Wednesday 11 November 2020

How To Store Comic Book Collection Like A Pro

 Comic books: They are as much about hoarding as they are about paging through. But how do you amass a comic book collection without it spiralling into a giant mess? Is it possible to be tidy and nerdy all at once without breaking the bank? Yes, it is! We have some good news for you in the form of a quick but proven list of tips to help you store comic book collection like a superman. Read on!

Store comic book collection the right way

Storing comic books is not rocket science. It’s just common sense – which is hard to come by. 

Firstly, you should treat your comics with respect – file them neatly in a spacious cardboard box or container which is sold for this very purpose. 

Then tuck the loaded box away in a place that is dry and relatively climate-controlled. No no, don’t throw a wobbly here trying to imagine paging through weather-intensive articles. Climate-controlled simply means that you need to store comic book collection in a space that doesn’t have extreme heat or humid conditions. Or in other words, the natural environment that is conducive for human habitation is perfect for storing comic books. And no amount of cold weather is a bother for your dearest comic books. 

Looking for a special place to store comic book collection? Nothing like that exists and is ever required! Just empty up the back shelf of your closet and voila! You have a better than the perfect place for long-term storage of your comics! 

How to store?

Now that you know where to store comes the next step in storing comic book collection in the safest way – how to store?

Needless to say, it is always recommended to store comic book collection off the ground. In this way, the comics are less prone to the dangers of leaks and spills and various other accidents. 

Remember that a big box loaded with comics can be quite heavy. So be mindful of the shelf capacity (and the storage location) and the person (or yourself) who is going to lift the box to pull out the comics to read. 

Pro tip – Just do this one thing always - Keep your comic books in a place that will be easily accessible whenever you want to page through the awesome literature. If you want to flaunt your comic book collection then use polybag slipcovers. They will keep your comics protected against dust that can take away the charm of your comics once they settle onto them. Besides, keep your comics away from direct sunlight exposure and they will get along just fine. 

Mylar sleeves 

If you haven’t heard of them or used them yet then know that they are the best bags available out there to store comic book collections. It’s because they cut down on the quantity of air that can get in touch with the comic and cause its papers to turn yellow, yellow, dirty fellow! Besides, mylar bags or sleeves are not as fragile as other types of comic plastic sleeves. While mylar sleeves cost significantly more than other plastic bags, with the extra protection that they offer they’re is well worth your time and investment.


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