Wednesday 21 July 2021

How To Become An Eco-Friendly Company?

Eco-Friendly Companies are the companies that do their business without much harming the environment. Numerous companies have come forward to adopt this eco-friendly model to conduct their business, which can be quite beneficial not only for the companies but also for the environment and their customers. These days customers have become more conscious about the brands that have an impact on the environment. 

Some of the eco-friendly business practices that companies should embrace are as follows.

1. Digital Communication

Rather than using papers and increasing the printing and paper stacking costs, it is better to use digital communication services like Email or Cloud-based Networks, messaging apps, notepads, etc for working operations. By going paperless, more trees could be saved, thus impacting less on the environment. 

2. Recycle Bins At Every Corner

Encourage your staff to throw the garbage in the recycle bins. Such an act will lessen the mess around the office and maintain cleanliness around. Also, keep different bins for wet and dry garbage so that segregation of waste will be easy. 

3. Use Of Energy-Saving Appliances

The use of old electronic appliances can eat up more electricity, thus increasing your energy bill. By using new and sophisticated energy-saving devices like CFL Lights, which consumes less power, one will be able to save the power and its cost. Keep a regular check on your aircon to make sure they are set in the standard temperature. Also, make sure to switch off the gadgets and other electronics when not in use. 

4. Avoid Plastic Bottled Water

Plastics are not biodegradable items. They do not decompose in the soil but spread more toxics in them. Hence, it is better to avoid using fewer plastics and their products. Replace plastic bottles with steel or copper bottles and install a water filter near the office sink that can help in providing clean and cool water to the employees. 

5. Work From Home

Due to technological boost, the telecommunication network has strengthened. One of the advantages of this is that people now can even Work From Home if they have good wi-fi or hotspot. If employees work from their homes, the utility cost will go down.

6. Reuse of Ink Cartridges

As ink cartridges are made from plastic, they are non-biodegradable. But, they can be refilled thrice. So rather than throwing them away, fill them back. 

7. Recycle Electronics

E-waste is the need of the hour. Electronic scrap should be refrained from being dumped on the ground because it can turn the soil toxic, as it contains harmful chemicals. Companies must donate their old electronics items to an E-waste scrapyard where they are recycled.  

8. Solar Power Electronic Devices.

Solar Power is clean energy and can be used for diverse appliances. Appliances that use this energy have a low maintenance cost plus the electricity cost gradually goes down.

Being eco-friendly is also a part of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

When these businesses accept their responsibility towards the environment and assess their carbon footprint, the customers’ trust in them strengthens ending up, buying the goods and services of such responsible brands. This way, their brand image improves, their utility costs decrease, the demand for goods and services increases thus, maximizing the profit.  


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