Tuesday 25 May 2021

Type of storage for cars


So you bought a new car and realized that there is no space for the car in your garage. Alternatively, you realized that the limited space in your garage would not provide adequate safety to your valuable car. Or, you need to go out away for a couple of months to a year and are worried about the security of your car. These situations call for renting a car storage facility. But the question is, how will you determine the ideal car storage facility for your car? Let’s take a look at the different types of car storage facilities that are available today!

The different types of car storage facilities available today are outdoor, non-climate controlled indoor storage and climate-controlled indoor storage.

Outdoor storage: As the name suggests, outdoor storage provides you with an outdoor space for parking your car. This is the least expensive type of car storage facility and is often used when you don’t have garage space for the car you take to work. These types of storage facilities often provide a protective overhead cover for your car but the car will still be exposed to the elements of nature, such as sun and rain. If you choose this type of storage, you should buy a durable car cover that can prevent damage to sensitive car parts.

Non-climate controlled indoor storage: Non-climate controlled indoor storage provides an enclosed space, with a roof and doors for storing your car. This space provides protection from harsh weather elements and is, therefore, more expensive than outdoor storage. However, such a storage facility still leaves your car susceptible to climatic conditions such as humidity and hot weather. As a result, this type of storage facility is best for storing cars that you do not use too frequently or when you are going on long or short trips overseas or interstate and want to safeguard your car.

Climate controlled indoor storage: This is one of the best types of car storage facilities available today and is, predictably, the most expensive of the three types of storage. This type of car storage provides the best protection for your car as it protects it from harsh weather elements and climatic hazards such as temperature fluctuations and humidity. Because of the air conditioning provided in such storage facilities, you can ensure that your expensive or vintage cars can be safe. You will also not need to worry about leaving your car for long periods of time. This type of storage can also be used to store other items that might be sensitive to climatic changes.

But before you select the storage type you want, you would also need to determine the type of available security and the frequency with which you can access your car. So good luck!



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