Monday 26 December 2016

How To Keep At It While On The Move?

The journey of relocating to some place can be tiring. Here are some rejuvenating tips that’ll help stay refreshed.

Quick exercise
Small, quick exercises can help you prepare for the big day. This is especially important for those who have been living a sedentary lifestyle and don’t want to experience a sudden jerk in their muscles and bones being clogged. Open them up with little stretching exercises even before you start lifting and moving heavy goods.

Wear right
Wear loose clothes so that you feel comfortable always and closed shoes to avoid bumming into unseen objects on the ground and hurting your feet while moving goods.

Don’t fill it to the brim
Do no fill boxes with items to the brim. A small involuntary movement can lead to pouring goods from the box leading to trivial injuries. Also you will have to go back to square one and start gathering things again. Filling a box to the brim can also put pressure on its lower surface. This can cause the box to break from the bottom leading to spillover of items again.

In the end, our self storage services in Dubai team strongly recommends to keep small children and pets away while the goods are being moved. Let them stay with your friends or relatives.

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Friday 16 December 2016

Small Storage Solutions For Big Space

Here we will talk about how you can make your living room spacious with easy but effective storage solutions.

Get a bed that stores, as well!
An ensemble bed is a must if you want to make ample amount of space in your living room.  Also known as storage beds, you can now choose from a variety of designs. The drawers can store important items from clothes to boots.

Bonus Tip - You can also get dressing tables without mirrors. Instead of mirrors, attached are extra drawers. The drawers give you the required storage without galloping more bedroom space.

Get some hanging shoe cabinets
The beauty of such a shoe cabinet is that it does not take up lot of space. You can easily hang one on the wall. A great benefit is that these shoe cabinets help maintain cleanliness around as all the footwear like boots, sandals, sneakers, shoes or heels won’t make contact with the ground. Also, these hanging racks are probably the simplest ways to keep your footwear organised without consuming enormous space.

Looking for a reliable and professional storage space in Dubai? Feel free to get in touch for all your individual and commercial storage needs.

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Monday 21 November 2016

Ensuring Complete Safety Of Your Items: Storage To Safety

While it is important to choose a storage and moving company that offers 100% security, it is also vital to take some necessary precaution yourself. In this article, we will learn how to protect your things from fire mishaps.

Do not store items that are susceptible to catch fire. This refers to items like paint and gasoline which are highly inflammable, strictly prohibited to be allowed to store in storage units.

Another catalyst that supports fire instances (and a lot of them) are slimy bags, many of which are carelessly dumped into the dryers. Storing oily rags or slimy bags in storage units is inviting fire mishap. It’s because these bags easily catch fire amidst increasing temperatures (which is a common aspect of storage units). Another important thing to remember is to make sure that your heater’s plug is disconnected from the extension cord before keeping in the storage house.

Refrain from smoking around your storage company premises. It’s because the slightest fume can alight a good portion of the facility, especially if it is surrounded by grass and shrubs. Get in touch with your storage manager at once whenever you smell non-compliance of rules. Contact us for affordable self storage units in Dubai.

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Tuesday 15 November 2016

Factors To Consider When Hiring A Self Storage Facility

You will find things that you don’t use anymore but are stuffed to an extent that takes up lot of space at your home or office. Over a period of time, you discover that you no longer have sufficient space to store the important things which you regularly use. Hence, storage becomes an issue. Here is an article that shows how you can select the right storage facility and overcome storage problems.

Determining the dimensions of the storage units
In order to estimate the amount of space you will need, make a comprehensive list of all the items that you wish to store and shop around for quotes and advice from storage companies on the size of storage unit you will require.

Climate controlled storage units
Climate control units are apt for storing materials that are delicate or expensive. Such materials need a particular environment to sustain their health.

Storage location
If you require your items to be regularly accessible, it is a good idea to choose a storage location that is nearby to your home. If you only rarely need your items, a cheaper facility that is further away from your home is worth considering.

Contact us for reliable self storage facilities in Dubai.

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Monday 24 October 2016

How To Make The Process of Self Storage Less Expensive?

There are many ways one can cut down costs when seeking out storage facilities. When you package your own boxes during the moving process, it saves a lot of money. There are rarely any storage units that offer packaging and packing services without additional costs.

Therefore, when you choose to do the packing yourself, it will save you money.

Some tips for packing:
Use sturdy packing boxes to protect your things.

