Sunday 27 December 2020

Whether you need more storage or not depends on these 5 indications


A clutter-free home supports you in so many ways. It makes you feel pleasant, relaxed and it’s easy for you to get into your daily chores without any encumbrance. So, to help you start your journey towards a clutter-free home, we’ve listed the key signs you need to be aware of which tell - you need more storage. Let’s delve.

1. Overflowing cupboards

If your closet looks like an overcrowded subcontinent where the items fall out eagerly to hug you, it’s time to consider more storage.

You can make use of a self-storage unit to store the items which you don’t want to abandon but are taking a lot of space. In this way you can kill two birds with one stone – first, you will find the thing you are looking for in the closet easily as it’s neatly maintained daily; second, your things will be stored in a safe and organised manner in the self-storage unit until you need them back.

2. No space for your vehicle in your garage

This happens to many people. It’s a situation when you realise that your garage is no more serving its true purpose - to house your automobile. Why? Because it’s crammed with other things.

You must also take cognisance of the fact that storing lots of things (especially heavy and sharp ones) increases the risk of your vehicle getting damaged. And anyway, a garage plays an important role in protecting your vehicle from dust, debris, heat as well as bird poo-poo and so many other things. So, if you want to reclaim your vehicle garage you should consider other storage options.

3. Your things go missing

You might have noticed that when your house is full of stuff, it’s difficult to find daily items. This is especially true in situations where your search activity becomes a frantic scrambling process as you go about finding an item that is buried under the heap of clutter.

So, if boxes and containers or sacks have begun to take over your private spaces, it’s a sign that you need more storage. You can rent a self-storage unit that will allow you to make more space in your living room for example. You may want to consider self-storage especially for random things lying around your home that always come under your feet making you almost trip over (if you haven’t fallen yet!). 

4. Your guest room turns into a storage unit

Many people do this only to find themselves in embarrassing situations when they receive a sudden surprise visit from their good old friend or a dear family member. The room which is filled with boxes would have easily made for a pleasant guest room (or your private den!) had you moved those items to a self-storage unit. Many people also use the guest room to dump things they don’t need. But, why dump in your own house when you can recycle or sell it externally and have more space in your home? If you are in such a situation, it’s time you need more storage.

5. You have weighty things that you do not even use

Many things fall in this category – That big wide extra couch, rows of empty drawers, unused treadmill, old TV – all of this can be moved to a self-storage unit. Imagine the space in your house (and your mind) it will leave behind!

Besides, a self-storage unit is the best way to securely store for example excess furniture until you need it.


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