Thursday 6 May 2021

Business you can run from a storage unit

Online Seller

Selling online is already a very serious and time-consuming business, as you need to print various reports, do labelling, packing. All these things require a storage place. We are sure you don’t want your house to become an order fulfilment centre. Whether you’re selling goods on eBay, Amazon or Etsy, cluttering up your home with products is never the solution.

A self-storage unit can safely store your merchandise in a better way, making it easy for you to function.

Arts and Crafts

In today’s world lot of house old business have emerged as a powerhouse, supporting sustainability and handwork. It can be challenging to find the right place to both stores the raw materials and the final products but to also craft those products in the first place.

So, whether you need a place to store your finished products before the sale or you need space to keep your crafting supplies, self-storage can help.

Theatre Company

When you think of storage units, theatre is probably not what comes to mind. However, a storage unit can provide a world of benefit to businesses in the arts, such as theatre. Whether it is costumes, props, backdrops, lighting, sound equipment etc a storage unit can provide you with the space to store it all and keep everything secure and protected.

Independent Publishing House

Independent publishers will deal with a lot of stock like books, brochures, magazines and pamphlets. Before shipping these materials or distributing them to retailers, you need a place to store, sort and label everything. A self-storage unit will give you all the required space you need and ensure that your products remain safe and don’t get damaged.


Contractors, like landscapers, can benefit from a spacious and safe place to store their equipment, supplies and tools. Not only is landscaping equipment expensive, but it’s also bulky and not easy to keep at home if you don’t have a safe space. This could be anything from lawnmowers, ladders, leaf blowers or woodchippers. Rather than disrupt your home life, store your equipment in a self-storage unit to keep it safe and secure.


Fashion Designer/Rental

With a self-storage unit store all your materials at the same time. May it be a season collection or a bulk order? Store everything till the delivery date.

You can also store the huge machine and equipment in the storage which is not required or need of the hour, giving your more space at your studio. You can also set up a rental studio of clothes, where you can store all the outfits pre and post-delivery.

Event Organiser

Event organisers do not require a place to function. They can starts their office virtually. The main aspect of the industry is pure creativity.

What they require is a storage unit to store all their files and d├ęcor items. From huge sets, lighting equipment to decorative set elements, all can be stored in a storage unit.

Our storage units are perfect for business use. Whether you need to work from them or are using them for storage alone, they can take away the stress of running your business and ensure you only need to focus on your day-to-day activities.


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