Use newspaper to pack your more delicate things rather than expensive bubble wraps. Or to be on the safer side, use bubble wrap for the first layer and newspaper to give the additional padding.

Get your furniture packed and moved by yourself
Prepare your own furniture for the move, instead of paying professional movers to do this. It will save you money when you pack your own goods but with care. If the goods are extremely valuable then you should consult the professional movers.

Other tips to cut down expenses
You can save money by opting for smaller storage spaces. For this you will need to determine the dimensions required to accommodate all the things you’re planning to store. Hence, before choosing a storage unit, consult the professional storage and moving company for giving near accurate estimates on the right storage unit dimensions. Contact us for affordable self storage unit in Dubai.

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Monday 17 October 2016

What Are The Advantages Of Warehouse Storage?

Warehouse is used for commercial storage requirements rather than individual needs. Let’s see what benefits and features, warehouse storage provides to manufacturers, exporters, businesses, wholesalers and such other such enterprises.

Effective usage of space
Warehouses offer enough space by utilising floor space and vertical spaces. So the pallet racks go as high as the ceiling. You can stack things, one above the other, without any damage. Additionally, every pallet rack has a locking system so no worries of loss or theft.

Ease of assembling and dismantling
The self storage units enable enterprises of various sorts to easily assemble and dismantle things without damage. Additionally, they’re cost effective and provide ultimate security to your things.

Racking units
Warehouse self storage has become popular for its provision of special racking units. You can choose from a wide range of shelf formats such as plain, flat metal and wire mesh. There are those special shelves which are covered with rubber. They are best suited to store delicate items. You also have the option to install special locking system as per your requirements.

All in all, self storage is one of the easiest and affordable ways to resolve your storage problems whether it is about storing valuable furniture or vehicles.

Contact us if you want to enquire about business storage in Dubai along with packaging material from reliable storage company.

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Thursday 22 September 2016

Selecting The Right Kind Of Storage Facility

The demand for moving and storage facilities is rising and they have become a vital aspect of relocation and moving processes. People also consider storage facilities as the right thing when they are going out for a holiday. There are many storage facilities online, but which one to choose? Depends on your needs.

Have a look at the various types of storage facilities and decide which type suits your needs.

1. Indoor 
Indoor storage units are similar to bank locker units. You can rent one or multiple units, where the usual size is about 6 by 6 feet.

2. Outdoor 
Outdoor storage units are used to store vehicles like cars and yachts. The usual size is similar to that of a garage.

3. Long term
Long term storage units are especially designed to store valuable items that require climate control conditions to stay undamaged. They can be precious paintings, furniture and so on.

4. Short term
These storage units can be rented on a short term basis such as during relocation, while revamping your office or when going for a short getaway.

5. Climate controlled 
As discussed before in the long term storage section, climate controlled services are best to preserve art works which need special conditions to sustain their original shape and form. They are expensive but offer absolute safety to your valuable belongings.

Contact us for reliable self storage facilities in Dubai.

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Tuesday 13 September 2016

De Clutter Your Life By Arranging Your Garage

Are you often late for the match because you struggle to find your baseball bat and hat? Do you fret over where did your basketball disappear in the crowd of your automobile gears? You need to sort your life by arranging your garage with the help of storage units.

Why garage storage units?
Garage storage cabinets or units employ systems that are specifically designed to assist people to organize life in a more efficient way.

You can use storage units to store items that you don’t use regularly. They help you clear the mess and avoid the ensuing chaos that follows due to crowded spaces. The storage companies have professional mechanisms to store your belongings securely for a monthly rental.

You can store your furniture, cars, other vehicles, RV, boats, and other items that otherwise take away the space of your garage and peace of your mind.

Unlike your garage, these storage cabinets are equipped with climate controlled mechanisms that provide complete protection to things, thus preventing wear and tear or any other damage.

In the days of yore, garage was only used to park vehicles. But today, due to space constraints, people use garages to dump extra belongings resulting in their becoming redundant due to various elements like rust, friction, etc. Hence, garage storage has gained a lot of prominence in recent years as a means to a more spacious life.

Along with garage and personal storage, we meet the business storage in Dubai needs of our customers. Contact us for any assistance.

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Monday 22 August 2016

Choosing A Self Storage Company That Fulfils Your Needs

No longer do you have to adjust with any storage company that does not meet your expectations. There are so many available now that offer different types of variations in sizes, weight limits, and safety. Then why settle for something ordinary and risk your goods’ safety?

