Wednesday 18 November 2020

Great tips for dreamlike attic conversions


Attics don’t get a lot of attention. Often stacked up with just-in-case paraphernalia that hasn’t (and may not see) seen the light of day for decades. However, it is a space that is ripe for renovation and conversion. Here are some easy yet effective tips to clear your attic of clutter and turn it into a multi-use, mesmerising space. Let’s delve.


Various options

The idea of attic conversions is a great way to add an extra room, be it for another cozy little bedroom, a bathroom, an office, or a playhouse.


Are there any obstacles?

Look at hurdles like a water reservoir or a chimney installation that might need to be dealt with or rather moved. Then, check the roof – is it designed in such a way that it limits vertical room around the space thus calling for a roof revamp? If yes then make sure the roof is weatherproof and properly insulated.


Bedrooms make for great attic conversions

Use space around your attic to turn into a bedroom – it’s a highly popular idea! Can there be a better way to add value to your house and that useful extra space all at once?


Pro tips –

Take extra care when choosing the blinds when using the space in your attic to create a bedroom. You want to choose one which prevents light from seeping in from the windows of the roof as the light can be bright enough to wake you up from a sound sleep - you don’t want to be alarmed at the crack of dawn – do you?

You can choose from a variety of options when it comes to blinds for the windows of the roof — but considering it is a bedroom, you must go for a blackout blind – it will keep light from permeating through the sides.

Who doesn’t like extra clothes storage? As you go about attic conversions, use space to get yourself some extra freestanding (which means not attached to or supported by another structure) closets and shelves!


Can a bathroom be one of the great attics conversions?

Absolutely! It stacks up against all the more so as an extra bathroom in the attic means another private space of retreat where you can rejuvenate and get away from daily humdrum or din and wash away those blues - as you please! To top it off, an attic bathroom doesn’t need much space.

Having said that, you must ensure there is sufficient headroom though. You don’t want to bang your head as you rejoice in joy standing (or dancing) in the bathtub.


Escape to your private living den

Do you want to have the perfect retreat in your house? Make it a part of your attic conversions. You will never regret converting a part of your attic into a privy place for yourself far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Even if we all like to socialise we do need time by ourselves to recharge – so this little byproduct of attic conversions will go a long way in rejuvenating you.


Pro tip-

Keep it casual by adding a classic sofa coupled with a mismatched easy chair that has neutral colours. Top it off with a pouf and rug and voila! Your private den is all set to tuck you (and your loved one) in!


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