Monday 25 January 2016

4 Ways To Prevent Injuries At Home

Here we are talking about injuries caused due to falling, and slipping. Apart from less storage space, another major cause of injuries at home is slipping falling incidents. We, therefore, choose to inform our dear readers about quick hacks to prevent such incidents.

Carry flashlight:
A large home may have enough storage space but that does not necessarily mean things are stored in organized manner. If not, it results to many uneven hindrances going unseen during stalking at night. Therefore, always keep a flashlight with extra batteries near your bed lest a power outage occurs.

Twilight protection:
20% of the time people fall, it happens during the night. Poor lighting can lead to obscure vision leading to slipping off the stairs and so on. You could easily make the outdoor steps lot safer by installing cheap solar-powered way with small porch light bulbs.

Ice Grips:
If it snows often, or even seldom, don’t forget to place the grips on your boots during the snow season. These grips work wonders to prevent you from falling on an icy floor. You could even place grip mats on the entrance doorway like below.

Say no to stair-clutter:
Storing things on stairs can make you temporarily satisfied. But what worth is that minute long satisfaction when you hear someone falling off the steps due to the unseen box you kept on the stairs?

It is recommended to avoid storing anything on stairs as by doing so you are raising the risk of someone tripping off the interruption on the stairs. Do you tend to store things on stairs due to space shortage? We are a dependable storage company in Dubai. We are also an expert packaging material supplier Dubai company.

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