Choose a self storage company that provides additional services
It makes sense to choose a self storage company that provides you with other moving services including packaging. When are planning to relocate you will know there are so many things to pack and move and store until you reach your new location. In such circumstances, only a reliable storage and moving company will assist you from organizing things to packaging them and keeping them safely till you reach your new place.

Planning short term and long term storage
There are storage companies located in every nook and corner of an area, so you don’t need to bother about its proximity from your place. All you need to ensure is its reliability and range of services. If you are planning for short term storage, you will find many options. But if you are planning for long term storage then you should consider low cost options without compromising on the safety features. Do research online, browse through the customer reviews, talk to current customers, compare your needs and then choose your storage company.

For any self storage in Dubai needs, contact Dustore and get all the assistance you need.

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Wednesday 17 August 2016

Moving And Storage With Portable Storage Facilities

Portable storage units are popular especially amongst community groups who own tents, ropes and other things to pack and move in between their camps. So rather than stuffing things at your homes or offices, portable storage units help to store these things and have the space for something else.

So when do you opt for a portable storage unit?
The main benefit of portable storage is unlike the stationary unit, you can easily move your things with you as you move to other locations.

If you have a mobile business, then investing in mobile storage units makes sense as you can stock your goods while you are on the move taking them along with you.

The best way to know whether you need portable storage is to find out if you need goods often. Do you need to access your goods regularly on your site? If the answer is yes then portable storage is the ideal solution.

How to choose the best portable storage facility?
Make a list of all the items you want to store as certain portable storage units containers have limits on space and weight dimensions. When you know what all items are going to be stored, you will know how much space and weight they will occupy. These things are important to know when you talk to your storage company.

Another thing is that decide whether you actually want your storage container to move with you or you only need to access them on your business or personal site.

Contact our best self storage company in Dubai for all your storage needs in Dubai.

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Wednesday 27 July 2016

Things To Remember Before You Move To Another Location

Whether you are going to rent an apartment or buy one, you need to make sure certain things are in place, like the ones mentioned below.

Beware of hidden charges:
Every renter is supposed to pay a renter’s fee that ensures the renter does not cause any damage to the apartment during his stay. So before you move in to the new location, document the damages that you find like cracks in the wall or broken appliances. Otherwise you can be charged.

Get the promises sanctioned:
When you’re moving in to a new apartment, it’s not uncommon for your landlord (or realtor) to make promises about things being fixed and/or added. But unless you get all promises in writing, it will be hard to enforce after you move in. Take the time to update your lease with all additional promises, because a signed lease is legally binding.

Don’t expect it to come clean:
There can be instances where someone has just moved out of the house, maybe a few days before you move in. Hence, a complete dirt-free apartment is very unlikely. Before you start moving all of your things, visit your new place, and get enough cleaning supplies. You will thank us later!

Planning for a long stay in Dubai? Contact our Long term storage services in Dubai for any storage and moving assistance including renting self storage units in Dubai.

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Friday 15 July 2016

Tips To Buy Home Furniture With Storage Capacities

Storage furniture is an important commodity for most houses. Many houses have attics or cupboards as their major storage solutions. Hence, buying furniture with storage capacities is essential, especially for small houses and those living in single rooms. Below are some examples of home furniture that provides sufficient storage space.

1. Bedroom furniture
Your bedroom provides more options in terms of supplementary storage. You have various options like ottoman, armoires, under bed storage and dressers and chests. They will enhance the storage capability of your bedroom.

2. Other furniture
For those living in small apartments, they can use various types of storage furniture that increases space. You can get table with in-built storage racks, sofas and chairs with storage spaces underneath them.

There are various other types of storage furniture which are suitable for small apartments or rooms. When you buy furniture that provides adequate storage possibilities, you tend to live a more comfortable and spacious life without getting messy, in spite of having a small home.

Parkinson's Law states that- "The demand upon a resource tends to expand to match the supply of the resource." When we equate this statement with regards to storage, it conveys that, "Demand for storage rises to satisfy existing storage requirement."

It means that no matter what size your house is, you will feel the deficiency of space to store things after a certain period of time. In such cases, the above tips on getting furniture with storage will be of a great help.

Do you have long term storage needs in Dubai? Contact our affordable Dubai self storage company for any assistance.

