Wednesday 25 November 2020

How to make moving a pool table a fun hassle-free experience?


Are you shifting to a new home? Then you may be planning to pack up and move your pool table along. Ideally, you should always take professional help. But, if you are gung ho about doing it yourself then here are some tips that will come in handy. Let’s delve.

 Get your hands-on the right set of moving tools

Let’s get this straight - moving a pool table is no joke.

So, first things first – if you are going to move a pool table without a pair of expert hands then you need to gather mandatory tools to disassemble your pool table. You can begin with getting the toolbox which would include a power drill, tapes, a screwdriver, a good quality socket wrench, and lots of thick moving blankets to provide protection and padding to the pool table.

Critical tip: The last thing you want to happen is finding yourself tearing your hair out over mismatched or lost bits and pieces of your pool table. To avoid this mess always label every part. We recommend you to have lots of labelled sleeves handy in which you can drop the parts of your pool table.


It’s important to measure the length and breadth of your home’s doorways (or whichever place your pool table is going to pass through).


Pro tips –

Before you disassemble and move a pool table, estimate the amount of space you’re going to need for moving a pool table without rendering any damage to it.

Utilise a measuring tape to calculate the dimensions of the doorway, hall, stairway – every path that is going to be a part of your pool table maneuver.

This step is critical to move a pool table safely out of its current place to its new space.

Don’t forget to make sure the new place where your pool table is going to be moved has enough room to hold the pool table.


Bonus tip-

Before you move a pool table, cover its edges with foam or cloth padding. This will keep the edges from scratching and scraping the surface of doors and walls.

What all to disassemble before moving a pool table?

If you’re thinking to move a pool table intact forget it – especially if you’re going to move it to a distant location. Even if you’re moving a pool table a few blocks away, it’s much easier (and safer) to shift the pool table only after disassembling it.


Pro tip-

Follow the steps of pool table disassembly (to a tee) in the manufacturer’s instruction manual. After reaching the new location the same manual will help you to reassemble your pool table without damaging it if you follow the instructions judiciously.



Last but not least, when in doubt, reach out to a professional moving company that will ensure your pool table stays intact from the moment it steps out of your old place till it lands in its new home. Remember, pool tables are complex structures that require an old hand and a methodical mind to carry out their safe maneuver. So if you’re not sure then it’s better to not attempt to move it only to find it in shambles. Expert help always saves the day!


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