winter arrives.

6.                   Keep them away from sunlight – Don’t keep the scarves exposed to direct sunlight as it could lead to discoloration.

7.                   Keep them away from pets – Keep the scarves away from pets as they love playing around with them.

Keep these tips in mind before storing your scarves this season.