Monday 26 July 2021

Why We Love Physical Books?

“A Room Without Books Is Like A Body Without A Soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Ask the book lovers what Books mean to them, the answer would be ‘Everything’! The emotions, the love, the nostalgia one feels after owning or reading a book is ineffable. 

Due to technological advancement, E-Books have become popular on mobiles and tablets. Though they are easily portable and available, they can never replace the essence of real books. 

There are plenty of reasons to love physical books more than e-books - its touch, smells, emotions it brings in, the positivity it spreads and much more.

Physical Touch

One of the best features of the physical book is its physical touch. The books and their cover are so appalling that book lovers can not resist buying them. The feeling one receives while flipping the pages of the book is more satisfying.  

Brings In Positivity 

Books bring positivity to the home as this paves the way to knowledge. Knowledge is an asset that no one can steal from you. Bookshelves on the wall can also beautify your house and brings in an aura of happiness.

Book Smell 

The delightful smell of the book brings immense happiness and pleasure which electronic books can never give. One deep whiff and it gives you an overwhelming feeling of bliss! Especially, if the book is old!

Reduce The Screen Time

By continuously watching the screen for a long time can strain your eyes. This can result in headaches, thus affecting the brain’s performance. But this is not the case with physical books. You can read books for hours without harming your health. 

Better Focus 

When you are reading from a tab or phone, you will get distracted by pop-ups, notifications, calls, messages and others. But, this doesn’t happen with physical books. The key purpose of books is to enhance your focus. 

For Better Development

Books help in improving one’s vocabulary. When one stumbles upon a new word while reading a book, they will try to find more information about the meaning of that word. The curiosity to learn more will make the person read more. Also, it helps children to visualise things as they read hence enhancing their brain functionalities. Memory power also magnifies.

Best Friend

Books can be your best friend as they will never leave your side unless you misplace them. It helps you escape harsh reality into the world of magic, imagination and fantasy! Books improve your mood and can even help you come out of stress.

As A Gift

Books can be a fantastic option for gifting it to people. Books help in connecting with people it caters for spreading knowledge. But, they can only be given to those who love to read.

Visiting BookStore

By visiting bookstores, one can explore new and appalling books and interact with more people. The aura of bookstores is extremely friendly and comforting, making you feel to keep reading more books

Though there are many positives of having an e-book such as easy handling and easy accessibility, the ecstasy experience of owning and reading a physical book is just irreplaceable!


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