Thursday 10 December 2020

Top trends in document management to rule in 2020


Although most organisations have moved from paper to digital documents via the document management system, many are still yet to unravel the full and real potential of digitisation. You get to tap into countless benefits like enhanced efficiency, least error, and easier access to information when you upgrade to the latest tools of document management.

Document management has progressed over the past decades. Current document management practices differ from what they used to be some decades ago. As we move into the new decade, the trends in document management will also see new highs and lows. While many of the trends in document management have stood the test of time, there are some which are relatively new. Here’s a list of some of those top trends in document management. Let’s delve.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is expanding to different parts of the world at a mushrooming speed. 

Its benefits have impacted especially the IT sector around the globe. Naturally, document management systems of the world haven’t been immune to these advancements.

With the flip of the internet switch, cloud computing allows you to access your documents at your chosen destination (computer and location) from anywhere in the world. Cloud solutions empower your business to scale up, speed up, and become flexible. This trend in document management is going to further rev up as it’s a never-seen-before kind of situation where both operating expenditure and capital expenditure can be reduced at the same time using cloud computing.

Enhanced budget-friendliness

The wide-scale adoption of the online document management system has spawned more competition in the market. This is always a good thing for consumers as they get more and more options. There was a time when cutting-edge document management systems used to be so costly that organisations ruled them out. The vendors of today realise that for their document management system to be accepted globally, the first box needs to check its – affordability.

The revolutions in cloud computing and technology have paved the way for organisations to buy the latest document management software without having to break the bank.

Now, you get to see a plethora of sophisticated document management solutions at greatly reduced, reasonable costs.

Apart from lower up-front expenditure, document management helps an organisation to save more cash. It is a device that can help your business to entirely overhaul tedious, time-consuming manual processes.

Smarter robotisation

One of the hottest catchwords in the realm of document management is automation powered by robots. It’s called robotic process automation (RPA). What does it do? RPA uses specialised computer programs to automate and systematise regular business processes.  

This may sound ultramodern, but all it does is empowers the application to track and learn to execute tasks by observing humans at work.

The document management system embedded with such automated technology for instance can track the keystrokes of a person and mimic human activities. The system is intelligent enough to learn via machine learning and eventually take over and execute the mundane repetitive tasks which humans no longer need to take up.

Document management is not boring

Last but not least, document management as a process is getting exciting. Gone are the days when document management systems were dull. Today, they can record data faster, automate tasks more efficiently and even convert your document archives into valuable information. Document management systems are making business processes and the execution of tasks more enjoyable. So, if you don’t have one, get a document management system to make your business more cost-effective, adept as well as profitable.


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