Friday 9 July 2021

Moving In With You Parents Guide

Western culture turning its face to staying on its own and moving in with their parents have increased over a period of time. Fighting with rising monthly rent, lesser job opportunities, bills of a luxurious lifestyle, travellers’ life not requiring a permanent address, etc. there are many reasons millennials are opting for moving in with their parents.

It's no more taboo or uncool for people in their 20s and 30s to live with their parents.

Living with parents is a normal adulthood practice in many households but moving back in with them after moving out can bring mixed feelings – for you and your parents.

But whatever may be your reasons, if you are moving in with your parents again, these tips might help make it easier for everyone.

Be Grateful

In this world full of people looking for affection, parents are the most selfless people in your life. The least we could do is be grateful to them. That’s why they are welcoming you with open arms and hearts, But be grateful they’re welcoming you home with open arms, and that you have a safe (and cheap!) place to land when things don’t go as planned.

Have A Plan

Though parents are welcoming the pairing may not be always successful. Always have a plan and also a backup plan. 

Ask yourself certain doubtful questions in your mind, like:

  • How long do I plan to stay?
  • When will I know it’s time to move out?
  • What goals will I need to achieve in order to move out?
  • Where will I go when I leave?

Perhaps you’re waiting until you’ve found a steady job to move out. Or maybe you’re staying until you’ve saved for a house deposit.

Whatever your situation, having a solid plan and timeframe in mind will help you stay focused – and reassure your parents you won’t be sticking around forever.

Discuss Your Experience

Your return to your parents. They must have a lot of stories and experiences to share. They must be waiting for you to share with them your time away from them. Have an honest chat with your parents about your expectations during the arrangement – and ask them to share theirs.

Establish Ground Rules

You are not moving in with a person but a parent. Their idea of fun and peace may be different from yours. They may not like adult sleepovers or not want you making noise after 10pmor maybe dressing the show-stopping outfits. It's their place to respect them, give them time to understand the new you.

Discuss their comfort and adjust to it. Set some rules beneficial for both of you.

Pull Your Weight

Share the load! They are giving you a rent-free place to reside. Discussing expectations early on is a great way to get on the same page and start off on the right foot.

You have been an independent individual to date. After moving in with parents don’t expect them to do chores for you, rather share their financial as well physical load.

Maintain Your Routine

Moving back in with your parents can be a big change for your day-to-day – but it shouldn’t change everything.

As a bachelor, it was okay adjusting yourself to late hours of work and late mornings, but with parents follow a schedule. Of course, you’ll need to be considerate of your parents with how you go about it, but you don’t have to give up the life you love entirely. But you can always try to change or adapt to things which you can.

Keep Them In The Loop

You are still young, you can still continue to have fun. You don’t need anyone's permission to call your friends over or some barbeque nights or going clubbing or any such activities. But it’s courteous to let your parents know if you won’t be home for dinner or you’re heading off for the weekend. A quick text or call to let them know your plans will be much appreciated.

Make The Most Of It

You are moving on with your parents for a reason. Consider the reason prime goal. Work towards the source, path, and outcome. Make the most out of it and focus on your goals.

Save whatever you can. Take your time and hunt for that dream job. And most of all, take some time to spend with your parents. Getting to know them as an adult can be a wonderful thing.

Store whats not required

After all, you are moving out. There may be many things which your parents already have or maybe you don’t require due to place constraints. But store these things will be handy and necessary when you move out again. So rent a storage unit till you find a new place to call it your home. Get a free quote today.


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