Tuesday 29 December 2020

Amazing ways to cut back on the costs of moving!


Let’s face it - moving to a new place is time-consuming, demanding, and of course, costly – especially if you are going to hire professional movers. If the idea of forking over your hard-earned money on moving costs doesn’t sound pleasing to you then you have come to the right place. Here are a few simple yet effective tips to cut moving costs. Let’s delve.

Sort your items out

The first thing to ensure is that the bags of items you are going to move shouldn’t become ‘baggage’. You will be surprised at how this simple thing will leave you with more money in your pocket. The fewer items you take with you the better and the cheaper. You see, the costs of moving to depend on many factors like distance, time of year, and weight of freight (total weight of items to be moved).

So freight weight is an area where you can save quite a bit of cash. If you have fewer items to move then your freight weight will be reduced which means lower moving charges. So, make sure you sort your items before packing and moving them.

Pro tip –

Get rid of things you have not used in 6-12 months.

Bonus tip –

This ‘sorting-items-out’ exercise will, apart from saving you money on freight weight, leave you with items that you can sell offline or online. Now, who doesn’t like more incomings?!

Be flexible

You may have never thought of this one but it’s wonderful and one of the easiest ways to cut back on the costs of moving. Choose an economical date and time to shift. This will work wonders for you if you are looking to hire a professional moving firm. Your chosen day of the move can make all the difference.

Bonus tip -

Try to not move during the “peak moving season”. It starts in May and goes up to August.

Choose a mid-week day or mid-month period as your moving date. So, start marking the possible moving days as per your convenience in September and April. Why so? Because the demand is usually lowest during this period of the year. So, there are higher chances of you hitting the jackpot with lower moving costs. Of course, you may not have the luxury of moving during this ideal time of the year. But, if you can and you want to save money then you should consider this hack.

Get rid of the garbage

It can happen that your friends or movers may accidentally shove those garbage sacks lying around into the moving truck only to add to your freight weight (and ultimately your costs of moving).

A dirty secret-

Moving companies won’t mind (at all) to collect your trash as it adds on to the weight of your goods (and their profits!).

Get quotes from different moving companies

Last but not least, before you officially hire a moving firm, ensure you have sufficient quotes (at least from three top movers of your choice).

Concluding tips-

One of the ways to determine the credibility of your moving company is to make sure the company conducts either an in-person examination or a video inspection of your belongings before they give you a quote.

Remember that if you are shifting out of the state or long distance, your moving costs will largely depend on the weight of your moving items. So be clear when telling your moving company as to which things you will and will not be moving to get the most accurate quote.


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