Tuesday 15 March 2016

Newborn Storage Solutions For Well Managed Parenthood

Adding one more member to your family also means adding many more things like cradle, clothes, milk bottles, nipples, baby food, diapers, and so on. Here are some useful storage tips to store nursery items in a way that uses least space.

Beneath the bed:
There is a lot of hollow space beneath the bed. Why not use the space to store nursery items? Also have you thought of utilizing the space beneath your baby’s crib? If not then think about it, you can store lot of items there. Just get some cute looking baskets!

Folding drawers:
These are one of the coolest storage items. First, the drawers can be folded up and down at your whim; it is a great utilization of lot of space in the breadth of the wall! Second, you will get enough additional floor and wall space thus maximizing your room’s area.

Open Shelves:
Open shelves make a great storage space. Your children can easily access items like toys without asking you to open those bulky drawers (for kids of course they are bulky!).

Caution- Store sharp and fragile items on higher levels of the shelf to prevent small kids from getting in contact with them.

Bench by the window:
There are two major benefits. One, your child can take in the divine sunlight and peak outside to entertain himself or herself while you are busy in chores. Second, your child will soon fall asleep (trust me, children do fall asleep sooner on a window bench). And then you can lay your baby down in the crib. And you see all those storage racks the bench offers? A comfortable corner with a built in storage. I’m in for it, what about you?

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