Thursday 24 July 2014

5 Great Recycling Ideas for Useless Items Lying Around the House

While living in a city is often very chaotic, what becomes a big nuisance is the amount of junk we tend to hoard in our homes. Finding a space to fit all of our possessions is a big task for us. How do we fit all the small items in the tiny urban living space? Well, Do It Yourself.

Going out in the sweltering heat and finding the right storage equipment for our goods is as difficult as finding an oasis in wilderness. To save your time, money and energy, we give some creative DIY storage ideas.

1. Put up the bar!
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This looks clever, does it not?  A simple way to stock your alcohol the creative way! Use old tins, cans or water-pipes when you implement this idea. Stick them together and drill them on the wall. And, voilĂ , your supremely inventive wine cabinet is up!

2. Rake over...
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What could you do with an old, rusty rake? Not much, you think. But wait, you can use it to store your jewellery! Creativity unleashed, isn’t it? You need not get yourself a fancy jewellery box to stack your jewellery. Drill this in your wardrobe or next to your dressing table. Cover the rusty bit with a silver paint or paper to add a tinge of extra creativity.

3. Stop Crib-ing!
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What do you do when your baby has grown up and does not need a crib anymore? You use it to keep your magazines!

Often people worry about stashing their novels and magazines in someplace safe or getting book shelf made. But in a cramped up drawing room, your options are limited. Storing your magazines this way will save you space and not create a mess.

4. A basket of joys
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When you have an infant running around in your house there ought to be lots of soft toys stacked in every nook and cranny of your home. How do you systematically organize their toys? Store away those toys someplace safe so nobody trips on them. Use old garden baskets and drill them to your wall.

5. Suit up!
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Is there’s an old suitcase lying in the cabinet? It can’t be used anymore, you think? Think again. Perhaps you can drill it to the wall and use it as a cabinet! You can turn it into a table, perhaps a study table for your kids. Use your creativity and make the best from waste.

We hope that you liked the ideas we shared.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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