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Thursday 16 June 2016

Is There Any Difference Between Different Storage Facilities?

Different storage facilities actually differ in their offerings, contractual terms and services. Each storage manager has its own insurance credo that the tenants need to follow while storing their items. Let’s see what kinds of typical differences exist between different storage units.

Differences between storage facilities:
As a tenant or the person who is planning to store his or her belongings in storage units, know one thing that each storage facility works on its own terms. So for instance, there are 20 storage facilities in your area. Not all will offer you the same level of flexibility, assistance, security and availability. The customer service experience across different storage facilities will also differ. For instance, I don’t find many storage facilities clean enough which questions their claim about keeping peoples’ possessions in clean storage units.

Different storage facilities also provide different types of insurance policies under the guidance of their own set insurance norms. So I would analyse all these factors before selecting storage facility. For many customers, reliability, credibility, and security are top priorities. You should also analyse all these factors, identifying the differences which will help you make the right choice.

What are the insurance terms usually decreed by storage facilities?
Most self storage companies are insurance averse. It means that they don’t offer insurance for any damages or losses faced by the customers. While they are some that provide adequate amount of insurance that protects losses against damages caused due to fire, lightning, smoke, and water leakage. Always check what all items are covered under the insurance plan.

Looking for most reliable, clean, and secure self storage units in Dubai? Contact us now!

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Tuesday 7 June 2016

What Benefits Self Storage Facilities Provide To Businesses?

Prior to measuring the benefits of self storage facilities for organizations, let us see the various self storage needs of business owners.
•  Inventory storage
•  Archive storage
•  Product and sample storage
•  Office relocation storage
•  Emergency storage during incidents like flood
•  Seasonal storage of stocks especially during festivals

The main reason for businesses to choose outsource self storage needs is enhanced flexibility. It also helps businesses to create mini warehouses, trade supply chains and distribution points for quicker deliveries.

The different benefits businesses enjoy from self storage services are-

Proper utilization of work space:
We all know how costly are the rates of every inch of land taken or rented, especially for commercial purposes. Many offices are usually filled with items that are not used often like papers, documents, equipment, and furniture. Also a research survey proves that an average company spends lot of money every year just to maintain space that is consumed by large filing cabinets seldom used. This is waste of office space that can be rather used to generate income by giving the space on rent, enhance space for more employees, or allocate spaces for meetings. Storing unnecessary things in storage units help businesses to save hundreds of dollars on just one filing cabinet.

Price benefits:
Self storage facilities help businesses in reducing costs as-
•  Businesses have to pay monthly rentals vis-à-vis high yearly office space rentals
•  Businesses get free assistance to move things from office to storage units and vice versa.

For any requirement for Business storage in Dubai, contact us.

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Thursday 2 June 2016

How To Safeguard Your Storage Unit From Fire Related Consequences?

Storage houses are undoubtedly the safest havens for keeping your precious valuables safe and secure, delegating the monotonous responsibility. However, there lie certain responsibilities on the tenants or the customers too in terms of what they are planning to store in the storage unit.

Today you can find various storage providers offering storage solutions to procure everything from cans to cars, there are certain limits which benefit the customers only. They even benefit the storage managers by drawing lines thus preventing fire related consequences and resulting damages and losses incurred by both parties. In this article we will tell show you the red and green signal in terms of things allowed to keep in storage warehouses and those that are prohibited.

Self-storage units have stipulations in terms of what one can store and cannot to prevent incidents like fire mishaps. In order you stay and your valuables stay protected from fire we recommend the following rules that ought to be followed.

Storage warehouses and managers when on side encourage people to keep their valuables in safe units, they also on the other side do not entertain materials that are hazardous and not suitable for storage. These include combustible or highly inflammable liquid substances like paint and gasoline. Alcohol is another commodity that falls in the list of no-goers in the storage warehouses. These substances are highly volatile. They ooze out vapours that can catch fire easily with the help of smallest spark at length.

Considering the above fact, be careful when you plan to move your lawnmower to a self-storage unit. Before moving, make it entirely gasoline free to prevent major fire havoc.

Another catalyst that supports fire instances (and a lot of them) are slimy bags, many of which are carelessly dumped into the dryers. Storing oily rags or slimy bags in storage units is inviting fire mishap. It’s because these bags easily catch fire amidst increasing temperatures (which is a common aspect of storage units). Another important thing to remember is to make sure that your heater’s plug is disconnected from the extension cord before keeping in the storage house.

