Friday 18 June 2021

How To Know The Right Storage Unit Size

Selecting the right storage size, as per the size of your belongings, becomes the foremost part of the storage process. Reason? To avoid paying for extra spaces that would be unused.  

Storage Units come in different sizes. A rough estimate of the size of the items you wish to store will accordingly help you to opt for the proper storage unit.  

Though, estimating the area required for the storage is not easy. A quick guide below can help you select the proper storage unit. 

*Perfect Guide The Right Storage Size* 

1. 5’ x 5’ft 

It is the smallest storage unit of a 25 sq. ft. area similar to a small walk-in closet that can store furniture like chairs, desks, full-size mattress, or 5 to 8 boxes. 

2. 5’ x 10’ ft 

It has 50 sq. ft space and can store items for a Studio or a Small Apartment like boxes or couch or a queen or king mattress or a small car, or motorbike. 

3. 10’ x 10’ft 

Its area is 100sq ft and can house items of One bedroom apartment or a big studio apartment like kitchen or dining room furniture or some contents of bedrooms. 

4. 10’ x 15’ 

It is around 150 sq. ft large and can keep the contents for a two-bedroom apartment like some furniture or kitchen appliances or a small vehicle. 

5. 10’ x 20’ 

Around 200sq.ft in size, it can store items for a small 2BHK or a car.  

6. 10’ x 30’ 

The area is around 300 sq. ft and is perfect for storing contents for two or three-bedroom apartments or a vehicle or a small boat.  

7. 15’ x 20’ 

The area is 300sq.ft and can store contents for 3 or 4 BHK or boats and other vehicles. 

8. 17’ x 20’ 

Being 340sq.ft in area, it houses almost all the household items or vehicles like boats or jet skis, bikes or cars or ATVs.  

9. 20’ x 20’ 

With a 400 sq. ft area, it is ideal to store items for a two-bedroom apartment or some compact vehicles.  

*Du Store*  

An ideal storage guide is something that will help choose the accurate storage unit for your contents, saving you precarious time, money and energy. And, Du- Store has exactly the one! 

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