Friday 14 March 2014

Tips to Store Silverware - Keep It New and Sparkling

When it comes to storing silverware, it needs to be stashed with the utmost care. Any mistake on your part will lead to immense loss of money and resources. Therefore, you need to stow silverware carefully in the right manner. Mentioned below are a few tips to store silverware optimally.

Polish the silverware before storage – It is always a good idea to cover the goods with a polish that’s specifically made for silver and not the general ones that are used for polishing all the other things. Do not wash them in a
dishwasher as they are likely to get damaged in that case. Whenever, you are using soap for washing the silverware, remember to use the one that does not have lemon. That’s because lemon can react with silver and lead to undesirable chemical reactions that can damage the thing’s texture and appearance. Dry out the silverware using a cotton cloth and do not use tissue papers or other abrasive agents on its surface. Make sure that the things are completely clean as even little dirt can become a black mark if not attended on time. Sometimes, there are tiny white spots appearing on the exterior of the silverware due to its porous nature. Do not use tissue papers to remove the white spots and use silver polish and a cotton cloth to remove all the blemishes. Once all your celebrations are over and you do not need the silver till the next season, soak it in warm water for some time. Likewise, you can use dips to highlight the ornate areas of the silverware.

Take some precautions before storing it – Do not let the silver items come

in touch with salt or pepper ever as it can lead to undesirable reactions. Do not store silver directly in plastic bags. Never let them come in touch with rubber bands as they can lead to formation of dark spots on the silverware. You will notice that when the silver is not in use, it generally doesn’t get damaged. That’s because most of the damage happens when the silver is exposed to air. For the things that you will be storing in your cabinet, you can use anti-tarnish strips to double their shine. When the silverware displayed on a cabinet just begins to deteriorate, you will see some gold spots. You need to wipe them off using a cotton cloth or a pair of gloves that are used for polishing.

Obtain proper insurance for your goods – Make sure that all your goods are properly insured so that you can get monetary gains for the huge amount of loss that will be incurred during damage. Make a thorough list of the things that are stored and seek insurance for each of the goods.

Keep the above tips in mind before you store your silverware this season.  


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