Monday 14 June 2021

Unique Ideas For Packing Awkwardly Shaped Products

While shifting to a new house or storing some unused items in the storage, one thought that troubles your mind is how you will wrap fragile and awkward items. 

These items could be glass products like crockeries, mirrors, furniture like chandeliers, cupboards, vehicles like vintage cars and motorbikes, tools and electronic products like TV, Fridge, machines,  precious collections like pottery or paintings and many more.

One has to be cautious when packing such items as they might be huge or precious or have sharper edges. So how to securely pack them? How to protect them from any severe damage? So many questions linger in your mind.

But, wait! Take a deep breath and calm your nerves down. Below are some ideas that might be useful in packing these products:

Essential materials

The most important tip is to have all the essential materials for packing the items like bubble wrap, packing tape, clothing, blankets, pillows, or Styrofoam, waterproofed containers, good quality and custom made cardboard boxes that are strong enough to bear the weight of your items that will absorb the shock and protect the items from the fall. 

Labelling The Boxes

The boxes, holding glass items and tools, should be marked with their contents with necessary handling instructions in big, bold letters.

Disassemble Into Smaller Components 

Items like tools, chandeliers, furniture needs dismantle for easy packaging. 

Large Storage Container 

All huge items such as lamps, cupboards and cabinets require more precaution. Foams can cover their base and the corners and protect them from any harm. 

Small Storage Container

Small items like glassware, silverware and tools are easy to be wrapped with bubble wraps, clothes and blankets.

Be Careful of Sharp Edges 

While packing the products, do make sure no sharp edges are pointing out and if they are, cushion them with soft clothes.

Hollow And Cylindrical Objects

Hollow objects should be stuff with clothes or cushion from inside to shield them from both sides. When it comes to cylindrical and round objects like tires or pipes, wrap them with paper and place them in large plastic bags instead of boxes. 

While placing these items in the boxes, make sure they are well padded with clothes or foam to fill in the extra spaces of the box, preventing them from shifting inside during the transit.


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