Do not smoke in the vicinity of storage warehouses as the smallest spark or fume is enough to lit up the facilities. Go to the concerned manager immediately on witnessing non-alliance of such rules by anyone. Visit Du-store for your self storage requirements.

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Monday 16 May 2016

How Do Self Storage Facilities Charge?

You are planning to de-clutter your house or office or garage. During the process you will acquire a lot of materials that you want to replace with new things. You will also want to keep certain valuables under special care to prevent damage due to environmental factors like mould, moisture and so on. Where to keep these things when you got no space? In a self storage unit. But before you move your things to the storage unit, you better get clarity on the way storage facilities charge.

How do the self storage managers charge?
Certain storage companies ask for low price at the start but scale up the price after few months when you have moved your items. Hence, prior to selecting any storage facility, get clarity on the fluctuating storage rates if any from the storage manager.

Depends on storage needs:
You will be charged as per your storage requirements. For instance, if you want a big storage unit, you will be priced higher. The sizes for storage units vary from 5X5 foot to 10X50 foot.

Careful planning leads to savings:
Plan carefully and you will save lot of money. People tend to lose out on money when they choose a storage unit that is too big for their storage needs. Take help from self storage professionals who will help you choose the right size of storage unit for your items.

Dustore is the best packaging material supplier in Dubai and provide comprehensive storage solutions.

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Thursday 5 May 2016

Simple Solutions To Make Process Of Storage Effective

You have hunkered down with your family or friends preparing to move your storage items to the warehouse. But wait. Have you performed these necessary checks to ensure your storage and moving process goes smoothly? If not then read on to discover some really valuable tips before loading your items in storage.

1. Proximity:
Before you decide on a storage facility, have a clear understanding of the site’s proximity. Is it near of too far? Is it easily accessible? Is your chosen unit on the right floor as per the items you are going to store? For instance, you will find it real hard to store and access items like fridge in a unit that is on the 4th floor.

2. Coverage:
The storage managers who rent spaces for storage are liable for insuring their customers’ stored goods. Some storage firms offer limited coverage for estimated value of goods stored while some cover all possessions. It is important to look into this crucial factor before determining your storage provider.

3. Protecting your items:
Here are some cool tips to ensure your items are well-protected.
• Cover the flooring of your storage unit with a tarpaulin sheet to prevent moisture or water damage to your items.
• Keep a distance of one inch between your items and from the wall to prevent mould formation.

Befuddled with the storage mess at your home or office? Contact us for Long term storage solutions in Dubai.

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Monday 25 April 2016

3 Self Storage FAQs Often Discussed

Self storage facilities have grown in popularity in the past 5 years. They are of real help for people looking for safe havens during moving, freeing up spaces at homes or offices or storing precious valuables without damage. That being said, there are some common FAQs about self storage still being discussed in threads and forums. We have answered some of them for you.

What kind of people use self storage?
Property holders travelling for long vacations or for work
Business personnel looking for additional space for stocks
Individuals who need temporary storage during home refurnishing
Individuals who have not yet decided what to do with additional items collected during downsizing their homes.

I can store anything in a self storage unit?
Yes. This includes furniture, sports and gym equipment, documents, wines, office stock, and automobiles.

Is it safe to store at self storage facilities?
Yes. However, you must choose your self storage provider wisely. Do not avail services from a self storage provider that only uses padlocks and security gates as safety devices. There have been many instances where thieves were regular customers like you. They enter self storage units like any customer and cut the padlocks of other units with equipment like bolt cutters. After cutting, they restore their own padlocks. Once done, they enter anytime through security gates like normal customers and abscond with others’ valuables.

In order to avoid such nuisance, always choose a self storage company that has advanced and unbreakable security arrangements like cylinder locks instead of padlocks, installed alarms and cameras on every unit and so on.

Contact us for secure personal and business storage services in Dubai.

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Monday 18 April 2016

3 Things To Take Care Of Before Placing Your Items In Storage

Storage units are a great help during moving, relocation, and storage of valuables or extra materials. However, there are certain things to ensure before moving your possessions in storage facilities.

1. Size estimate:
This is about estimating the storage unit size you will need before moving your things. For instance, people often choose a storage unit that is too small to save money. They realize this when they have moved half of their items. In this case, the knowledgeable storage representatives play a great role. They will help you to choose a perfect unit size. Just co-ordinate with the person about what all things you are planning to store and they will quote you with the appropriate storage unit size.

