Monday 22 September 2014

How the Storage Industry is a Game Changer for Hotels

In the hotel business, supply is of utmost importance. Food items, toiletries, upholstery and cleaning material are needed fairly frequently by hotels. Hence their regular supply is essential to the running of the hotel industry.

While these items are needed on a regular basis, they are not bought on a regular basis. They are bought in bulk and then stored in storage units under the right condition and then withdrawn from the unit as required.

Dustore rents out space to a lot of hotels in Dubai. Hotel supplies arrive in bulk at our storage units and they have to be stored in proper temperature and humidity conditions.

Our storage units that store foods like curd and cheese are maintained at precisely cool temperatures. Moisture has to be kept out of the storage unit at all times as even a little moisture can lead to infestation of microbes. We also believe that price and purpose can be optimized if the right type and size of storage container is used.

Here are a few food safety tips that we highly recommend to our hotel industry clients:

- Keep the FIFO rule in mind. FIFO stands for First In, First Out. It means that when new shipment arrives, it is always put behind the old shipment to make sure that the older item gets used first. This preserves the quality and safety of food.

- Put a date on the food products in storage. This reminds the user how old the product is and whether it is past its expiry date or not.

- Food products should not be stored on the floor. It should be stored at least 6-12 inches from the floor. This is to ensure that dust and water does not soak through the food containers.

- Meat products have the potential to leak through. Hence they should be stored below other food products to prevent contamination.

- Food should not be overstocked in storage. If food is overstocked, the cooling unit gets burdened to maintain the right temperature and might stop working altogether.

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