Monday 25 April 2016

3 Self Storage FAQs Often Discussed

Self storage facilities have grown in popularity in the past 5 years. They are of real help for people looking for safe havens during moving, freeing up spaces at homes or offices or storing precious valuables without damage. That being said, there are some common FAQs about self storage still being discussed in threads and forums. We have answered some of them for you.

What kind of people use self storage?
Property holders travelling for long vacations or for work
Business personnel looking for additional space for stocks
Individuals who need temporary storage during home refurnishing
Individuals who have not yet decided what to do with additional items collected during downsizing their homes.

I can store anything in a self storage unit?
Yes. This includes furniture, sports and gym equipment, documents, wines, office stock, and automobiles.

Is it safe to store at self storage facilities?
Yes. However, you must choose your self storage provider wisely. Do not avail services from a self storage provider that only uses padlocks and security gates as safety devices. There have been many instances where thieves were regular customers like you. They enter self storage units like any customer and cut the padlocks of other units with equipment like bolt cutters. After cutting, they restore their own padlocks. Once done, they enter anytime through security gates like normal customers and abscond with others’ valuables.

In order to avoid such nuisance, always choose a self storage company that has advanced and unbreakable security arrangements like cylinder locks instead of padlocks, installed alarms and cameras on every unit and so on.

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