2. Temperature control:
Valuable possessions like paintings can get damaged due to surrounding weather conditions. Make certain assumptions like if your storage vault is on the first floor, can you be certain about snow or rain not penetrating inside? What if high humidity affects my materials in negative way?

In these cases, always choose climate controlled storage units to prevent any damage to valuable possessions.

3. Security:
There have been many instances about customers like you absconding with others’ belongings due to frail security arrangements like padlocks and security gates that are easy to breach.

Hence, always choose a self storage facilities in Dubai or anywhere that has advanced and unbreakable security arrangements like cylinder locks instead of padlocks, installed alarms and cameras on every unit and so on.

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Tuesday 15 March 2016

Newborn Storage Solutions For Well Managed Parenthood

Adding one more member to your family also means adding many more things like cradle, clothes, milk bottles, nipples, baby food, diapers, and so on. Here are some useful storage tips to store nursery items in a way that uses least space.

Beneath the bed:
There is a lot of hollow space beneath the bed. Why not use the space to store nursery items? Also have you thought of utilizing the space beneath your baby’s crib? If not then think about it, you can store lot of items there. Just get some cute looking baskets!

Folding drawers:
These are one of the coolest storage items. First, the drawers can be folded up and down at your whim; it is a great utilization of lot of space in the breadth of the wall! Second, you will get enough additional floor and wall space thus maximizing your room’s area.

Open Shelves:
Open shelves make a great storage space. Your children can easily access items like toys without asking you to open those bulky drawers (for kids of course they are bulky!).

Caution- Store sharp and fragile items on higher levels of the shelf to prevent small kids from getting in contact with them.

Bench by the window:
There are two major benefits. One, your child can take in the divine sunlight and peak outside to entertain himself or herself while you are busy in chores. Second, your child will soon fall asleep (trust me, children do fall asleep sooner on a window bench). And then you can lay your baby down in the crib. And you see all those storage racks the bench offers? A comfortable corner with a built in storage. I’m in for it, what about you?

Book your Affordable Self Storage facilities in Dubai with us at Dustore.

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Wednesday 2 March 2016

Solutions To Most Important Self-Storage Questions

Storage companies are safe havens to store your most precious valuables. Tenants have lot many questions before loading their stock in the storage warehouse. We have addressed some of the common questions here in this article.

Do I need to have a lock?
Various self-storage warehouses don’t give locks when you rent a space. You need to buy a lock at the facility or provide one. Du-store’s commercial storage Dubai units provide different types of locks suiting all sizes. We recommend buying a disc lock for highest level of security.

Is there a need for insurance?
You are responsible for the items you carry, similarly if you are storing valuables at a storage unit, it is always better to ensure insurance coverage for the items stored. If you have a renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, your things may be already covered. Storage companies also offer their own insurance plans.

Are we allowed to practice as a band or record music?
This depends on the storage company’s rules and regulations. Many storage units do not allow anything rather than storing inanimate things. But some do allow people to practice as a band or record music at their warehouses. Some even allow people to stay as tenants with pets. So in this case, you need to convey your intentions clearly to your storage manager and get approval for the same.

Deciding on a perfectly sized unit
Prior to selecting your storage unit, ensure you pack and measure all you intend to store. Storage units have descriptions of various size dimensions for each unit, so you can easily figure out which unit size suits your needs. Contact us for any kind of commercial storage services in Dubai.

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Tuesday 16 February 2016

4 Easy Storage Guidelines For Growing Family

As family grows, also grows supplies. Here are 5 easy storage guidelines that will really help a family save lot of money.

Don’t throw away the cradle:
Your baby is growing fast. It longer fits the crib. You therefore decide to throw away the cradle. But wait! It is recommended to keep the cradle for it will help you save lot of money when you plan to conceive a second child. Storage issues? Have it stored in a reliable Dubai storage company.

Old is gold, even toys.
Take for instance America. In 2014, people spent around 370 dollars for toys for each child. It is sanest decision to preserve toys. They prevent parents from spending on new toys. They also maintain a sizeable space in your home because you re-use the toys instead of buying more.

They may not be fashionable but they are money savers
Here we are talking about baby clothes. As your baby grows, you might find the clothes of no use for him or her to wear during school hours. However, you save lots of money during welcoming another member in your family as your dresser is already filled with the required one's. Besides, they are easiest to store and don’t take much space.

