Tuesday 7 June 2016

What Benefits Self Storage Facilities Provide To Businesses?

Prior to measuring the benefits of self storage facilities for organizations, let us see the various self storage needs of business owners.
•  Inventory storage
•  Archive storage
•  Product and sample storage
•  Office relocation storage
•  Emergency storage during incidents like flood
•  Seasonal storage of stocks especially during festivals

The main reason for businesses to choose outsource self storage needs is enhanced flexibility. It also helps businesses to create mini warehouses, trade supply chains and distribution points for quicker deliveries.

The different benefits businesses enjoy from self storage services are-

Proper utilization of work space:
We all know how costly are the rates of every inch of land taken or rented, especially for commercial purposes. Many offices are usually filled with items that are not used often like papers, documents, equipment, and furniture. Also a research survey proves that an average company spends lot of money every year just to maintain space that is consumed by large filing cabinets seldom used. This is waste of office space that can be rather used to generate income by giving the space on rent, enhance space for more employees, or allocate spaces for meetings. Storing unnecessary things in storage units help businesses to save hundreds of dollars on just one filing cabinet.

Price benefits:
Self storage facilities help businesses in reducing costs as-
•  Businesses have to pay monthly rentals vis-à-vis high yearly office space rentals
•  Businesses get free assistance to move things from office to storage units and vice versa.

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