Thursday 17 June 2021

Wet Storage Or Dry Storage?

If you own a boat, all you would want is to keep your precious boat safe and damage-free. One pivotal aspect for safeguarding the boat is storing it. There are two types of boat storage - Wet Storage and Dry Storage. 

But, which option to opt for that would prove to be safe and reasonable for storing a boat? Here are some information and the pros and cons of a Wet and Dry Storage. 


Wet Storage is where you store or park your boat on the water. The best example of Wet Storage is Boat Slip.

A Boat Slip is a walkway parking space where individual boats are placed when not in use. It is U-shaped as there are walkways on its three sides.


1. Affordable, easily accessible, convenient and compact storage solution for boats as it takes little space. 

2. Boarding easier from the Slip as it is tethered tightly to multiple moors of the Slip and the chances of damage are minimum is also less.

3. Easy access to the boat.


1. Weathering as they are exposed to sun and rains continuously and get damaged, thus increasing the maintenance costs. 

2. Increase in maintenance costs of costs as more prone to climatic conditions.

*Dry Storage*

In Dry Storage, boats are stored out of the water either on open or closed racks in a warehouse. These warehouses can be near as well as away from the marina. This type of storage is useful during the off-season and when the boat is not in use for a long period.


1. Protects the boats from weathering giving them more shelf life. 

2. As there is less weathering, the maintenance cost also reduces.

3. When the boats are stored under strict surveillance, the chances of vandalism falls. 

*What Storage Du-Store Offers*

Dubai based storage facility, Du-Store, gives numerous amenities for  Dry Boat Storage. Be it aerated rooms, continuous CCTV surveillance, biometric access or upskilled staff. They offer the best services for the safety of the boats. 

Now you know where you can safely store your boat.


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