Preserve the school paraphernalia
Every year, the longer list of items for schools only make you sick. What if you would not have to buy again those rulers, folders, cards, bags, and coloured pencils? It would save great amount of time, money and energy! So instead of spending say every October on same items, preserve your kids’ school paraphernalia as much as you can.

Contact us if you want to enquire about a storage space along with packaging material from reliable Dubai storage company.

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Friday 5 February 2016

Moving Abroad Without Troubles Is Just 4 Steps Away

Moving to a new house abroad is a weary task when it comes to packing whole lot of things. Which to pack, which to not; is it really a safe place to move? And your mind starts developing cobwebs making you more confused and panicky. This article is to make your moving experience abroad hassle-free and fun.

Your research should begin with understanding what place you’re going to move into. Is the place surrounded by good neighbours? Are the crime statistics lethal? Is the market nearby? Are there good schools around?

The more you research on such grey areas, the more you will know about the place beforehand. Hence, you will make an informed decision.

Remove time to visit the place:
This is very important to get an idea about your soon-to-be-homeland. Talk to the residents there, they’re the best spectators.

Tip- If you lack the contacts to the new homeland, request your future school, college or office to connect you with the future contemporaries. You get to know lot of things, including getting a roommate if you plan to stay as a tenant.

Partake in forums:
Nowadays, you have so many expat forums active online. Shoot your questions and seek valuable tips from like-minded individuals.

Stay calm:
If may happen that your negotiation experience may go bonkers due to language, and cultural differences. Stay calm. The best thing is to go for a short-term lease and get a taste of the living experience in your new homeland. Give the new home a chance and you will find a lot to indulge in your new homeland.

Isn’t it so exciting, and appealing?
We cater to different storage needs from Business storage in Dubai, to personal storage needs while you make your move unworried!

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Monday 25 January 2016

4 Ways To Prevent Injuries At Home

Here we are talking about injuries caused due to falling, and slipping. Apart from less storage space, another major cause of injuries at home is slipping falling incidents. We, therefore, choose to inform our dear readers about quick hacks to prevent such incidents.

Carry flashlight:
A large home may have enough storage space but that does not necessarily mean things are stored in organized manner. If not, it results to many uneven hindrances going unseen during stalking at night. Therefore, always keep a flashlight with extra batteries near your bed lest a power outage occurs.

Twilight protection:
20% of the time people fall, it happens during the night. Poor lighting can lead to obscure vision leading to slipping off the stairs and so on. You could easily make the outdoor steps lot safer by installing cheap solar-powered way with small porch light bulbs.

Ice Grips:
If it snows often, or even seldom, don’t forget to place the grips on your boots during the snow season. These grips work wonders to prevent you from falling on an icy floor. You could even place grip mats on the entrance doorway like below.

Say no to stair-clutter:
Storing things on stairs can make you temporarily satisfied. But what worth is that minute long satisfaction when you hear someone falling off the steps due to the unseen box you kept on the stairs?

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Tuesday 19 January 2016

Tips For Secure Packaging Of Materials

Packing is an important aspect for consumers moving and relocating to places when they want their valuables to be neatly packed and stored in storage warehouses. Packaging is also a highly important factor for retailers and manufacturers. To ease their packaging woes, we have compiled few effective tips for safe and effective packaging of materials.

Ensure packaging reflects the item:
The best packaging is that which represents the product inside as well as communicates the core values and market position. It is known as to be ‘brand centric.’

Focus on target group:
Remember, the one who tries to appeal everyone risks appealing to none. Hence, before packaging think about your target market, your ideal consumer. And package the item keeping them in mind. Once you identify what you are aiming for, make sure your packaging material ‘speaks’ with them at every stage of buying journey.

Packaging should endure the travel:
Focus on how your item will land the desired destination safe, undistorted. The protective packaging is largely dependent on the packaging material you use. Also reflect on these elements of packaging, storing, and distribution as not those that add to your costs but add to your item’s value. Successful businesses work on this packaging specification principle.

Use standardized sizes:
Keep the consistency of standardized size packaging across a range as possible. This reduces production costs significantly. It gives higher flexibility in terms of carrying the items on lorries and storing them in storage warehouses.

For instance, round bottles leave wide gaps between them than square boxes. Flexible sacks may expose the contents to crushing while delicate containers can collapse with minor jerks.

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