Friday 30 October 2020

4 key ways to effortlessly manage your self-storage unit in Dubai (with bonus tips!)


You’re moving to Dubai with all your belongings and on the very first day in your new house, you realise there’s not enough space to accommodate everything. How’s that for a real bummer? But no worries. We’ve got you covered. Here are some effective tips to manage a self-storage unit like a pro. 

Let’s delve. 

1. Use boxes of similar sizes and label each of them

You should start by picking the ideal boxes which are-

a) Sturdy
b) Same-sized or no more than two different dimensions

Next, stack the boxes as per their heft. So place the heaviest boxes towards the base of the unit and work your way up.

Label each of the boxes in a way that will indicate what’s exactly in each box.

Bonus tip-

To avoid confusion, place items of the same origin together. For instance, don’t club your swimming costume with winter blazers! You will thank yourself later when you find everything you need for your Christmas party in a box labelled Xmas party supplies!

2. Carve a place to walk

Depending on the size of your self-storage unit in Dubai, creating a pathway that will enable you to maneuver around and pull out what you need. This is extremely important if you want to reach out to items tucked in the back of the storage unit.

It also lets the airflow throughout your storage unit which is beneficial for the stored stuff. 
If at all you are not able to create any such space to move around and sort your things then consider switching to a bigger self-storage unit in Dubai. 

3. Jot down everything on a list 

This is yet another important thing to do to manage a self-storage unit efficiently. Have an exhaustive list made that covers every item in your self-storage unit in Dubai.

You may know clearly what you’re packing and storing at the moment, but a year later, your memory may not be as clear. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Bonus tip-

1. Start jotting down things as you start packing then add each item as you work your way forward.

2. Digitize your list and come back to it every time you need to consider or look for an item. Say bye-bye to futile trips back home for something that’s likely sitting in your storage unit!

3. Create a map of your self-storage unit in Dubai to identify exactly where everything is placed. Trust us, it will help you in a great way! Keep one copy with you and stick one inside on the wall of the unit to use it as a reference. How cool, isn’t it?!

4. Arrange as per usage  

What this means is organise and place your things according to the frequency with which you will need it. Prioritise. Place the ones you are going to need more often towards the front. 

For instance, if you live in a compact space and often have overnight friends or guests visiting you then probably you might want to store that air mattress straight up front!


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