Wednesday 4 November 2020

Easy Tips To Store China Wares In A Safe Manner So That It Lasts Long


If you’re one of those looking to store the delicate new china that you have bought for the holidays, or perhaps inherited from your grandmother’s vintage china wares, here are some simple, yet effective tips to store china wares in a way that they’re safely tucked into their safest storage homes. Let’s delve.

Wrap them up

It’s important to store china wares in plastic wrap to thwart damage. So after you hand wash your china items, wrap them up in plastic sheets.

Pro tip – Remember to wrap small stacks of plates or bowls or whatever you have instead of larger collections in one pile. Don’t stack up more than 12 plates on top of one another. You will see if you pack more there are chances that some of them (especially the one in the middle) may get snapped. You don’t want that to happen!

Why wrap?

Wrapping up the chinaware in plastic creates space and a certain kind of air pocket above the plate. So the plate on top of it rests on the air pocket instead of lugging its weight on the plate below.

Store china wares vertically

Are you planning to store your china wares on shelves? Then you must invest in good quality shelves that will allow the china wares to stay sturdy. Cheaper shelves won’t hold up neat as china weighs down a lot once stacked up. We recommend you store china wares vertically as that way they will be less prone to break under pressure due to sudden jerks and shakes.

Store china wares on their sides

Placing china wares particularly plates and bowls on their sides is the safest way to store them. It’s because the edges of the plates are made in such a way that they are usually sturdier than their centers. The same bears true for china bowl too, but you will want to use that extra padding wrapped around them so they don’t bump against the walls inside the container.

How to store china wares - teacups and glassware

What’s more happening than a tea party with vintage chinaware?!

So, if you’re a tea lover and love collecting china teacups, here’s a great tip to keep those delicate glasses protected against damage via long-term storage in caddies. Yes, you heard it right – those to-go small beverage storage containers – typically one with divisions. You can easily get these caddies at any fast food joint- and trust us – it’s a cheap (but effective and absolutely safe) way to store china wares! They hold teacups safely inside the crates.

Having said that, if you are looking to store your china teacups in a way that you want to use them often then we recommend you to invest in a good quality glassware rack or a closed cupboard. It will keep the dust particles (which usually build quickly) off of your chinaware.

Some concluding bonus tips!

The rule of thumb to consider when storing chinaware or for that matter any item is that the heavier the thing, the smaller the container it should go in.

You should upgrade your storage space from a cardboard box to a plastic container. Not only does it protect items against water damage, but also lasts for years to come.


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